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The term “sex symbol” is as old as Hollywood itself and Troy Donahue, one of the first teen idols of his era, was one of those men who had the privilege of being vested that title back in the 60s. Donahue came to fame in the early 60s thanks to his part in a string of Warner Bros films, but sadly, his career didn’t quite pan out as he might have liked. Read on for the highlights and the struggles he encountered en route stardom.

Troy Donahue Bio

Troy Donahue was born Merle Johnson, Jr. in New York City, New York on the 27th day of January 1936. Donahue aspired to be an actor from a very young age, however, his parents never supported him but wanted him to pursue a career in a more stable field like medicine, the legal profession or in the culinary industry. Donahue got his acting genes from his mother who was a stage actress, his father, on the other hand, worked at General Motors as the manager of the motion picture department.

Raised in New York City, Donahue was well connected with Long Island and was exposed to a lot of Broadway actors. Choosing his parent’s wishes after his, Donahue enrolled at a New York military academy. However, his plans to attend the US Military Academy in West Point was truncated by a knee injury. Unfortunately, his father passed when he was 14, after which he had a brief stint working as a messenger at a film company his father founded. He then enrolled at the Columbia University to study journalism. While in school, his passion for acting won him over and saw him relocate to Hollywood.

In Hollywood, Donahue met with an agent Henry Willson who changed his name from Merle Johnson to Troy Donahue. To begin his professional career, Donahue signed a contract with Universal pictures in 1956 but only got to play in small parts until in 1959 when his new contract with Warner Bros. brought him a part in A Summer Place which became his breakthrough.

Donahue was then typecast in a number of films and soap operas aimed at teenagers, thus bringing him the teen idol status. Unfortunately, by the mid-60s, Donahue found his career going downward spiral due to a combination of factors including the fact that his teenage audience had matured and his subsequent films were no longer appealing.

Donahue lived in luxury during the peak of his career in the early 60s, however, after his career began to decline, he realized that his meager pay which was a far cry from what a star should earn was not enough to sustain his lifestyle. He was forced to declare bankruptcy and things were never the same after that.

A frustrated Donahue buried himself in drugs and alcohol all to the detriment of a career he was trying hard to revive. He received $10,000 for a small part in 1974’s The Godfather Part II. which sadly would be his most lasting role despite appearing in a dozen more films. Troy Donahue got a hold of his addiction by the 80s, however, he couldn’t quite make a major comeback on his career.

Is He Dead or Alive?

Troy Donahue passed on the 2nd of September 2001 following a heart attack he suffered a few days earlier on the 30th of August. Despite being unable to get back in the saddle, Troy Donahue continued to act in bit parts. His final film role was in the 2000s The Boys Behind the Desk. His career might not have propelled him right back into the spotlight, but Troy Donahue did find peace in his last years. After getting sober with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous, he became a Christian and credited his faith with helping him find strength.

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Troy Donahue’s Spouse and Son

troy donahue
Donahue with former spouse Suzanne Pleshette

Atypical of teen idols, Troy Donahue had romantic relations with many women in his lifetime. He had four short-lived marriages which all ended in divorces. The chain divorces were no doubt part of what compounded his problems with his profession. His spouses included actress Suzanne Pleshette (1964); Valerie Allen (1966 – 1968), Alma Sharpe (1969 – 1972) and Vicki Taylor (1979 – 1981). From the 90s till his death, Donahue was in a relationship with Chinese-American opera singer, Zheng Cao.

Troy Donahue never had a child with any of his wives, however, one of the women he had casually romanced in the 60s brought it to his knowledge in the 80s that he had fathered a son with her. She introduced him to the boy named Sean who was already in his teens in the 80s. Sean had all along known that Troy Donahue was his father.

Was He Gay?

As evidenced in his multiple relationships with women, Troy Donahue was not gay. He confirmed this himself in the 80s after rumors began to swirl about his sexual preferences. It turned out that Donahue was being mistaken for a look-alike Hollywood actor.

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