Tony Shalhoub’s Siblings: Who Are His Brothers and Sisters?

Tony Shalhoub’s siblings are Sherry Shalhoub, Matzdorff, William Shalhoub, Michael Thomas Shalhoub, Susan Shalhoub Larkin, Maxine Margaret “Maggie” Shalhoub, Jane Helen Shalhoub, Deborah Ann Shalhoub Landin, Daniel Shalhoub, and Amy Jacqueline Shalhoub Gialdini.

Tony Shalhoub (full name: Anthony Marc Shalhoub, born October 9, 1953) comes from a rather large family of 12. He is the second youngest of 10 children born to American parents of Lebanese origins. While the 71 year-old actor is undoubtedly the most renowned Shalhoub sibling, the close family bonds he has formed with the rest of his siblings, some of whom are also in show business, have remained as strong as ever. With that said, let us meet the actor’s three brothers and six sisters.

Tony Shalhoub’s Parents Have Deep Roots in Lebanon

Just before we get into the actor’s siblings and their lives, we feel it is important to give a brief overview of the Lebanese-American couple responsible for birthing and raising the Emmy Award-winning actor and his nine siblings. Their father, Joseph Shalhoub, reportedly arrived on Ellis Island on a boat with his older sister and two other siblings at the age of eight, shortly after losing their parents in World War I.

In time, the patriarch of the Shalhoub family would become a meat peddler in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, where he settled on arrival as a boy and after meeting and marrying the mother of his children. Speaking of which, Tony Shalhoub’s mother, Helen Shalhoub (nee Seroogy), also has Lebanese heritage even though she was born in Wisconsin, United States, after her grandparents Rucas and Anastasia Seroogy had moved the family to America in the 1890s.

Not much is known about how the Monk actor’s parents met or exactly when they tied the proverbial knot, but that marital relationship has been instrumental in birthing and raising Tony Shalhoub and his siblings. Joseph and Helen Shalhoub evidently fostered the unique bond and close relationship the actor enjoys with his siblings to date. Now let’s explore the lives of Tony Shalhoub’s siblings.

Does Tony Shalhoub Have a Twin Brother?

Tony Shalhoub does not have a twin brother, although one could be forgiven for thinking he does due to the striking resemblance he bears to his immediate and closest older brother, Daniel Shalhoub, who was born just one year before the actor.

Aside from Daniel, the Men in Black star has two other older brothers, Wiliam and Michael Thomas Shalhoub, to bring the total of male children born to his parents to four.

Meet Tomy Shalhoub’s Siblings

1. Sherry Shalhoub Matzdorf

  • Name: Sherry Shalhoub Matzdorf
  • Date of birth: December 19, 1939
  • Age: 84 years old
  • Parents: Joseph Shalhoub (father) and Helen Shalhoub (mother)

Sherry Shalhoub Matzdorf was born Sherry Shalhoub on December 19, 1939. She is currently 84 years old and is just under a decade and a half years older than her brother Tony Shalhoub. Now Mrs. Matzdorf, after her marriage to Peter Paul Matzdorf in 1963, the actor’s oldest sibling, lives her life away from the spotlight.

This has led to very little knowledge about her formal education and what she does for a living. Her marriage to Peter Paul Matzdorf produced two sons, Peter Joseph Matzdorf and Michael Gary Matzdorf. In 2008, tragedy struck the Shalhoub/Matzdorf family when Tony’s oldest sister buried her oldest child, who succumbed to death after a brief ailment.

Prior to his death, he was reportedly a blacksmith and artist who showcased his artistic abilities for the first time during the 2001 emerging artist exhibition at the Fine Line Designs Gallery. It was a difficult time for the family, and Tony was on hand to provide comfort to his sister, once again signifying the close bond they share.

2. William Shalhoub

  • Name: William Shalhoub
  • Date of birth: October 10, 1940
  • Age: 83 years old
  • Parents: Joseph Shalhoub (father) and Helen Shalhoub (mother)

William Shalhoub was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States, on October 10, 1940. In order of birth, William is his parents’ oldest male child but ultimately the second child of the Lebanese-American couple. His time of birth falls within the period of World War II, as he was born just a year after the war, which claimed millions of lives globally.

