12 Most Valuable Football Teams In The World 2019 (NFL)

No idea if the emperors and kings of ancient Rome had plans to develop the sport of the arena (the gladiator fights) into a franchise with merchandise sold all over Rome and the rest of the world, but it is something that the combination of technology and human ingenuity has created both a safer and long-lasting replica of the entertainment provided by the Gladiator sport. Today, various sports exist where men and women compete at center stage in front of thousands of people and millions in small and large TV screens all over the world. These men and women, just like their counterparts in ancient Rome, through their skills, talents, and achievements, earn a legacy that leaves thousands of people shouting their names in the street.

And just like ancient Rome, modern sports have teams and clubs, owned by different wealthy men who compete for the biggest prizes. This is especially true in Football for the National Football League (NFL) in America, the biggest sports in America. The league is filled with several clubs often referred to as franchises, and like every business investment in other industry or sector in the world, these franchises are bought with the expectations of the owner making money off of them. Today, as improvements happen in sports science and the quality of the game improves across the board, several franchises are now worth billions of dollars, both a result of their assets – infrastructural and personnel. In this list, we look at the 12 Most Valuable Football Teams in the World.

Most Valuable Football Teams Right Now

Dallas Cowboys – $5 billion

Most Valuable Football Teams – Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable team in the world, both in the NFL and every other league in the world. The team, owned by Jerry Jones, who is largely considered to be the most hated sports franchise owner in the world, but it hasn’t kept him from owning enjoying the privilege of being the owner of the biggest franchise team in the United States and the world.

Their status as the biggest dog in the NFL is accompanied with a record of 5 NFL Championships, 10 Conference Championships, and 23 Divisional Championships. The franchise also boasts of having the biggest revenue in NFL, boasting of almost a billion in revenue in 2017 and have been the most valuable team in the league for 12 consecutive years.

New England Patriots – $3.8 billion

Most Valuable Football Teams – New England Patriots

Everyone seems to detest the existence of the New England Patriots. The team, which is owned by Robert Kraft is currently valued at $3.8 billion. The team’s value has grown in recent years due to the serial wins of the Patriots at the Super Bowl. The Patriots boast of exceptional assets like Tom Brady, who is currently one of the richest men in NFL history. The team has a revenue of over half a billion dollars. Its continuous on-field success and the strength of its assets places it comfortably as the second most valuable football franchise in the world.

New York Giants – $3.3 billion

Most Valuable Football Teams – New York Giants

Owned by John Mara and Steven Tisch, the New York Giants are placed third in this list of US money kings. The Giants have a value of $3.3 billion with revenue just a few million shy of a half a billion dollars. The team itself can boast of expensive assets like Odell Beckham and Eli Manning. It has been able to win four Super Bowls in its history, in what has been described as an underwhelming result based on the talents at the franchise’s disposal. With the continued growth in the monetary value of football franchises in the country, New York Giants is expected to increase in value over the next year.

Los Angeles Rams – $3.2 billion

Valuable Football Teams
Most Valuable Football Teams – Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams is the play toy of Stanley Kroenke. The billionaire is a serial sports franchise owner, with other investments in other sports franchises like Arsenal Football Club in England, Denver Nuggets in the NBA, Colorado Avalanche in the NHL and Colorado Rapids in the MLS, and a couple others. His team, the Los Angeles Rams have had a stable rise in growth since he bought the team outrightly in 2010. The team, which used to be in St Louis, Missouri currently resides in Los Angeles. The team’s value is buoyed by a yearly revenue of $366 million.

Washington Redskins – $3.1 billion

Valuable Football Teams
Most Valuable Football Teams – Washington Redskins

The name has been a cause for controversy for years for its racist undertone, but it hasn’t kept the team from becoming one of America’s most valuable football teams. Even with an unimpressive stadium, the team’s commercial status continues to grow along with that of the rest of the league. The team boasts of assets like Josh Norman that helps to put it in the company of other top teams on this list. The Redskins is owned by Daniel Snyder and it has yearly revenue of $491 million. Despite the team’s significant financial value, it hasn’t translated to on-field success to the Redskins, who won their last championship in 1991 and made their last playoff appearance in 2015.

