Who is Violet Myers and What Happened To Her?

Violet Myers is a 27 year-old American model, Instagram influencer, director, and actress. Her journey to stardom started when the sexy pictures she posted on her social media platforms went viral. Now, she is famously known as one of America’s most successful adult film actresses. Find out more about Violet Myers here.

Violet Myers Bio

  • VIOLET MYERS AGE: 27 years old
  • BIRTHDAY: February 24, 1997
  • BIRTHPLACE: California, USA
  • BIRTH SIGN: Pisces
  • ETHNICITY: Turkish-Mexican

Violet Myers was Born in California 27 Years Ago

Violet Myers, also known by her moniker Luna Bunny, is an American Instagram influencer, model, actress, and director. She was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California on February 24, 1997.

Born to a Turkish father and a Mexican mother, violet is of Turkish-Mexican descent. In a bid to keep her personal life secret, Violet has left the names of both her parents undisclosed to the public.

She Started Her Modeling Career While Still in School

The name Violet Myers became known during her school days. At the time, she started posting pictures of herself on her Instagram and other social media platforms, and soon enough her sexy pictures went viral on the internet.

With a body as alluring as hers, it was not long before Violet drew the attention of various modeling agencies to herself. That marked the beginning of Violet Myers’ career as a fashion model. Currently, Violet has worked with different global fashion, bikinis, lingerie, apparel, and makeup brands.

Violet Myers Acted in Her First Adult Movie in 2018

Having been in the fashion modeling industry for quite some time, the brunette hottie was getting so much attention and followership for herself that she sought to diversify her career path. In 2018, at just 21 years old, Violet was featured in her first adult movie shoot. Her debut movie was shot with The Score Group, an adult movie production studio.

Since her debut video in 2018, Violet has quickly gone up the scale of successful adult movie actresses. Her sexually flexible and appealing body, sultry voice, and great acting skills have made her a sought-after actress employed by various adult movie studios such as Many Vids, Teem Skit, Pulse Distribution, and The Score Group. Presently not only is she a reputable actress in the industry, but she has also taken up the role of director in some adult movies.

In November 2021, Violet Myers was Rumored to Have Died

Towards the end of November 2021, the internet was abuzz with news of the adult film star’s death. News of her death was shrouded in great mystery as no one knew the cause of her death. Although condolence messages have continued to throng the internet from her friends and fans, no authorized body has come out to confirm or dismiss the news. Likewise, no member of her family has spoken up to either dismiss or validate the news.

On a twist of the event, a toy and collectibles store, Dark.Helmet.Collectibles published a post on their Instagram page on April 2, 2022, thanking Violet for dropping by the store. Violet’s Instagram page @waifuviolet has also continually been updated with her pictures, but she has not directly addressed the issue of her rumored death.

With all that has been said and not said about the death of violet Myers, we can only say that the news of the actress’s death is still as mysterious now as it was when news of her death was raised on the internet months ago.

Violet was at the Peak of Her Career When She was Rumored to Have Passed Away

What makes the news of violet’s death even more agonizing for her fans is the fact that at 25 years old, Violet was doing very well for herself career-wise. Her Instagram account @waifuviolet has 720K followers, her youtube channel violet Myers has 183K subscribers, and her Twitter account which is rated 18+ has up to 1Million followers as well.

She also has an OnlyFans page where she shares exclusive raunchy videos for the pleasure of her fans. This shows that if, and when the news of Violet’s death is officially debunked, a good number of people would be made happy.

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