Is Queen Latifah Gay? Does She Have A Wife, Husband or Partner?

Queen Latifah is gay. She confirmed her sexuality when she publicly acknowledged her decade-long relationship with her female partner, Eboni Nichols, during her acceptance speech at the 2021 BET Awards. According to reports, she met her partner in 2009, and they made their relationship official in 2013.

Is Queen Latifah Gay or Lesbian?

Queen Latifah has been labeled both gay and lesbian in the past. She has recently openly confirmed her involvement with her gay partner, Eboni Nichols. She had famously refused to discuss details about her love life with the press, even going as far as never officially confirming if she is gay, making it difficult before now to be 100% certain about the music legend’s sexual orientation or relationship status.

Even though she doesn’t share details of her personal life, her relationship history colorfully includes male and female personalities. While that would suggest Queen Latifah is bisexual, the proportion of women being greater in her history has led many to believe she is a lesbian rather than bisexual. She has not graced any of the speculations with a confirmation.

Who Is Queen Latifah’s Partner?

Things have been peacefully serene in Queen Latifah’s love life, however, all evidence points to the fact that the Newark, New Jersey-born rapper/actress is in a relationship with notable Hollywood choreographer Eboni Nichols. The two reportedly began dating in 2013 and have been in an on-again, off-again relationship ever since.

As one might expect, Latifah has never publicly acknowledged their relationship even though they have been spotted on multiple occasions in romantic moments holding hands on a nice walk and kissing. Their relationship has been a subject of debate to observers and fans of the musician/actress ever since news of the many acts PDAs filtered to the public.

However, in 2018, things took a different turn when news hit the public that Eboni Nichols was pregnant. Many suggested and believed that the pregnancy was a definitive confirmation of the status of Queen Latifah’s love life. Those suggestions turned out to be right, as Queen Latifah and Eboni Nichols reportedly welcomed their child in 2019.

As expected, the couple has kept details of their family away from the media, but sources close to them have mentioned Queen Latifah’s joy at finally starting a family.

Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah and her rumored girlfriend, Eboni Nichols

Their new family also raised questions about the personality of Eboni Nichols. She is a Hollywood choreographer who works across both film and television. According to her IMDb page, she started dancing at the age of eight, at the Bre Dance Studio.

Her journey in the world of dancing continued well into adulthood with a bachelor’s degree from Chapman University in California. After graduation, she transformed her talent and passion for dance into a profession that she pursued with zest.

She has worked on music videos with music icons like Beyonce, Will Smith, Aaliyah, and others while also working in film and television with more than 30 credits to her name, including Jane the Virgin and Jack and Jill.

List of Past Queen Latifah’s Girlfriends

In the over three decades since Queen Latifah has been in the industry, her love life has featured a couple of well-known personalities. While her relationship with Eboni Nichols remains the current and most significant relationship she has been in, she has been involved with others like Jeanette Jenkins and Kendu Isaacs.

Jeanette Jenkins

Before Latifah’s love life found its long-term partner in the person of Eboni Nichols, the rapper/actress was reportedly in a relationship with the fitness trainer, Jeanette Jenkins. According to the public information about the couple, they were together for eight years and 5 months from 2002 and 2011.

Both of them were spotted together on multiple occasions until they were no longer an item. The reason for their breakup is still unknown, but if the words of Queen Latifah herself are anything to go by, she was still in her ‘party years and wasn’t ready for a family.

Queen Latifah Also Dated Kendu Isaacs Before He Became Mary J. Blige’s Husband

Queen Latifah’s love life has always been a subject of interest, not just because she is an American icon, but because of the diversity in her relationship history. One of those diversities involves Kendu Isaacs, who, by being a man, is the opposite of Queen Latifah’s rumored sexual orientation as a gay woman.

The two were together between February 1992 and 2001. Kendu Isaacs is an American music producer who is more known for his marriage to another American music legend, Mary J. Blige.

Outside of Queen Latifah’s past relationships with Kendu Isaacs and Jeanette Jenkins, she is also rumored to have been involved with Debbie Allen, an American entertainment icon known for her work as an actress, dancer, producer, and choreographer. Details of their rumored affair remain out of reach.


Is Queen Latifah Gay?

Queen Latifah has sidelined questions about her sexuality for a long time. However, she publicly confirmed the decade-long speculations when she revealed she has been in a relationship with Eboni Nichols since 2013.

Is Queen Latifah Lesbian?

Yes, Queen Latifah is a lesbian and her partner is the famous American dancer and TV personality Eboni Nichols. However, given her relationship history, which includes the opposite gender, many have come to believe she might be bisexual.

Is Queen Latifah Married?

Queen Latifah is not married yet. However, she has been in a relationship with her partner Eboni Nichols. They met in 2009 and made their relationship official in 2013.

Who is Queen Latifah’s Wife?

Ebony Nichols is a famous American choreographer, model, actress, TV personality, and entrepreneur from Ada County, Idaho, United States.

Does Queen Latifah Have a Husband?

The rapper does not have a husband, but she has a partner, Ebony Nichols, an American dancer, with whom she has been in a long-term relationship since 2013.

Who Is Queen Latifah’s Partner?

Queen Latifah’s partner is Ebony Nichols, a famous American dancer, choreographer, model, actress, TV personality, and entrepreneur from Ada County, Idaho, United States.

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