What Happened to Nicolle Wallace Teeth and Why Does She Look Different?

Nicolle Wallace was rumored to have had her teeth fixed at a local dental clinic in California. With her anti-aging body, she was also speculated to have undergone a facelift which accounts for her current looks. 

Since she began her career as a TV presenter, Nicolle Wallace has been a regular television face. The famous American television presenter and author, has been the host of the MSNBC news and political program Deadline: White House. Over the years, Nicolle Wallace became widely respected for knowing her onions. She exudes charisma, and intelligence, and does not shy away from controversial discussions that often make her programs interesting.

In recent times, she has been making headlines as there are some important facial changes observed by the public. This has raised questions about if she has undergone facial enhancements. Read on as we go into details on these observed facial changes.

Why Does Nicole Wallace Look Different?

Being a public figure requires a lot of commitment, which fully involves looking as perfect as possible. To so many, achieving this perfect look has become their major priority.

This has helped in fueling the speculations about Nicolle Wallace’s new look which was claimed to be a result of some facial enhancements. She was also speculated to have undergone tooth repair at a local dental clinic in California.

Although the recent facial improvements noticed on the face of the television host have attracted lots of speculation, they still remain unclarified. To further buttress the fact that something is definitely different, her fans have taken to the internet to dig up her old photos and compare them with her current looks.

Did Nicolle Wallace Have A Facelift?

It has not been confirmed if the television anchor has undergone any cosmetic surgical procedures. Since the start of the speculation, she has not made any statements to either accept or refute the claims.

At the age of 52 years, signs of aging like wrinkles, saggy eyes, and many others are expected to appear on her face, but this time, the reverse has become the case. While many have attributed her ageless looks to good genes, others speculate that she has definitely undergone facial enhancements but has chosen to keep it a secret.

Some sources based their conclusion on the fact that Nicolle Wallace’s face looks buffed. They stated that while the facelift was supposed to cover up obvious deep lines, sagging facial skin, and wrinkles, it did not fully achieve the desired results. Meanwhile, until she comes out to clarify to the public what actually happened to her face and why it looks different, her new looks still remain questioned.

Did Nicole Wallace Fix Her Teeth?

Among other changes noticed on the face of the television host, are a set of sparkling white, well-arranged teeth. This really got the attention of fans who believed that Nicolle Wallace must have visited a cosmetic dentist. They speculated that she must have had a teeth-whitening procedure or veneers.

Some sources compared her previous teeth with what it looks like now to back up their claims. It says that Nicolle Wallace previously had a set of brown teeth that were not as well arranged as they are now. They claimed that the presenter must have wisely made use of some dental procedures to improve her teeth structure. Which would be a good thing for her TV Career.

Nicolle Wallace, on her part, has chosen to remain calm despite the rumors and has not come out to accept or debunk the claims.

The TV Presenter Once Tested Positive for Covid 19

Nicolle Wallace has been a regular face on the MSNBC show since 2015 and has never been absent from the show. However, in 2022, she was absent from her 4 to 6 p.m. MSNBC show which raised lots of questions from her fans who wanted to know the reason for her absence.

On February 9, 2022, she took to her Twitter account to announce that she had tested positive for COVID-19 and had to go into self-isolation as well as seek professional medical attention. Her show was subsequently covered by John Heilemann, who her fans confirmed was very interesting. After being confirmed negative for COVID-19, the television host returned to her show on February 23, 2022.


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