Truth About Alyssa Scott’s Age, Ethnic Background and Parents

Alyssa Scott (born October 12, 1993) is a 30-year-old American singer and model who comes from a mixed ethnic background. Her parents are a mixed-ethnic American couple named Alan Scott and Lisa Marie Kalender.

Alyssa is a fairly well-recognized American model, singer, fitness enthusiast, and social media personality. She is most notable for her work on the Nick Cannon show, Wild N’ Out. She specifically came to the limelight as the mother of Nick Cannon’s seventh child, who, unfortunately, didn’t live long. However, that awful tragedy further intensified the interest of the public and media in her.

Alyssa Scott’s Bio

  • AGE: 30 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: October 12, 1993
  • BIRTHPLACE: Austin, Texas, United States
  • BIRTH SIGN: Libra
  • ETHNICITY: Mixed
  • FATHER: Alan Scott
  • MOTHER: Lisa Marie Kalender
  • SIBLINGS: Alexander “Alex” Scott (brother) and another sister

How Old is Alyssa Scott Now?

Alyssa Scott is 30 years old. She was born on Tuesday, October 12, 1993, in Austin, Texas, United States of America. Her birth sign is Libra, and her birth status allows her to enjoy all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of an American citizen.

Alyssa Scott’s slightly tanned skin tone was not acquired from a tanning salon or exposure to an inordinate amount of sunlight. Rather, it speaks to the fact that Alyssa comes from a home built by a couple who hail from different ethnic backgrounds. Her father, though unknown to the public as yet, is reportedly a light-skinned, African-American United States citizen.

Her mother, on the other hand, is a full-blooded Caucasian female from Santa Monica. Her unique ethnic identity accentuates her alluring physical appearance, which has helped her thrive in her chosen field of modeling.

Alyssa Scott’s Parents are Divorced

Alyssa Scott was born to Alan Scott and Lisa Marie Kalender. Who her father is has brokered no argument from any quarters; however, what he does for a living is a different matter entirely. Some sources claim he is a businessman, while some others claim that he used to work as a law enforcement officer in the Austin, Texas, Police Department.

Alyssa Scott

The latter line of work seems to be the prevailing theory because of how Alyssa described her father. She described him as a very strict disciplinarian who made sure she and her siblings did not stray from the right path.

Her descriptions did not rule out the fact that a businessman can be a disciplinarian. It did, however, give one the impression that he was more law enforcement than a businessman, even though Alyssa did not explicitly come out to say he was a police officer.

Lisa Marie Kalender, Alyssa’s mother, was a homemaker. Verifiable sources have described her as an exquisitely beautiful woman, who Alyssa takes after in looks and who could easily have made her living as a model with her extremely delectable physical features. She appeared, however, to be content with the duties and responsibilities that came with being a wife and a mother to her children.

Speaking of marriage, the timeline of her parent’s relationship is unknown. Aside from close contacts, no one knows how, where, or when they met. We also don’t know how long they dated before settling down as man and wife. Their marriage did not, however, last forever, as they are currently divorced at the moment.

Alyssa Scott Has Two Siblings

Long before her parents went their separate ways, Alyssa had the distinct privilege of growing up in a home that had all the elements of the concept of family. Sources close to the model have disclosed the fact that she has an older brother named Alexander “Alex” Scott.

Not much is known about Alyssa’s older sibling, including his date of birth, what he does for a living, or his current residence at the moment. We do know for a fact that he is currently married to his high school sweetheart named Brittany. Alyssa Scott’s sister-in-law reportedly worked as a real estate broker/agent before she got married to her brother. Whether she remains in that line of work has yet to be confirmed.

Alyssa also has a younger sister who doesn’t spend much time in the spotlight, which has resulted in the public not knowing anything about her, including her name. She reportedly turned 10 years old in 2021, a piece of information that has led many of Alyssa’s fans to wonder whether both of Alyssa’s parents are also her parents or if she is a product of either of their relationships since their divorce.

Alyssa Scott spent most of her formative years in Austin, Texas, alongside her older brother and parents. Before her parents’ divorce, her family was a close-knit one, and she spent a good amount of time in the company of her older brother. Finer details of her formal education background are unknown at the moment, even though she reportedly attended a local high school in her hometown of Austin before going on to acquire a college degree at an as-yet unidentified higher institution.

Alyssa Scott Caught Attention as Nick Cannon’s Baby Mama

Alyssa Scott is now a recognized name in the media and across various social media platforms. None of that would have been possible without being linked to popular African American actor, TV show host, and online personality Nick Cannon, the star of the ageless romantic comedy Love Don’t Cost A Thing alongside Christina Milian.

Cannon also began hosting the popular roast TV show Wild ‘N’ Out, and that was where he and Alyssa Scott met. Alyssa, who had experience modeling for brands such as Ignite and Dan Bilzerian, also worked as a model on the hit TV show. We do not yet know how they began dating, but Alyssa shook up Instagram when she posted a picture of herself with a baby bump and the caption ZEN S. CANNON.

That caption caught the attention of the public because of the last name Cannon and quickly set off a barrage of questions to ascertain whether Nick Cannon was indeed the father of her baby. Alyssa’s responses to the questions confirmed what many people already suspected.

It is important to note that before posting the baby bump on IG, Alyssa was already a mother of an as-yet unidentified daughter from a previous relationship. The baby, Nick’s seventh and Alyssa’s second, was born on July 4, 2021, and was named Zen Scott Cannon.

Unfortunately, the child died a few months later from an inoperable brain tumor. Alyssa and Nick have since parted ways and continue to separately pursue their interests in the world of showbiz.


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