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Twiggy Tallant
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Twiggy Tallant has become famous for the work she is doing in an industry that is male-dominated. The name Twiggy Tallant might sound like a stage name but that is her actual birth name and just as her name is interesting, so is she.

Twiggy is an automotive parts fabricator and model who has dared to venture into a field that isn’t where you’d ordinarily expect to find a lady. To know more about her, keep reading.


On the 4th of June in 1988, Twiggy was born in Toronto, Canada. Not much is known of her early life and education. She only recently got a tertiary education. For this, she attended George Brown College in Toronto while there, she took a course in Welding.

Twiggy Tallant did not experience fame until she joined the show Vegas Rat Rods. Her journey to the show began with her seeing some Rat Rods and falling in love with the cars. She then decided to learn about the cars and took a course in Automotive vehicles but being a male-dominated field, it was not easy for her but she started working in Steve Darnell’s garage.

By 2014, she got a spot on Darnell’s show Vegas Rat Rods. Of the eight people on the show, Twiggy Tallant is currently the only woman. However, being the only woman on the show was not how things started off, there was another woman called Cheyenne Ruether, but Ruether left, making Tallant the sole female cast member but she has stated that she is fine with it and plans to be on the show for as long as it airs.

Prior to the life she lives now, Twiggy Tallant worked as a stripper and the experience she got while working as a stripper helped during her time on the show. As earlier mentioned, the Rat Rod industry is heavily populated by men and for a woman to excel in an industry characterized by this, having thick skin is necessary. Twiggy Tallant had toughened up during her years as a stripper and this helped with the work she did on the show.

Tallant has also used her fame and wealth to create a platform for women who are willing to go into professions that are male-dominated. She calls this platform Women in Trade and it is a meet up where women learn to break certain barriers, it also serves as a support group for women in professions where the staff body is predominately male.


Despite her tough demeanour, Twiggy Tallant is not the tallest woman you can find. She stands at a height of 5 feet and 4 inches, which is 1.63 in meters while weighing 60 kilograms, all of which go to show that she is a petite person, a fact that can be verified from pictures and videos of the star.


Most of what is known of Twiggy Tallant’s life revolves around the work she does with Rat Rods and a lot of personal information about her is not known. One of the personal aspects of her life that is not clear is her dating timeline. However, she has come out to her fans as bisexual and it is speculated that she is in a relationship with one of her closest friends, a fact that has not been verified by Tallant.


Another aspect of Twiggy Tallant’s life that not much is known about is her family, especially her father. It is, however, known that this celebrity has one sibling, a sister called Brianne and her mother’s name is Paula.

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Quick Facts About Twiggy Tallant

1. Twiggy Tallant is big on Cosplay and she has dressed up as many characters from different comics and manga.

2. Tallent is very much involved in gym activities and makes a habit of visiting the gym every week.

3. On social media sites, Twitter and Instagram, she has a large following, especially on the latter where she has over sixty thousand followers.

4. Her social media handle is The Nerdy Stripper and it is in reference to her past as an exotic dancer and the fact that she is a nerd who is into comics and anime.

5. Twiggy Tallant has an affinity for tattoos and she sports a number of these including one that spans across her upper body, right below her breasts.