Inside Wanda Sykes Family With Wife Alex Niedbalski and their Kids

Wanda Sykes’s wife is Alex Niedbalski, a French woman she has been married to since 2008, and together they have two children (twins) named Olivia Lou and Lucas Claude. 

Wanda Sykes is a Hollywood actress, comedian, and writer who became famous for writing The Chris Rock Show for which she earned the prestigious Primetime Emmy Award in 1999. She steadily climbed up the ladder of success and by 2004, she was named one of the 25 funniest people in America by Entertainment Weekly. 

Other shows with which she has gained recognition include The New Adventures of Old Christine, HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Black-ish. Wanda Syke’s personal and romantic life has attracted equal attention as her profession especially since 2008 when she came out as a lesbian.

She is now married to a certain French woman Alex Niedbalski and both women have long begun a family together.

Age/Date of Birth:
60 years old (7 March 1964)
5 feet 2 inches (157 cm)
Wife or Girlfriend:Alex Sykes (m. 2008)
Parents:Father: Harry Ellsworth Sykes
Mother: Marion Louise Sykes
Net Worth: $6 million

Wanda Sykes Met Her Wife Alex in 2006

Back in 2006, Alex Sykes was yet to be known to the world as a lesbian woman. A closeted lesbian woman, the then single Sykes was visiting New York’s Fire Island, a resort destination that is a favorite of the gay community when she met Alex who happened to be traveling on the same ferry with her. In an interview, she revealed that it was an instant attraction for her.

She immediately told friends that she was traveling with about her feelings but they teased her that to get someone like Alex, she would have to quit speaking about her kitchen re-modeling which she was at the time doing herself and was fond of speaking about, but on the contrary, the reverse would be the case.

Sykes would go on to rave about her kitchen remodeling to a random person at the destination and luck smiled on her when this person was a friend of Alex’s and introduced Sykes to her, the rest, as they say, is history.

Sykes and Alex struck up a conversation and quickly began a romantic relationship and soon enough, precisely on October 25th, 2008, they became wife and wife.

What We Know About  Wanda Sykes’ Wife, Alex Niedbalski

Wanda Sykes

Alex Niedbalski who is also known as Alex Sykes is a French-American homemaker. She is not a celebrity compared to Sykes and her marriage to Sykes has not made her interested in the spotlight either. However, she has on a handful of occasions accompanied her better half to red carpet events.

Her date of birth and information about her background is unknown to the public, however, it is known that she is bilingual – speaking French and English and that her parents reside in France.

At the time she met Sykes in 2006, she was selling granite countertops, since Sykes at the time was in the middle of a kitchen remodeling, the pair must have had a lot to speak about regarding homemaking and remodeling. It is highly likely that she is still in the homemaking business. In 20202, she shared her coming-out story on her Instagram page.

The Couple are Parents of Two Kids

Wanda Sykes and Alex Niedbalski have two kids together – a son, Lucas Claude, and a daughter named Olivia Lou. Alex gave birth to the fraternal twins on April 27, 2009, Lucas weighed 7 pounds and 9 ounces while Olivia weighed 6 pounds and 7 ounces upon birth. The couple have kept information about the sperm donor for their kids private.

The kids who are now grown are known to frequently said to visit Alex’s parents back in France and are fluent both in English and French. Currently, the couple splits their time between Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Wanda First Came Out To Her Parents Before Her Public 2008 Coming-out

Wanda Sykes said in an interview that she had known since childhood that she was a lesbian but kept it to herself because of the negative responses she got from friends.

In her interview with Oprah Mag, Sykes said that in the third grade, she once told a girl (the sister to her brother’s girlfriend) that she could be her boyfriend if she was a boy, but she was met with a “that’s not right” response. Thus, she continued to keep the way she felt towards other ladies a secret.

Wanda Sykes came out for the first time to her parents in 2004 when she was 40 years old. However, their acceptance of her sexuality was not immediate. Sykes became estranged from her parents for a while due to her sexuality.

On her wedding day to Alex, her parents refused to attend the ceremony, however, they would later come around thanks to much prodding from her aunt (her father’s sister).

Syke and her parents Marion and Harry Sykes, a former banker and former Pentagon Army colonel respectively have now come to accept their daughter’s sexuality. In addition to her aunt, Sykes was accepted by many of her extended family.

