Trey Songz Girlfriend, Brother And Mom

Trey has been in the public eye for quite some time now and he has definitely caught the attention of ladies far and wide, through all the rumors and the facts, let’s check out some of the ones that actually caught his eyes (most especially Trey Songz girlfriend).

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Trey Songz Girlfriend

Being the hot commodity that he is, he has been rumored to have dated quite the number of ladies in his day, whether it’s rumor or fact, only the parties involved know for sure. So here is all that we could dig up on the singer’s love life.

Trey Songz Girlfriend; Sheneka Adams

When she was younger, she was a big Beyonce fan, so she packed up her bags and moved to Atlanta to make a name for herself in showbiz. Well, let’s just say that she aimed for the stars and landed in the clouds, she did make a name for herself in showbiz, but she ended up being a video vixen.

Trey Songz girlfriend 1

No one really knows how or when she met the star, but they had something going on between them for quite some time. These days, Sheneka is a model and Instagram celebrity.

Trey Songz Girlfriend: Helen Gedlu

Helen was a back up dancer that Trey was involved with from May 2007 – June 2008. She is of Ethiopian descent and is also known for her work with Chris Brown, Omarion, Kanye West, and of course, Trey Songz. Apparently, they were the real deal and the have the matching tattoos to prove it.

Trey Songz girlfriend 2

Till date, Trey says she is one of the only two women he has ever loved… romantically of course.

Trey Songz Girlfriend; Necole Bitchie & Drew Sidora

The two dated briefly in 2009, after he broke up with Helen. First came the speculations about the pair, after all the ‘harmless’ flirting that was going on between them. Soon after there was evidence, a picture of them locking lips on

Trey Songz girlfriend 3

It must have been one of his numerous hook ups, because around the same time, he was said to be involved with the actress /singer, Drew Sidora.

Trey Songz Girlfriend; Lauren London

Now, this one most of you already know about, but for those of you who don’t, she is one of the only two women that the singer has been in love with, but these two have a kind of ‘he said-she said’ thing going. The ‘he’ being Trey and Lauren being the ‘she’.

Trey Songz Girlfriend 4

In an interview with The Q Side, when asked about her and the singer, she said, ‘ I feel like there is always a rumor that I’m dating someone that I never met before. People have their judgments and ideas of who I am and they know nothing. We are not together. We just took a picture together. I know him and he’s a great guy, so I laugh at that.’

Trey Songz girlfriend 5

Trey had something entirely different to say about them when he told 106 KMEL, ‘ Lauren London is a very important person to me, I love her to death. Is she my woman? No. We are great friends and we HAVE been lovers before.’ This makes for a very interesting story.

Trey Songz Girlfriend; The Cheating

Trey must really take his man candy status very seriously, as he was allegedly involved with various women between the 2009 and 2013, while he was still ‘allegedly’ with Lauren London.

Trey Songz girlfriend 6

Rumor has it that he was with Keri Hilson, Tahiry Jose, Ciara and Simply Jess, while still being in a relationship with Lauren, this may be one of the reasons why she won’t acknowledge their relationship, who knows?

Trey Songz Girlfriend; Tanaya Henry

These two have had an on and off thing going for 7 good years, the two finally called the time of death on their relationship in 2015. It was actually quite serious between them,  as a few months before their split Trey told Wendy Williams that he wanted to start a family with Henry. Well that plan obviously went to the gutters.

Trey Songz girlfriend 7

It seems that in the end, his infidelity was the deal breaker.

Trey Songz Girlfriend; Khloe Kardashian

Sometime in July 2016, Khloe was and Trey were spotted together in a very compromising situation. Trey was performing at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas and according to E!News, shortly after the concert ended a source revealed to E! News that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and singer met up afterwards and “were seen making out” at Drai’s after hours.

Trey Songz girlfriend 8

Also, she was all over his social media. What’s not clear is if the two are still an item, or if Trey is just going to remain a ‘playa for life’.

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Trey Songz Brother

Trey has two brother, Alex and Forrest Neverson, but we are pretty sure that the brother to talk about today is Forrest. Like his brother, he has some dashing good looks and a body for days. It turns out that Trey isn’t the only brother to want to be in the limelight.

Trey Songz girlfriend 9

In a bid to get his own star status, he released some racy photos, not once but twice and the second time around there was actually a video to accompany it. The general public can agree on this though, he would definitely make it big in the adult movie industry.

Trey Songz Mom

She is known for being one of the hottest mom’s out there and she is avid proof of the fact that ‘black don’t crack’. April Tucker is an inspiring lady as she had Trey at the age of 17 and not only did she keep him, she has used the fame that she has as a platform to reach out to other teen moms.

Trey Songz girlfriend 10

The star obviously shares a special bond with his mother.


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