San Francisco 49ers – $3.05 billion

Valuable Football Teams
Most Valuable Football Teams – San Fransisco 49ers

One of the joint owned teams on this list, the 49ers have one of the modern stadiums in American football, with a stadium that boasts of expensive luxury suites, the 49ers Levi Stadium is considered one of the worst stadiums in the sport’s history. Regardless, its modern facilities and commercially valuable personnel make it the sixth most valuable football team in the league and the world, by extension. Its stadium helps with achieving an annual revenue of $470 million. Just like the Redskins, its financial size has not resulted in on-field success for the 49ers. One has to look as far back as 1994 for the team’s last Super Bowl win and to 2013 for its last playoff appearance.

Chicago Bears – $2.9 billion

Valuable Football Teams
Most Valuable Football Teams – Chicago Bears

The next two franchises on our list are family owned. Starting with the Chicago Bears, which is owned by the McCaskey Family. The family is currently in possession of a piece of American history worth $2.9 billion, with average annual revenue of $431 million. The team, since its establishment in 1920, has won 8 NFL Championships, winning their first and only Super Bowl in 1985. While the team suffering on the pitch has affected its fans interest in watching its games, the Bears still maintain a strong market value due to its strong assets.

New York Jets – $2.85 billion

Valuable Football Teams
Most Valuable Football Teams – New York Jets

The second family-owned team on this list of the Most Valuable Football Teams in the World, the New York Jets is owned by the Johnson Family. Their investment may have born fruits from a financial standpoint, but it hasn’t on the field with the Jets currently hold the undesired title of going the longest without a Super Bowl appearance. The team currently plays in the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and has a revenue average of $443 million.

Houston Texans – $2.8 billion

Valuable Football Teams
Most Valuable Football Teams – Houston Texans

Owned by Robert McNair, the young franchise, which only came into existence in 2002 has been able to rise to the summit of franchise value through its recruitment of young and exciting players. The team has been able to maintain continuous attendance of its home games by fans by having players like J.J Watt and Deshaun Watson on its roster. The team also posses one of the NFL’s modern stadiums, with over 70 thousand seats and a retractable roof. This helps the team maintain a $464 million revenue average per year.

Philadelphia Eagles – $2.75 billion

Valuable Football Teams
Most Valuable Football Teams – Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles recently won the Super Bowl in a stunning fashion that sent the city into chaos, and even though the team was worth a ton before the win, the victory has helped the franchise to strong $2.75 billion. Its talented roster of players, which are also primed to make another Super Bowl appearance is one of the reasons for the franchise’s strong valuation. The team has a revenue of $458 million.

Denver Broncos – $2.65 billion

Valuable Football Teams
Most Valuable Football Teams – Denver Broncos

It is one of the more recent franchises established in the league, but Denver Broncos has managed to place itself in the higher echelon of football teams in America. The team, in its 59 years history in the league has made several notable contributions to the sport’s history, including the recruitment of players like Willie Brown, Gary Zimmerman, John Elway and most recently, Peyton Manning. The team currently plays in front of 76 thousand fans at the Mile High Stadium in Denver. It is owned by Pat Bowlen and controlled by the rest of the Bowlen family.

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Green Bay Packers – $2.6 billion

Valuable Football Teams
Most Valuable Football Teams – Green Bay Packers

A team that has two of the wealthiest NFL quarterbacks in its roster, a dedicated set of fans who show up to support the team despite a continuous drop in the ratings of football league, and on-field success that fields a communal energy in the community, there is no doubt why a franchise like Green Bay Packers located in one of America’s lesser known states is worth a whopping $2.6 billion. The team, owned by no one enjoys the position of a beautiful anomaly in the wild west of the National Football League. Green Bay Packers have won the Super Bowl twice and have 13 other national championships in their arsenal.

Other teams, such as Atlanta Falcons is worth $2.6 billion, Pittsburgh Steelers is worth $2.5 billion, Baltimore Ravens is worth $2.5 billion. Overall, the popularity and commercial strength of the National Football League put the average worth of every team in the league at $2.5 billion which is a continual increase in the league’s valuation.


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