Thankfully, when the war ended just five years after his birth, William Shalhoub was among the fortunate survivors of the bloody war. Details of his formal education background have yet to be revealed to the public, and he is also one of Tony Shalhoub’s siblings who has chosen to live his life away from the spotlight, a decision which has impacted knowledge of how he earns a living.

Tony Shalhoub’s oldest brother is a widow. Before he adopted that marital status, however, he was happily married to Donna Louise Shalhoub before her sad demise in 2018. The union, which officially began in 1964, lasted for 54 years and produced two children, a son named Andrew William Shalhoub and Heidi Louise Shalhoub.

Despite the more than a decade age difference between Tony Shalhoub and his oldest male sibling, the close bond they share is undeniable, and his support has been invaluable to the success of the actor’s career.

3. Michael Thomas Shalhoub

  • Name: Michael Thomas Shalhoub
  • Date of birth: February 12, 1942
  • Age: 82 years old
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Parents: Joseph Shalhoub (father) and Helen Shalhoub (mother)

Michael Thomas Shalhoub is Tony Shalhoub’s second oldest brother. He was born two days before Valentine’s Day in 1942, although it could be argued that very few people were interested in that year’s day of love seeing that it was smack in the middle of the Second World War.

Much like Tony’s other brother, Michael Thomas Shalhoub’s formal education background is shrouded in mystery. However, unlike William, we know that Tony Shalhoub’s second oldest brother is an actor who has appeared in movies and TV series such as Silver City (2004), Disney Infinity (2013), and Monk (2002), a job opportunity that earned him the privilege of being one of few Hollywood stars who got to share a screen with a sibling.

Michael Thomas Shalhoub married his wife Beverly Paulette Shalhoub in 1972, but so far, there is next to no information about whether the marriage produced any children. Tony Shalhoub and his brother Michael Thomas Shalhoub have a close bond that has been made even stronger through their passion for acting.

4. Susan Shalhoub Larkin

  • Name: Susan Shalhoub Larkin
  • Date of birth: June 6, 1944
  • Age: 80 years old
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Parents: Joseph Shalhoub (father) and Helen Shalhoub (mother)

Tony Shalhoub

Born just before the end of World War II on June 6, 1944, Susan Shalhoub Larkin is Tony Shalhoub’s second oldest sister, and she was the one who lit the fire of acting under the talented Monk star after convincing him to take part in a school production of The King and I. Tony Shalhoub was only six years old at the time, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Sherry Shalhoub Larkin earned her high school diploma at St. Joseph’s Academy in 1962, but that is the extent of information available on her formal education background. Years later, Sherry also joined her brother in the movie industry, and her acting credits include Sleepy Hollow (2003), Las Vedas (2013), and Stranger Things (2016).

Tony Shalhoub’s second oldest sister was married for more than 55 years after exchanging marital vows with James Anthony Larkin on May 31, 1969, about a year after they had met in Atlanta. Their marriage produced three sons in the form of Chris, Joe, and Tony Larkin. Sherry lost her husband, who was an architect, on May 7, 2022.

5. Maxine Margaret Shalhoub

  • Name: Maxine Margaret “Maggie” Shalhoub
  • Date of birth: September 25, 1945
  • Age: 78 years old
  • Parents: Joseph Shalhoub (father) and Helen Shalhoub (mother)

Fondly referred to as Maggie by most of her friends and family members, Tony Shalhoub’s 3rd oldest female sibling is about eight years older than he is, having been born on September 25, 1945. Born Maxine Margaret Shalhoub, Maggie Shalhoub’s major claim to fame rests solely on her relationship with the actor tasked with playing the role of Adrian Monk in the titular USA Network series Monk.

She was married to Robert Wilis Gensler in 1967 but that marriage, unlike those of some of her siblings, which ended with the deaths of their respective spouses, ended in a divorce 12 years in. The reason for the divorce is not known at the moment, but they had one son Tobin John Gensler in the more than a decade in which they were married.

