Tracing Tom Ellis’ Ethnicity, Mother, Marilyn Jean Hooper and Father, Chris

Tom Ellis is of Welsh ethnicity, and his parents’ names are Marilyn Jean Hooper (mother) and Christopher John Ellis (father). Tom was born in Cardiff, Wales, but he has an English background. His ancestry can be traced back to Devon county. He grew up in England. The actor has three sisters

Tom Ellis grew up in Wales and England and got into drama during his school days. His teacher encouraged him to try that out as a career option, and his parents supported him in making an attempt at it. His efforts proved successful, and he is now one of the well-known British actors in Hollywood, renowned for his roles in TV series such as Miranda and Lucifer.

Where is Tom Ellis From?

Tom Ellis is from Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Tom Ellis was born in Cardiff on the 17th of November 1978. Both of his parents are also from Cardiff, Wales. This means that Tom has Welsh ethnicity. Of course, Welsh people are majorly Caucasians meaning that Tom Ellis is Caucasian as well.

What is Tom Ellis’s Nationality?

Tom Ellis is of Welsh nationality and has British citizenship. Wales is an independent country that belongs to the United Kingdom. Therefore anybody from Wales has Welsh nationality and British citizenship. Welsh people can also identify as British nationals though most prefer to identify as Welsh.

Who is Tom Ellis’ Mother, Marilyn Jean Hooper?

Tom Ellis’ mother, Marilyn Jean Hooper, is a music teacher. Marilyn Jean Hooper was born in 1953 in Wales. Her father’s name is Arthur Melbourne Hooper, and he was a postal and telegraph officer. Marilyn Hooper got married at the age of 19, and this could have prevented her from gaining a high level of education.

However, she was still able to build a career as a music teacher. She influenced her children, and they all played instruments at an early age. For instance, Tom Ellis played the French horn and trumpet as a child and was part of an orchestra all through his youthful days.

Tom Ellis
Tom Ellis with his parents on his wedding day Image Source

What To Know About Tom Ellis’ Father

Tom Ellis’ father is Christopher John Ellis, an ordained minister of the Baptist Church, author, blogger, theologian, and teacher. Chris Ellis holds degrees in theology from renowned universities such as Oxford University and the University of Sussex. He also attended the University of Leeds, where he obtained a Ph.D. with his dissertation focusing on Baptist Worship: Liturgical Theology from a Free Church Perspective.

Chris Ellis was born in Cardiff on 29 June 1949. His father, John Ellis, was a policeman, and his mother’s name is Joyce Doreen Jones. Chris was an ordained minister by the age of 23, and he dedicated his life to propagating the Christian gospel via the instrumentality of the Baptist church.

Tom Ellis’ dad has pastored churches all over England and Wales. He has also taught theology in various institutions of higher learning, one of which is Bristol Baptist College. Chris Ellis is now retired from full-time pastoring but remains active in spreading the gospel. He has penned multiple publications. He also has a blog titled Crammed With Heaven. It features his artworks, poems, prayers, posts, and other resources.

Tom Ellis’ Parents Have Been Married for Over 40 Years

Tom Ellis’ parents got married on 30 December 1972 at Clarence Park Baptist Church, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Given the times that they lived in and their religious background, they couldn’t have dated for too long before tying the knot.

The couple initially made their home in Cardiff, where they welcomed their kids. They later relocated to Sheffield, England, and lived there for several years. Chris and Mary Jean welcomed a total of four kids in the course of their marriage and did their best to instill Christian values in them.

They, however, did not push the thunder, fire, and brimstone kind of Christianity on their kids. They rather focused on preaching love, peace, and happiness to their kids, and this is what their kids have tried to uphold as adults.

Tom Ellis
From L-R, Annwen, Tom and Lucy Ellis Image Source

They Have Supported Their Son’s Acting Career

Tom Ellis’ parents also exposed him and his siblings to the arts at a young age. When Tom Ellis took an interest in drama in high school and showed some raw talent, his teacher told his parents to give him an opportunity to explore that. They agreed but moderated their expectations.

For them, it wasn’t about having a Hollywood superstar as a son. They just wanted Tom to explore drama and see if it would be a good fit for him. It eventually turned out to be so. Tom Ellis’ parents are quite proud of him and his achievements and remain supportive of his career.

They, however, still prefer to live an ordinary life out of the spotlight and have never sought to take advantage of their son’s fame. Tom, on his own part, also shields his parents from the spotlight, which can be intrusive at times.

Who are Tom Ellis’s Other Family Members?

Tom Ellis has three sisters. They include his twin sister Lucy Ellis Hawkins and two younger sisters named Annwen Ellis Stone and Naomi Ellis Moody.

Tom Ellis’s twin sister, Lucy Ellis Hawkins, majorly stays out of the spotlight, making it difficult to know what she does for a living. She is, however, married to a music industry aficionado named Christopher Hawkins, and they have two kids together.

Tom’s second sister, Annwen Ellis Stone, has followed her father’s footsteps into the ministry. She is a Baptist minister who pastored a Baptist church in the U.K. from 2003 to 2009. She later joined the Network Church Sheffield and stayed there for several years. In 2018, Annwen relocated to South Carolina, specifically Greenville, where she continues her mission work. She is married to Andy Stone, a fellow minister of the gospel, and they have three kids.

Tom Ellis’ youngest sister is Naomi Ellis Moody. Naomi is a nurse who works as a ward sister in a hospital under the NHS in Sheffield. She and her big brother are quite close. She often uses her social media accounts to wish him a happy birthday or retweet his onscreen projects.

Tom Ellis also spotlighted the work that his sister and others do under the NHS during the celebration of the NHS at 70 in 2018. The actor pointed out that his sister and other staff love taking care of people despite their relatively small financial reward. He also acknowledged that even though the NHS is not perfect, it is something that the nation should be proud of.


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