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Van Jones is an American author, news commentator and former lawyer. He is very concerned with social justice and equality which explains why he is the founder of multiple non-profit organizations such as ‘The Dream Corps’.

As mentioned above, he writes – however, one might not be aware that he is a New York Times bestselling author. He wrote the best selling books Rebuild The Dream and The Green Collar Economy. As a news commentator, he is a regular CNN contributor as well as the host for The Van Jones Show.

To say Van Jones is a man of reputable social standing is putting it mildly, he was a co-host on CNN’s Crossfire, a Princeton University fellow and a Special Advisor for Green Jobs under President Barack Obama.

He was also featured in 13th, a 2016 American documentary by the respected American director, Ava DuVernay. 13th explored the American justice system and the factors that led to not only the highest incarceration rate in the world but also the over-incarceration of minorities in the United States.

In 2004, he was recognized by World Economic Forum as a ‘Young Global Leader’ and in 2008, Fast Company ranked him as one the ’12 Most Creative Minds’. By 2009, he was considered as one of the ‘100 Most Influential People In The World’ by Time magazine. He received the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People President’s Award in 2010.


Anthony Kapel Jones a.k.a Van Jones was born on the 20th of September, 1968 in Jackson Tennessee. He has a twin sister, Angela Jones. His father, Willie Anthony Jones was a middle school principal while his mother – Loretta Jean was a high school teacher. It has been said that as a child, Van was your everyday stereotypical geek. He has been described as very bookish during his younger years, it is safe to say it all paid off in the long run.

After the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy and John F. Kennedy, he began to learn a lot about the men and their work and he became devoted to them and saw them as heroic icons worth looking up to.

He attended the Jackson Central-Merry High School where he graduated from in 1986, He later went on to earn a degree in Communication and Political Science from the University of Tennessee at Martin. During this time, he interned at the Shreveport Times, The Associated Press and the Jackson Sun, wanting a career in Journalism.

He later decided against journalism and relocated to Connecticut to attend Yale Law School. After graduating from Law school, he moved to San Francisco to change lives and become, as he puts it – ‘a revolutionary’.

He has said that much of his activism was spurred by seeing the racial inequality in New Haven, Connecticut, especially in relation to drug use with the white kids getting only probation or community service (if any punishment at all) for drug use and possession but the blacks being sent to prison for similar and smaller offenses.

Gay Or Straight: Van Jones Wife, Family

Van Jones
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It has become the norm to speculate about the lives of people in the spotlight, especially their sexuality. But with Van Jones, there’s no need to speculate any longer – the news commentator is unequivocally straight.

He is currently married to Jana Carter whose father was the younger brother of America’s 39th President – Jimmy Carter. The two have remained very quiet about their married life, posting little to nothing on social media. What is known, however, is that they have two sons together – Cabral Jones and Mattai Jones.

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CNN Career

The author has built a long and lucrative career for himself, definitely one to be proud of. His career at CNN started in 2013 when he was announced as one of the new co-hosts of the reboot of CNN’s political debate show – Crossfire. Other co-hosts included Stephanie Cutter, Newt Gingrich and S.E Cupp. The show was cancelled in 2014 after a short while on air.

After Crossfire, Van Jones continued on at CNN as a regular contributor to different segments featuring a wide range of topics from the protests in Ferguson, Missouri to the Supreme court decisions and the 2016 Republican presidential primary.
In 2016, he launched a news feature documentary series on CNN – The Messy Truth With Van Jones. In 2018, he also launched The Van Jones Show with the rapper and business mogul, Jay-Z, as his first guest.

Net Worth

Van Jones currently has a net worth of ‎$ 1.5 Million. This is a culmination of all his salaries and business endeavours.

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