Truth About Annabelle Wallis Nose Job

Annabelle Wallis confirmed the speculations of having a nose job to be true. Being one of the most famous English actresses, it became of great public interest to know what led to her recent facial changes.

Currently, plastic surgery, especially facial and other body enhancement, has been a trend for most celebrities. Annabelle Wallis has not been left out of this trend, as she has confirmed having a nose job done. Read on as we disclose all about Annabelle Wallis’ nose job.

Did Annabelle Wallis Have A Nose Surgery?

Annabelle Wallis has had a nose job. Although celebrities are subject to rumors and allegations about their personal lives, in the case of Annabelle, it isn’t a rumor.

The English actress confirmed that she had undergone some facial and body enhancements aside from the nose job.

Some of the other enhancements the actress had was a breast enlargement and a touch on her cheekbones. However, Annabelle Wallis’ major enhancement that caught the attention of the public was the nose job.

Why Did The English Actress Decide To Have A Nose Job?

At the moment, Annabelle has not specifically disclosed her reasons for having a nose job. However, there have been some speculations on what her reasons could be for getting a nose job.

Some of her fans who believe that the decision was a perfect one for the actress based their reasons on having a more attractive look for better movie roles. Her fans further stated that since her nose is possibly the very first thing noticed about her on the screen, it is not a bad idea to get it to perfect shape.

Meanwhile, some others believe that her natural look is more relatable, as it makes her look more natural than artificial. Until she comes clean with her reasons for opting for a nose job, we chose to remain mute.

When Was Annabelle Wallis’ Nose Job Done?

To date, it has not been confirmed when Annabelle Wallis’ nose job was done. Meanwhile, there is some information regarding to when she actually had this facial enhancement. Although some of the available information tends to contradict each other, we know that the English actress had the nose job long before it was noticed.

Before the actress confirmed her facial enhancement, her changes were discovered by her fans. Some claim that it was discovered between the period she appeared in seasons one and two of Peaky Blinders. Although the exact date has not yet been confirmed, the changes were discovered around 2013. However, it became so clear that Annabelle Wallis had a nose job in season two, which aired in October 2014.

Furthermore, reports provided contradictory information regarding when she had the nose job. Reports from thefactscity claimed that Annabelle Wallis got a nose job between 2007 and 2009. This goes contrary to the previous claims by fans. However, we decide to wait until the English actress comes out to mention the exact date.  

Annabelle Wallis Nose Before and After

It has been observed before Annabelle Wallis took a nose job, that there are two major effects on her nose. The first is within the bridge of her nose, while the second is within the shape of her nostrils.

Annabelle Wallis had a noticeable bump in the middle of her nose that pushed upward and a little toward the sides. Looking at the after-surgery picture, this effect is no longer visible, as it has been properly corrected.

Another effect corrected by the nose job is noticeable in the nostrils and at the nose tip. In the before picture, it can be seen that Annabelle Wallis has wide and round-shaped nostrils. The after-effect of the surgery shows more well-shaped nostrils.



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