Tyler Hynes Family: Meet His Brother Brandon Hynes and Parents

Tyler Hynes’ family consists of his mother, Betty Robichaud Hynes, and his brother, Brandon Hynes. The identity of the actor’s father remains a mystery.

Tyler Hynes is a Canadian actor who is well known for his roles in the movies An Unexpected Christmas, and It Was Always You. Having become a force to be reckoned with, he has succeeded in thrusting his family into the spotlight. Read as we reveal all about his family and his only brother, Brandon Hynes.

Who Is Tyler Hynes’ Father?

Tyler Hynes’ family consists of his mother, Betty Robichaud Hynes, and a father whose identity has remained a mystery. Though Tyler Hynes’s family has risen to the limelight following his fame, nothing about his father is known, as the actor has not mentioned anything about him. This includes his name and when and where he was born. All that is known about the actor’s father is that he is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Further details of who his parents are and where they are at the moment are not known. It is also not known if Tyler Hynes’s father is a lone child or has other siblings.

Meanwhile, since nothing has been revealed about Tyler Hynes’s father, every detail about his academics has remained vague. What he does for a living and where he is at the moment, as well as his relationship with his son, has not been mentioned.

Tyler Hynes Family

Meet Tyler Hynes’s Mother, Betty Robichaud Hynes

Tyler Hynes’ has a large family, of which his mother, Betty Robichaud Hynes, is part. Despite being related to Tyler, much about Betty is not known as she lives away from the limelight. Following this fact, details about her month, date, and year of birth are not known. There are no credible details about where she was born or her ethnicity.

Details about who Betty Robichaud Hynes’s parents are and what they are up to are not known. It is not known if Tyler’s mother is an only child or has other siblings, as nothing has been mentioned about them.

Since Betty Robichaud Hynes maintains a relatively low profile, the names of the schools where she received her primary and high school education have been concealed. Further details about whether the actor’s mother earned a degree are not clear.

Though Betty Robichaud Hynes has proven to enjoy a life out of the limelight, she is a big fan of her son. Meanwhile, what she does for a living and where she is at the moment have remained off the record.

When Did Tyler Hynes’s Parents Get Married

Given that Tyler Hynes’s parents maintain a low profile, much about their relationship is not known. Based on this, when they met, as well as when they started dating, were not mentioned. Further details about how long they courted or when they got married have also been unclear.

Since little is known about them, where they are at the moment is unknown. However, it is believed that they are spending their old age together.

Does Tyler Hynes Have A Sibling?

Tyler Hynes has one younger sibling, known as Brandon Haynes. Just like the rest of Tyler Hynes’s family members, little is known about his brother. Meanwhile, there are no credible details about when Brandon was born, but all that is known is that he was born in Ontario, Canada. The Canadian national is of Caucasian descent and was raised in a firm Christian faith alongside his brother on a ranch in Russell, Ontario, Canada.

Meanwhile, Brandon Hynes has concealed all that there is to know about his academic history. Consequently, the names and locations of the schools where Tyler’s brother attended his elementary and high school are unknown. Though the name of the university or college he attended is unknown, he is believed to have attended a prestigious university. What he is up to, as well as where he is at the moment, are unclear, but it is believed that he is earning a decent living.


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