6. Jane Helen Shalhoub

  • Name: Jane Helen Shalhoub
  • Date of birth: April 26, 1948
  • Age: 76 years old
  • Parents: Joseph Shalhoub (father) and Helen Shalhoub (mother)

Tony Shalhoub

Jane Shalhoub was born on April 26, 1948, three years after the end of the second world war. Tony Shalhoub is five years and a few months younger than his sister Jane of whom very little is known, including details of her formal education and what she does for a living. Jane Shalhoub is another of the actor’s siblings whose marriage ended in divorce.

She tied the knot with Chester Clinton Dubois in 1975 but ended the marriage 14 years later in 1989 for as-yet unknown reasons. They had two children together, a daughter named Rachael Elizabeth Dubois and a son named Daniel James Dubois.

7. Deborah Ann Shalhoub Landin

  • Name: Deborah Ann Shalhoub Landin
  • Date of birth: July 17, 1950
  • Age: 54 years old
  • Parents: Joseph Shalhoub (father) and Helen Shalhoub (mother)

Yet another of Tony Shalhoub’s siblings who have hitherto shunned the spotlight is Deborah Ann Shalhoub Landin. She is just over three years older than the actor and added the name Landin to her last name following her marriage to Bradley Benjamin Landin in 1982.

The marriage, which has lasted more than 4 decades, has managed to produce one more niece for the Monk actor. Her name is Elizabeth Ann Landin. In a similar manner to all his other siblings, Tony Shalhoub shares fond childhood memories with Deborah, and that childhood bond remains as strong as ever.

8. Daniel Shalhoub

  • Name: Daniel Shalhoub
  • Date of birth: February 10, 1952
  • Age: 72 years old
  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Parents: Joseph Shalhoub (father) and Helen Shalhoub (mother)

Daniel Shalhoub came into this world on February 10, 1952. The close resemblance he shares with the Thirteen Ghosts actor and the fact that they were born less than 2 years apart from each other has led a few netizens to assume that Tony Shalhoub might be a twin. However, there is no truth to that assumption.

Daniel Shalhoub is an accomplished businessman who founded and runs a Milwaukee-based window and glass cleaning business known as White Glove Ultra-Sonic Blind Cleaning. The business, which was founded in 1988, is the celebrity brother’s primary source of income, but while he may not be involved in show business like his more illustrious younger sibling, Daniel Shalhoub is also famous in his own way.

He holds the patent for Sha-poopie, a device designed to clean up after dogs. As necessity is the mother of invention, Dan was forced to invent the device to aid him in disposing of his dog’s feces. Daniel Shalhoub has been married for over two decades after tying the knot with Karen Kaye Shalhoub in 2002. If they have kids, the public and the media do not know about that as they have relatively lived their lives away from public and media scrutiny.

9. Amy Jacqueline Shalhoub Gialdini

  • Name: Amy Jacqueline Shalhoub Gialdini
  • Date of birth: November 4, 1956
  • Age: 67 years old
  • Occupation: Speech Therapist, Educationist
  • Parents: Joseph Shalhoub (father) and Helen Shalhoub (mother)
Tony Shalhoub
Tony Shalhoub and his sister, Amy

About three years and less than a month after Tony Shalhoub’s parents welcomed the actor into this world, they had his younger sister Amy Jacqueline Shalhoub on November 4, 1956. Being the baby of the house afforded Amy all the love and care of her parents and nine older siblings, including the Golden Globe Award-winning actor.

Tony Shalhoub’s younger sister got her high school education at her hometown’s Green Bay East High School. From there, she proceeded to earn her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Speech Pathology at the University of Wisconsin, Riverfalls. Armed with those academic qualifications, the celebrity sister has worked as a children’s speech therapist at the Denmark School in Wisconsin.

Amy Jacqueline Shalhoub became Amy Jacqueline Shalhoub Gialdini in 1982 after getting married to an equally seasoned educationist named Geoffrey Thomas Gialdini. The more than 4 decades-old marriage has produced two daughters – