What Happened To Not Gay Jared and Sven Computer

Famous media personality, Not Gay Jared, left the set of the Louder with Crowder talk show in 2018, ostensibly for personal reasons. Sven Computer, another of the cast members of the talk show also left in 2018, but his own reason for leaving was narrowed down to unpaid wages.

Both former cast members are known for their appearances in the aforementioned talk show, but fans remain baffled by the manner in which they left and have continued to ask questions about what happened. This article aims to reveal what went down, as well as other aspects of both former cast members’ time on the talk show.

Not Gay Jared Allegedly Left The Show, Louder with Crowder, For Personal Reasons

Not Gay Jared joined the cast of Louder With Crowder in 2015 and became one of the show’s most important cast members. For clarity, Louder with Crowder is a podcast show which airs on CRTV and YouTube and covers several aspects of human existence ranging from politics to pop culture. The media personality was part of the show’s cast for three years.

He rose to the position of a producer within the three years he spent there and was quite famous for his take, often witty, on several issues not excluding gay-related issues, gender roles, and several other subjects on the program. Unsurprisingly, Not Gay Jared’s approach to these matters endeared him to a lot of viewers and subsequently increased his fan following.

However, after three years on the show, those dedicated fans were roused by the revelation that their beloved co-host was leaving the show. The news was revealed during the episode titled A Very NotGayJared Farewell which aired on August 18, 2018. During the episode, the media personality revealed that he was moving on for personal reasons, a reason which most of his fans considered vague.

He Allegedly Left Because He Was Having A Baby With His Partner

While some of his fans struggled with his absence, others dug deeper to uncover what those ‘personal reasons’ for which he left might be. To further clear up the misunderstanding, Not Gay Jared resurfaced to unveil the fact that he left the show because he and his partner were expecting a baby at the time and that the show’s workload was too much for him to handle simultaneously.

Not satisfied with his explanation, some of his fans started speculating that he may have been fired and began questioning the activities of Steven Crowder, the owner of the podcast and Not Gay Jared’s co-host during his time there. Both maintained the earlier version of events about Not Gay Jared leaving to focus on himself and his family.

Not Gay Jared’s Departure Was Linked To Sven Computer’s Unpaid Wages

Another theory that made the rounds following Not Gay Jared’s departure from Louder With Crowder had to do with Sven Computer, another one of the show’s cast members who left abruptly. According to several reports, Sven was owed $10k in unpaid wages, and these reports also hinted that the show was facing a financial crisis which led to most members of the cast and crew not being paid their salaries.

It has been suggested that Not Gay Jared was one of the cast members whose salaries had not been paid and that it was the real reason why he left the show. Some have also theorized that he cannot mention the real reason for his departure because of the NDA that precludes him from doing so.

While there is no disputing the fact that the cast and crew of the show signed an NDA upon employment, neither Steven Crowder nor some of the other showrunners have come out to confirm or deny the details of the financial situation on the set of the podcast talk show.

What Is Not Gay Jared Doing Now?

Since departing the show in 2018, Not Gay Jared has been absent from media responsibilities. We can confirm though, that while he was on the cast of Louder With Crowder, he appeared on several TV talk shows and podcast series, including one episode of The Michael Knowles Show in 2017, A YouTube Carol (2017), and one episode of The Joe Rogan Experience in 2018.

His stated reason for leaving the show was that he was about to join the parenthood club with his partner and we can confirm that he is now a father, even though he has masterfully kept the identity of his daughter away from the media and general public.

Several aspects of his partner’s identity, including her name and what she does for a living have yet to become public knowledge, but the activities on his social media page, @thejaredmonroe, indicate that they are now a married family of four, including their daughter, and a son Not Gay Jared had after he left the show in 2018. Similar to his daughter, there is no piece of information about the identity of his son.

Not Gay Jared’s Real Name Is Jared Monroe

Not Gay Jared’s real name has been revealed to be Jared Monroe. Throughout his time on the set of Louder With Crowder, several of his fans were oblivious to this fact either intentionally or due to the fact that the nickname had become such an integral part of his identity that no one bothered to find out what his real name was.

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Whatever may be the case, having revealed his true identity, many fans have wondered about how he came about the nickname and why he chose to stick with it. Much of it is down to the fact that the media personality was a right-wing commentator who was quite vocal about his opinions about “gay privilege” while he was on the air.

During one of the more infamous episodes of Louder With Crowder, he and Steven targeted an Antifa protest to uncover some of the secret tactics and strategies used by the radical-leftist politicians and other leftist movements to achieve justice for the oppressed and underprivileged.

Other parts of his time on the show were littered with comments about several gay activities as well as other discussions revolving around gender roles. It must be stated though that this nickname has next to nothing to do with the media personality’s sexual orientation, which has never been in doubt.

Not Gay Jared’s time on the set of Louder with Crowder will always be considered memorable, but the real reason why he left the show has yet to be resolved amongst his fans and other members of the general public despite his stated resolve that he left for personal reasons.

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