Truth About Gary Puckett’s Wife and the Girlfriends He’s Dated

Lorrie Puckett is an American woman who is best known as the third and current wife of musician Gary Puckett. They got married in 2000 and have remained together since then. 

Gary Puckett is fondly remembered as one of the most famous rock and roll stars of the golden era of music—the sixties. The American rockstar famously performed alongside his band members from the group named Gary Puckett & The Union Gap and was a worldwide sensation for much of the mid-sixties up until the very beginning of the seventies.

Despite his meteoric rise to the top, the singer also craved a personal life away from all the noise that came with fame. This desire is what led him into the arms of Lorrie Puckett. She has been his wife for nearly two decades and counting. As we can see, this lovely couple has continued to age gracefully together and seem to be very much in love despite their ages.

Who Is Gary Puckett’s Wife?

Gary Puckett is married to an American woman named Lorrie Haimes. Unfortunately, very little is known about this woman who also happens to be the mother of his kids. Part of this might be because Gary’s time in the spotlight happened many years before the internet became a global phenomenon and thus, records about celebrities’ loved ones were so badly kept.

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So far, all we have managed to gather about Lorrie Puckett is that she is an American national in her late sixties, and is of Caucasian ethnicity. Other details about her like her date of birth, zodiac sign, educational background, and birth family, are currently unavailable.

Unsurprisingly, her husband’s birth information is readily available on the internet. These reports say that Gary Puckett was born in Hibbing, Minnesota. A further search reveals he was born on October 17, 1942, which makes him 81 years old. He is a member of the Libra zodiac sign.

His father, Arlon Puckett was a saxophonist while his mother was a pianist. Gary’s parents, along with his four younger siblings are the closest the public has gotten to placing Lorrie Puckett in a family other than her marriage. Both Gary’s parents are now late, and there is every reason to believe that Lorrie’s are too.

What Does Lorrie Do for a Living?

There is very little that tells the public who Lorrie Puckett is and what she does for a living. All information suggests that she might have been a stay-at-home mom, preferring to look after Gary and the kids, rather than pursue a career of her own. Certainly, having a superstar singer for a husband helped her make the decision as Gary raked in a lot of money from his music career.

Speaking of Gary Puckett’s musical career, he and his band members dominated the rock world for much of the late sixties, outselling even The Beatles themselves in 1968. He grew up under the heavy influence of rock ‘n’ roll and his band known as “Gary Puckett & The Union Gap” produced six consecutive top 10 hits during that period.

Some of the band’s biggest songs include, ‘Young Girl’, ‘Woman, Woman’, ‘Over You’, ‘Lady Willpower’, and ‘Don’t Give in to Him’. In his prime, Gary Puckett performed on over 30 television shows and prime-time specials and played at the White House for then-President Nixon and Prince Charles of England. He earned over a million dollars in song royalties and broke several chart records as the band was everywhere and on every chart.

Despite their blinding success, the group disbanded in 1970 due to internal conflicts about the band’s management. Although Gary Puckett spent most of the next decade trying to regain his position atop the charts as a solo artist, it didn’t quite work out and he has faded into obscurity, holding only small-sized concerts every once in a while.

Lorrie Haimes Became Gary Puckett’s Wife in 2000

Gary Puckett has been married to Lorrie Haimes since the beginning of the millennium. Their wedding took place in Tampa Bay, Florida, in an unnamed chapel in 2000. Other particular details like the exact date they wedded, or how many people were in attendance are yet to be disclosed and will likely never be.

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Their marriage is his third and hopefully his last one and is undoubtedly his longest-lasting marriage as well. Both of them have been together for nearly 22 years now and counting, and the marriage has been relatively peaceful.

Unfortunately, while Gary and Lorrie have decided to mind their business, the gossip mill has kept working overtime, and there have been recent rumors of a break-up and a remarriage. Gary was rumored to have split from Lorrie and allegedly gone on to marry a man. These allegations are untrue, however, as the couple has been seen publicly together in recent times.

The Musician has Been Involved with Other Women in the Past

While Gary has remained married to Lorrie for over two decades, she is not the only woman he has been involved with nor is she the first woman he married. Find details about his love life below.

Gary Puckett was Once Married to a Woman Named Shannon Ruth Adams

If anyone could be called the wife of Gary Puckett’s youth, it would be Shannon Ruth Adams. She was Gary’s first wife, and they got married around the time he was just starting to become a famous superstar. Shannon was married to Gary between the late sixties, and infamously divorced him in 1972, when he was only 30.

When asked about what led to the divorce, Gary explained that they had begun to grow apart as a couple, and he had been unwilling to work out his issues with her. In a bid to regain some peace of mind, he let Shannon take charge of the divorce, including giving her the right to his money and property.

By the end of the divorce, Gary Puckett was broke—his ex-wife had sued and he was taken to the cleaners.

Gary Puckett’s Second wife is Shirley Kaye

Gary didn’t remarry until mid-1992 when he got hitched for the second time to Shirley Kaye. Theirs was a fairly successful marriage and was significantly less controversial than his last. However, before they could celebrate their first decade together, this marriage also crashed without any explanations. He eventually went on to marry Lorrie in 2000, just 8 years after he had married Shirley.

He Dated a Woman Named Jacqueline Balogh After His First Divorce

His relationship with Jacqueline was said to have taken place in 1979, according to the account of his former manager. Gary’s romance with Jacqueline was short-lived as he was trying to regain his fame and considered her a distraction to his goals. They finally split after a rehearsal session in Florida, after which she left for Los Angeles, where she was based.

Gary Puckett Has Two Children

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Gary is the proud father of two lovely adult daughters named Michaela and Sydney. Both women are in their thirties and are married. Michaela in particular is married to a man named Brian Stankiewicz, the son of Chris and Ron Stankiewicz.

Gary currently has three grandchildren, all of whom are girls. All members of the Puckett family currently live in Clearwater, Florida, and they appear to be very pretty close-knit.

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