Truth About the Tayler Holder Drama, Allegations and What He Did

Tayler Holder is an American TikTok star and social media personality who became famous for his comic lip-syncing videos. The actor’s video garnered so many views and made him one of the most-followed TikTokers. However, he experienced mass unfollowing in 2022 by many of his followers, including his girlfriend and influencer friends. This was in reaction to multiple sexual assault allegations which he confirmed himself.

What We Know About the Tayler Holder Drama

In early 2022, Tayler Holder’s career experienced a major setback following allegations of sexual assault against him. Responding to the allegations, Tayler neither confirmed nor denied them. In a February 2022 video with Barstool Sports’ BFF podcast, he implied that the allegation was something he does not agree with, stating that it should be handled professionally offline.

In another podcast with TMZ Verified, Tayler revealed that the allegations were unfounded as no victim has come up to legally sue him. In the podcast, Tayler denied the allegations, dismissing them as mere speculations.

As of the time of writing this publication, there have been no legal actions on the sexual misconduct against Tyler Holder as no victims have publicly spoken against him.

What Did Tayler Holder Do About The Allegations

Following the allegations leveled against him, Tayler Holder experienced mass unfollowing from his social media account. Many of his influencer friends including Loren Grey, Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Mian Twins, Daisy Keech, and his ex-girlfriend Charly Jordan, unfollowed him.

In reaction, Tayler sent cease and desist letters to several Los Angeles influencers, asking them to stop alluding to the multiple allegations of sexual assault against him. He also wrote an open letter to address the allegations. In the letter, he referred to the allegations as a form of cyberbullying that has had negative effects on his career.

He further stated that the issue has left him feeling lonely, angry, and sad. However, his fellow influencers did not react favorably to the letter as they termed it ‘a joke’ and ‘comedy hour’.

List of Tayler Holder’s Allegations

Throughout his career so far, Tayler Holder has had a series of allegations leveled against him. Below is a detailed list of the allegations.

1. Intellectual Theft

In 2020, Tayler faced criticism after he introduced a logo for his merchandise ‘Under Appreciated’. Viewers accused him of having stolen the designs of his late friend and fellow YouTuber, Corey La Barrie. They lashed out at him for passing off Barrie’s brand as his.

However, Tayler addressed the issue through a now-deleted Instagram post, stating that he had collaborated with Barrie in building the brand.

2. Selling of Face Masks

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Tayler was called out for selling coronavirus-themed face masks for $25. Fans were angry at the fact that the masks weren’t medical grade and as such, could not protect against COVID-19 and other airborne illnesses.

Reacting to the controversy, Tayler stated that he only intended to raise awareness of the pandemic through fashion, claiming the proceeds from the sales would be donated to charity.

3. Sexual Misconducts

In 2022, Tayler faced his most serious controversy as allegations of sexual assault were made against him. This resulted in his being mass unfollowed by many of his influencer friends. However, the allegations have not been pursued legally as no victims have come up to sue him.

Get To Know Tayler Holder Beyond the Allegations Leveled Against Him

Tayler Holder was born on 19 August 1997 in Alvarado, Texas, and is currently 26 years old. His father is Monte Holder while his mother is named Wendy Holder. His brother’s name is Trever Holder and he has an adopted sister named Abby Hall.

Tayler’s mother Wendy Holder is also a social media personality and has her own Instagram page @wendyholder with 54.2k followers where she regularly posts pictures of her with her son Tayler and her dogs.

He Took to Sports From an Early Age

Tayler Holder is athletically inclined and has a physique to show for it. He began racing when he was only 3 years old, and went on to enter several motocross racing competitions. He was also involved in other sports like baseball and basketball.

How Tayler Holder Got Famous As a TikToker

When Tayler turned 18, he moved from his hometown to Los Angeles, California where he began his career as a social media personality. He started by uploading funny and interesting videos on social media in 2014, gaining followers for himself.

To advance his career as a TikTok star, Tayler collaborated with other famous TikTok celebrities in making his video. Some of his collaborations include the ones with members of the famous Hype House and other stars like Jai Waetford, Bryce Hall, Ayla Woodruff, and Lena Mantler.

Tyler’s videos are mostly hilarious lip-sync videos to popular songs that his fans and followers find interesting. His first TikTok video which was also the video that shot him into fame was the ‘Do it Like Me Challenge’. He also posts lifestyle videos across his social media platforms. His TikTok account @itstaylerholder currently has 20.2 million followers and over a billion likes.

Tayler Holder Has Branched Into Various Professions

As a Singer

Following his rise to fame in the entertainment industry, Tayler Holder decided to pursue his passion for music. In 2017, he released his first single titled ‘Who I Am’. The song received favorable reactions from listeners and this prompted Tayler to release other songs that have gathered numerous streams from over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Below is a list of Tayler Holden’s songs.

  • Who Am I 2017
  • Feels Like Christmas 2020
  • I’ll Be Alright 2021
  • 100 Rounds 2021
  • Never Was You 2022
  • Human 2022

As an Actor

In 2018, Tayler appeared in his first movie titled Dirt. His role in the TV series was borne out of his passion for motocross and following his perfect interpretation of the role, he went on to appear in other movies and TV stories. His filmography includes:

  • “Dirt” 2018
  • “Total Eclipse” 2018
  • “VS Couple Ships” 2020
  • “House of Creators” 2021
  • “Chesca: Tu Weekend” 2021

Tayler Has Got Good Physique and He Works Hard To Maintain It

Tayler stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches which is approximately 177 cm and weighs 60 kg. Asides from his content, his fans are fascinated with his body build and good looks and he works very hard to keep fit.

Tayler sticks to a healthy diet and a workout routine that largely involves weight lifting, boxing, and cardio. He regularly uploads videos of his workout routine on his YouTube channel Tayler Holder.

What’s Going On With Tayler Holder Now?

Despite the allegations of sexual misconduct and the mass unfollowing, Tayler is still very much active on his social media accounts. He posts videos and pictures on his Instagram page @taylerholder with 6.1 million followers and on his Twitter account @TaylerHolder with 1.6 million followers.

However, the series of allegations made against him have greatly impacted his professional career as he has been ‘canceled’ on social media.

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