Wanda Sykes came out publicly in 2008 while rallying against Proposition 8, a law forbidding equal marriage in California, that has now been overturned. She had come out on stage to give an unplanned speech about the dangers of the new law on gay people. She later revealed in 2015 that she only saw the need to come out to the public because it became political.

Since that speech, Wanda Sykes has evolved into an advocate for the LGBT community and has gained recognition for it. In 2009, Sykes became the first African American woman, and the first LGBTQ+ individual, to be the featured entertainer for the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

She appeared in GLSEN’s “Think Before You Speak” campaign against homophobic language and was awarded the GLAAD Stephen F. Kolzak Award and the Activism in the Arts honor at the Triumph Awards. Sykes is also a vocal supporter of the Ruth Ellis Center, a nonprofit organization that helps homeless, runaway, and at-risk LGBTQ+ youth.

What We Know About Her First Marriage

Wanda Sykes was married to Dave Hall in 1991 and lived together as a couple until 1998 when the news about their divorce broke. Although no reason was officially given as to why the two decided to separate after seven years of marriage, Wanda once opened up saying she found Dave very annoying.

Many have erroneously presumed that this was because she was gay, but Sykes has come to debunk this, saying their divorce had nothing to do with her sexuality but a plethora of other issues. Sykes admitted to going for therapy after the divorce to better understand herself and the other weird feelings she was having.

Dave Hall is a record producer best known for his work on Mary J. Blige’s album, What’s the 411?. He also has produced hit tracks for top artists like Usher, CeCe Peniston, Donell Jones, and Madonna. Wanda’s ex-husband is also a popular remixer and was behind the remixing of Michael and Janet Jackson’s “Scream” as well as Tina Turner’s “Goldeneye”.


Is Wanda Sykes Gay?

Wanda Sykes publicly came out as a lesbian in November 2008 at a same-sex marriage rally in Las Vegas regarding Proposition 8. She came out to her parents, Marion and Harry Skyes, in 2004, but being conservatives, it was difficult for them to accept her homosexuality. As a result, they did not attend her wedding with Alex Niedbalski. This gave rise to a period of estrangement but they’ve since reconciled.

Does Wanda Sykes Have a Girlfriend?

The stand-up comedian does not have a girlfriend, rather, she has a wife. She got married to her wife, Alex Niedbalski, in October 2008.

Does Wanda Sykes Have a Husband?

Wanda Sykes does not have a husband, not anymore. Before she came out as gay, she was married to record producer Dave Hall from 1991 to 1998.

Who is Wanda Sykes Married To?

Wanda Sykes is married to Alex Niedbalski, who is also known as Alex Sykes. She met the  French-American homemaker in 2006 and in October 2008 they tied the knot. Unlike Wanda, Alex does not live in the spotlight and as a result, a lot of information about her is unavailable to the public.

Does Wanda Sykes Have Twins?

Just one year after Wanda and Alex got married, they became parents to a set of twins, a daughter and a son, named Olivia and Lucas respectively. They were born by Alex in April 2009.

Who Are Wanda Sykes’ Kids?

Wanda Sykes is a mother of a pair of twins named Olivia and Lucas. They were born by her wife, Alex Niedbalski, in April 2009.

Profile Summary
First Name:Wanda
Last Name:Sykes
Also Known As:
Actress, comedian, and writer
Famous For:The Chris Rock Show
Colleges/Universities Attended:
Hampton University
Educational Qualifications:
BSc degree in Marketing
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth:
60 years old (7 March 1964)
Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Birth Place:
Portsmouth, Virginia, United States
Country of Residence:
United States of America (USA)
Physical Attributes
5 feet 2 inches (157 cm)
55 kg (121 lbs)
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Other Body Measurements:
Marital Status:
Alex Sykes (m. 2008);
Previously married Dave Hall (m. 1991–1998)
Family and Relatives
Harry Ellsworth Sykes
Mother:Marion Louise Sykes
Olivia Lou Sykes,
Lucas Claude Sykes
Siblings:Harry Sykes - Brother
Other Relatives:
Net Worth
Estimated Net Worth:
$6 million
Source of Wealth:
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