Tracing Aaron Clancy’s Ethnicity, Nationality and Who His Parents Are

Aaron Clancy’s ethnicity is mixed; he has South Asian roots from his mother, Susan Clancy’s side and white American ethnicity from his father, Robert Clancy’s side. He also holds an American nationality. 

Aaron Clancy is an American reality TV star well known for contesting on the 17th season of the ABC love-dating reality show, Bachelorette. He was eliminated in the 5th week and this brought him to the spotlight. After he gained fame, his private life became a hot topic for discussion. There has also been an increased interest in knowing details about his family, which includes his parents. Here is all to know about Aaron Clancy’s ethnicity, nationality, and parents.

Aaron Clancy’s Nationality

Aaron Clancy was born on September 17, 1994, in San Diego, California, the United States of America. Following his place of birth, he is an American by nationality. He is a native of Walnut Creek, California. The 29 year-old reality TV star grew up with his parents in the neighborhood of Walnut Creek. His family is known to belong to the Christian religion, likewise the reality TV star.


Aaron Clancy is not the only child born to his parents. He has two brothers, an older brother named Matthew Clancy and a younger brother named Kyle Clancy. Apart from his brothers’ names and positions in the family, there is no other information about them, like their education, age, and what they are currently up to.

Though there are no records of his early education, Aaron Clancy attended Walnut High School. He enrolled in Mt. San Antonia College, where he bagged a degree in kinesiology and exercise science. He furthered to the University of California at San Diego, where he earned a degree in international business. Having earned about two degrees, the Walnut Creek native has had a flourishing career.

He previously worked as a swim coach, swimming instructor, and lifeguard. Aaron Clancy also worked at a gym known as 24 Hour Fitness as a sales advisor before being promoted to sales manager.

Currently, he works for the Health IQ insurance company as an account executive. He became a reality TV star after his debut onscreen appearance in the ABC reality TV show, Bachelorette season 17, which also brought him to the limelight. The reality TV star also appeared in the 8th season of the reality TV show, Bachelor in Paradise.

What Is Aaron Clancy’s Ethnicity?

Aaron Clancy’s ethnicity is mixed, which includes South Asian and white American. He got the mix following his parents’ different ethnicities. His mother is of South Asian origin while his father is of white American root.

Who Are Aaron Clancy’s Parents?

Aaron Clancy’s parents are Susan Clancy and Robert Clancy. According to him, his parents are his greatest influencers, and here is all to know about them:

Meet Aaron Clancy’s Mother, Susan Clancy

Susan Clancy is Aaron Clancy’s mother. There are no details of her month, date, or year of birth, and as such, her age cannot be determined. She is of South Asian ethnicity though her exact nationality remains unknown.


The reality TV star’s mother works in the sales department of Lasweamte Group Inc. in Walnut, California, the United States of America. Susan Clancy has been with the company from October 2001 to date.

A Look At Aaron Clancy’s Father, Robert Clancy

Aaron Clancy’s father is Robert Clancy. Just like his wife, his exact age cannot be determined as there are no details of his year, month, and date of birth. He holds an American nationality and is of white American ethnicity. The reality TV star’s father is a Walnut Creek native. Currently, it is not known if he is still working or retired as there are no details on what he had his hands on lately.

Here Is All To Know About The Reality TV Star’s Parents’ Marriage

Aaron Clancy is have kept details about his parents private. Asides from their names and what his mother does for a living, there are no other details available about them on the internet. Details about when his parents met and how long they dated before tying the nuptial knot have been off the radar.

There is also no information regarding the year that they got married or how long their marriage has lasted. Currently, it is not known if they are still together or separated as the reality TV star has chosen to remain tight-lipped about them.


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