Truth About Hailee Steinfeld’s Ethnicity and Parents

Hailee Steinfeld’s ethnicity is mixed; her mother, Cheri Steinfeld (nee Domasin) is Filipino, German, British Isles, and African American Christian, while her father, Peter Steinfield, is Ashkenazi Jewish. Hailee’s maternal grandfather, Ricardo Domasin, was half Filipino (Boholano) and half African-American.

Hailee Steinfeld is an American singer, actress, and model who began acting at the age of 10. She rose to stardom for her roles in the movies, True Grit, Bumblebee, Edge of Seventeen, 3 Days to Kill, Enders Game, and many others. The actress has won several awards for her works in her career. Following her accomplishments, Hailee Steinfeld’s ethnicity and parents have been among the things about the star that many want to know.

Where Is Hailee Steinfeld From?

Hailee Steinfeld is from Tarzana, Los Angeles, but was raised in Agoura Hills and later in Thousand Oaks, California, in the United States. With this, she has American nationality. The actress was born on December 11, 1996, and began acting at the age of 10. She made her on-screen debut in the 2007 television show Back To You.

The actress has appeared in a number of films like Spider-man, The Magic Bracelet When Marine Was There, and others. Her TV show credits include Summer Camp, Arcane, and more. Having appeared in several on-screen projects, Hailee has grown to become one of the most successful actresses and has many awards and honors to her name.

In 2015, she ventured into music and was signed to the record label known as Republic. She has released about twenty singles, many promotional singles, two extended plays, and many album collaborations. Hailee Steinfeld has appeared in various music videos by many top musicians. As a model, she has been involved in a couple of TV commercials and has also modeled for fashion brands like Miu Miu.

Hailee Steinfeld’s Ethnicity

Taking a glimpse at Hailee Steinfeld, one would easily think she is white, however, this is not so. Hailee Steinfeld’s ethnicity is mixed, which comprises Filipino, German, British Isles, and African American from her mother’s side, and Ashkenazi Jewish from her father’s side.

Based on her ethnicity mix, she has both black and white roots. The actress has embraced every part of her ethnic mix and has tried connecting with them whenever the need arises. She once felt a great connection with her Filipino roots on her first visit to the Philippines.

The actress said that she felt connected to the culture and felt like she was home, even though she has little of its roots in her. She also stated that those in the country also felt connected to her and welcomed her. Hailee was able to play three of her own shows there.

Who Is Hailee Steinfeld’s Mom, Cheri Steinfeld?

Hailee Steinfeld’s mother is Cheri Steinfeld. She was born on March 21, 1961, in the United States of America and as such, she enjoys the privilege of being an American citizen.

Though Cheri has not shared any of her educational history with the public, she must have earned a good level of education. This is evident in her occupation and her role in her daughter’s rise to fame.

The actress’s mother was an interior designer before her daughter’s rise to fame. Cheri has since become her manager after she began taking on roles as an actress.

Cheri Steinfeld GaveHer Daughter A Platform To Go Professional In her Acting Career

Hailee Steinfeld once revealed her mother’s efforts in her acting career in a question-and-answer interview with Vanity Fair. She revealed that when she asked her mother if she could take up acting and modeling, she gave her a condition. Cheri was not ready to let Hailee go into acting without having proper knowledge of how to go about it. She further told her to take up acting classes in order to become a good actress.

Hailee attended acting classes for a year, and her mother made sure that she was consistent with them. This step greatly influenced Hailee’s acting skills and built her into the accomplished actress that she is today. In addition, Cheri was always there to drive her daughter to several auditions, which the actress remains grateful for to date.

Meet Hailee Steinfeld’s Dad, Peter Steinfeld 

Hailee Steinfeld’s father is Peter Steinfeld. Though his date of birth is not known, his place of birth is said to be Wayne, New Jersey, United States of America.This means he is an American and inherited his Ashkenazi Jewish roots from his parents. He was born to Joy Steinfeld and Herbert Steinfeld.

His brother, Jake Steinfeld, is an actor, producer, entrepreneur, and fitness trainer who has over 20 movie projects. Peter Steinfeld is a personal trainer who has appeared as a lifeguard in three episodes of the American sitcom Married With Children. He has also been supportive of his daughter’s career and has been spotted with her on red carpets.

Her Parents Have Been Married For Over 30 Years

There are no details of how and when Hailee Steinfeld’s parents met. They have also chosen not to let the public know when they got married. However, all that is known is that they had their first child in 1994, which is 30 years ago, and it is assumed that they were married before welcoming him. However, it is not known if they had a simple or elaborate wedding as there are no details of the kind of wedding that they had.

The Actress’s Parents Have Two Children Together

Cheri and Peter Steinfeld welcomed two children together in their over 30 years of marriage. Their children, Griffen and Hailee, have been a greater part of their lives. Since Hailee has gained fame and brought her family to the limelight, here is what to know about her brother.

Griffen Steinfeld is the actress’s older brother, born on January 9, 1994, in the United States. Unlike his sister, who had more indoor activities while growing up, he took part in regular outdoor activities. He attended high school, made friends, and partied while growing up. It is not known if he obtained a degree, as details about it have not been revealed.

With a sister who accomplished much in the film industry as a child, many would think that her brother would follow suit. However, Griffen has chosen to focus on another career and is a casual NASCAR driver.

He is very close to his sister and often accompanies her to movie sets and events. Asides from this, they are always spotted having their best sibling’s time. Haileeenjoys flaunting how she loves her brother and grabs every chance to do that.


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