Truth About Taylor Frankie Paul and Brayden Rowley’s Relationship

Popular Tik Tok celebrity Taylor Frankie Paul is rumored to have cheated on her husband, Tate Paul, with Brayden Rowley. The alleged infidelity caused her marriage to crash, and she has now moved on with her life. She has revealed that she is presently in another relationship, but there is nothing to indicate that she and Rowley are still together. They have gone their various ways just like she and her ex-husband did.

What Happened Between Brayden Rowley and Taylor Frankie Paul?

Taylor Frankie Paul and Brayden Rowley were said to be having extramarital affairs, even though Taylor was legally married to Tate Paul at the time. Unfortunately, neither Taylor nor Rowley has come out to affirm or deny these rumors.

According to the rumors on Twitter and Reddit, Taylor’s friends, Miranda and Camille, are not on her side in this as they have decided to pitch sides with their friend’s husband, Tate Paul.

Taylor Frankie Paul may be more popular than Brayden Rowley, but somehow Reddit users have been able to uncover some things about the businessman. One thing about Rowley that we now know is the fact that, just like Taylor Paul, Brayden Rowley is also married. Here are a couple of things to know about their spouses.

Who Is Brayden Rowley Married To?

Although there are also reports that Brayden Rowley is married, information concerning who his wife is are not available on the media.

Brayden Rowley is a Utah native, and there are certain reports that he is a tech-based businessman. Some sources also report that he is a singer on TikTok. Unfortunately, there is not much data that reveals everything about him. The name Brayden Rowley was even discovered on Reddit as the name of the person Taylor was cheating on Tate Paul with.

From the comments on Reddit, it is obvious users are disappointed in Taylor and even Brayden (who they do not know) for cheating on their significant others despite knowing the consequences of such acts.

Who Is Taylor Frankie Paul’s Husband?

Taylor Frankie Paul’s husband is Tate Paul. Tate was born in the USA sometime between 1992 to 1996. He is well known for being a TikToker and also the former husband of Taylor Frankie. However, he has a professional career going on for him.

Tate Paul is a graduate of Administration Business, Administration, and Management from Salt Lake Community College. In 2012, he worked as a sales manager for Alliance Health before taking a job as a general manager for Teavana – a job that lasted for six months.

He has also worked as a sales representative for Bryam Health before leaving the organization after one year. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been working as a district manager at AdvanceMD since 2018. He also worked as a district manager for a billing service in Draper, Utah, USA.

Taylor Frankie Paul and Tate Paul Share Two Children

Details about how Taylor Frankie Paul, and Tate Paul met are not available to the public. However, there are reports that they got married in January 2016. By the 31st of August 2017, they welcomed their first daughter Indy, and three years later, on the 18th of June 2020, they welcomed their second child named Ocean.

Tate and Taylor were previously seen as special couples on social media as a result of the TikTok content that they created. This may be why fans couldn’t stop talking about Taylor’s alleged infidelity.

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What Caused Taylor Frankie Paul’s Divorce?

It is infidelity that caused Taylor Frankie Paul’s divorce. Her marriage reportedly came to an end as a result of her alleged infidelity with Brayden Rowley. However, before the news about their divorce hit the media, fans used to say they both looked like identical twins.

The speculation about them looking like twins was one that gathered enough traction as Taylor Frankie Paul, and Tate Paul announced that they would be doing a DNA test. Following the announcement that they would do a DNA test, they released a follow-up video announcing that they had done a DNA test, and it proved that they were 100% related.

We cannot say for sure whether they were both messing around with their fans or if they meant what they said. On the same note, it is not established if this was one of the reasons why they split.

Irrespective of what the exact reason behind their divorce is, it was announced by Taylor via her Instagram handle. In Taylor’s post, she revealed that she was experiencing the highest pain and grief in her life at that time. She also revealed that despite the divorce, she and Paul Tate would remain best friends.

Taylor Frankie Paul Has Moved On With Her Life 

After the divorce, a good number of fans felt that Taylor was only pearl-clutching. Their reason for feeling this way is that they blamed her for ruining her marriage. However, people’s understanding of her behavior has not stopped her from expressing the things she feels online. She has continued to pour out her heart from time to time on Instagram.

Although details about the court settlement between Paul Tate and Taylor Frankie have not been revealed to the public, there are reports that Taylor has custody of the two children she shares with Paul Tate.

There are also reports that Taylor has moved out of the house that she shares with Paul Tate and is now in a relationship. In one of her Instagram captions, she mentioned that she is looking to become a better mom and partner.

Taylor Frankie’s Ex-husband Has Also Moved On With His Life

Since the news of the divorce was announced on Instagram by Taylor, Paul Tate has never come out to make any statement, nor has he said anything about the alleged infidelity of Taylor Frankie Paul.

However, what we know about him is that he has moved on with his life. Paul is now in a relationship with a woman identified as Bailey Roberts. He announced their relationship after sharing a picture of himself and her with the caption, “Illenium was lit.”

However, after sharing that picture, Paul Tate deactivated his Instagram handle. However, he is not completely off social media, as he has continued to make posts on TikTok.

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