What Happened To Kirill Bichutsky, Is He Dead or Alive?

Kirill Bichutsky is still very much alive. Although he was rumored to have died in March 2022, it turned out that he had faked his death for a good cause.

Kirill Bichutsky is a well-known American photographer, party promoter, and social media influencer who has pleased and displeased many with his body of work which captures nightlife scenes and scantily-clad women. He has amassed millions of followers on social media, and as you can easily guess, many were shocked when rumors started flying around that he had passed on in 2022.

Kirill Bichutsky Was Rumoured to Have Died in March 2022

Kirill Bichutsky is still alive, but in late March 2022, rumors started swirling that he may have died. The rumors started as a result of a post that he shared on his Instagram account. The post showed him on a hospital bed, clearly getting ready for a procedure, with the caption see you on the other side.

As fans were still unraveling what this meant and making inquiries as to what happened to Bichutsky, his business partner named, Linda Finegold, penned a note and shared it on the official website of their merch brand known as ALF (Assholes live forever). In it, she seemingly confirmed the rumors. Linda stated that Kirill Bichutsky’s death was accidental and that he went in his sleep.

She further stated that she couldn’t go on running the merch brand herself and would be winding down. She made it clear that they won’t make any new merch but would only sell off what they currently have in stock and then their printing equipment.

People initially took this whole thing as some stunt from Bichutsky and his camp, probably to sell merch or something similar, but when Bichutsky himself failed to share anything on social media for a week It started looking like there was some truth to the rumors. It eventually turned out to be false, though.

Kirill Bichutsky’s Death Was All Arranged

Kirill Bichutsky did not die, but he faked his death. In a video that he shared on his Instagram account on the 1st day of April 2022, he revealed that he was very much alive and told people that were planning to dance on his grave to postpone their plans.

Bichutsky admitted that it had been quite difficult for him to stay off social media for a whole week and that he felt like a virgin now that he was back. He also shared that he had a very boring week and that he tried to keep himself entertained by playing board games with his partner named Estee.

Most people were initially not pleased by Bichutsky’s shenanigans, but he explained that it was for a good cause.

He Did So to Raise Awareness About Colon Cancer

Kirill Bichutsky faked his death to raise awareness about colon cancer. Colon cancer, properly known as colorectal cancer, is a disease in which cells in the colon (large intestine) or rectum (the passageway that connects the colon to the anus) grow out of control. Bichutsky revealed in his video that he had always had problems with going to the toilet and had undergone two colonoscopies in recent times.

He shared that he had gone for one recently, and this inspired him to raise awareness about the disease so that other people would equally be conscious and get the needed checks required. His video also revealed that March was colon cancer awareness month.

Bichutsky accepted that it was a shitty thing to fake one’s death but revealed that it was for a good cause. He stated that they had been able to donate about $100,000 to the Colorectal Alliance. This is a charity based in Washington, D.C., that provides screenings, conducts outreach, provides treatment, and is actively working on a cure for the disease. He then urged people to make sure they undergo their screenings.

The whole stunt gained Bichutsky tens of thousands of followers on his Instagram, but he cheekily declared that most of the new followers would soon leave once they got a handle on his content. He also asked his OG followers to indicate themselves by dropping a particular emoji.

Kirill Bichutsky is an American Photographer, Party Promoter, and Internet Personality

Kirill Bichutsky’s journey to stardom started when a pal who was a DJ got him into various nightclubs in New York. He took pictures of the bubbling nightlife and posted them on his website. Most of the pictures showed people partying and having a good time, while others showed scantily clad women.

The pictures proved to be popular with the public, and by 2009, Bichutsky’s website was getting 100,000 visitors each day. By the time social media became a popular thing, Bichutsky also joined Instagram and amassed a million followers in a short time. He became a popular media personality. He also became a party promoter as people hired him to come to their events to raise the hype about it.

Bichutsky also took to organizing wild parties of his own and invented what was known as champagne facials. This involves willing females getting doused in the face with champagne while he takes pictures and later posts them with porn-related hashtags.

All this made him even more popular, and before long, he was appearing in TV shows. One of them was the 2018 Netflix show, The American Meme, which also featured the likes of DJ Khaled and Paris Hilton.

He is Originally from Russia and Has Jewish Heritage

Though he is now a famous personality in America, Kirill Bichutsky is originally from Russia. He has Russian Jewish origins and was born in Moscow. He celebrates his birthday on the 9th of June each year and was born in 1984. He spent the first two years of his life in Russia before his family immigrated to the U.S.

Kirill Bichutsky is a child of well-educated parents. His mom and dad have master’s degrees in electrical and chemical engineering. The family is also artsy, and his dad and sister like photography. This love for photography also inspired Bichutsky to take up the skill. He got quite good at it and before long, he couldn’t go anywhere without his camera in hand.

He Has Faced Allegations of Misogyny and Sexism

Kirill Bichutsky has enjoyed a good deal of fame, but there has also been a good deal of controversy. He has been variously accused of sexism and misogynism. People see some of his pictures and his antics, such as champagne facials, as demeaning of women. They also cringe at the way he uses slut liberally and the fact that his Instagram account was once named the slut whisperer.

Bichutsky has waved off these complaints, believing that he is giving women the freedom to express themselves and do whatever they want. He has faced some repercussions, though. His Twitter account was permanently deleted for a transphobic comment. His slutwhisperer Instagram account, with over a million followers, was also taken down around 2018. He refused to stay down. He is back on Instagram on @Kirill Again and has 289k followers. He has also recovered his slutwhisperer account.


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