Was Millie Bobby Brown in Modern Family and In What Episode?

Millie Bobby Brown was in Modern Family. She appeared in the 17th episode of the show’s sixth season, however, it was only a cameo appearance. This is why you may have seen the episode several times but didn’t recognize the youngster. 

Millie Bobby Brown is a seasoned British actress and model who began her professional acting career at a tender age when she moved to Orlando, Florida in 2011. She rose to fame for her portrayal of the character, Eleven, in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

What Role Did Millie Bobby Brown Play In Modern Family?

Millie Bobby Brown has appeared in numerous films and TV series, including Modern Family.  However, her role in the series isn’t noticed probably because she had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it role as Lizzie; a girl whose bike gets stolen by Manny Delgado. If you can recall one of Gloria Delgado’s neighbors (named Lizzie) whose bike was stolen, then you must’ve recognized her in the series.

However, if you still can’t recall, Lizzie was one of the many frolicsome neighbors of the feisty, fun-loving Colombian lady, Gloria Delgado-Pritchett. In the episode, “Closet? You’ll Love it,” of season six of the sitcom, the whole family lay relaxed in the backyard of a patriarch called Jay Pritchett.

Then, a drone suddenly appears and is hovering over Gloria. Manny and Phill Dunphy takes up the challenge of trapping the drone. However, they only end up hopping under it in several failed attempts as the drone keeps flying above.

Because the drone is too fast, they need help stopping it. Consequently, they snatch away the bike of a random little girl halfway down the road. That little girl, called Lizzie, is none other than, Millie Bobby Brown. However, it is going to be her only appearance in the popular American sitcom.

Her Appearance Was In A Minor Role

The scene in which Bobby appeared wasn’t a huge focal point of the episode. The main plot was about how Claire, Julie Bowen’s character, was working on an ad for her father, Jay’s  (Ed O’Neill) company.

Jay desired to take the original ad which he appeared in years ago and make it brand new. The ad had Jay saying “Closet? You’ll love it.” This particular episode joked that this statement made absolutely no sense. As a result, Claire and Jay had some real tension about it, as she opines it was a good idea, though he hated hearing that.

Was Millie Bobby Brown in Modern Family and In What Episode?

In the meantime, Luke and Phil arrive at Jay’s to hang out with Gloria and Manny by the pool. While Gloria lay in the sun in her swimsuit, a drone flies around spying and recording her with its camera. Luke, Phil, and Manny try to destroy the drone or trap it but a series of events leads to a video of Phil exposing his genitals being captured and uploaded on YouTube which goes viral.

Consequently, the three take it personally and decide to find the source controlling the drone by following it. This is where they borrow Lizzie’s bike (Millie’s character) to chase the drone. However, Lizzie, who is on an errand, is left stranded and startled by what just happened.

Owing to the fact that the entire scene is very brief, it is easy to miss Millie Bobby Brown. Nevertheless, she is credited for her role in the series. 

What Episode of Modern Family Was Millie Brown In?

As we have already mentioned, Millie Bobby Brown appeared in episode #17 of season 6 of ABC’s Modern Family. It originally aired on March 4, 2015, and it is titled “Closet? You’ll Love it!”.

A year before appearing in the hit, Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown had a minor part in the blockbuster series Modern Family in which she portrayed the role of a girl named Lizzie. Lizzie appeared to be taking a ride on a bicycle, but Manny, who was chasing a drone, took her bike away and promised to return it to her.

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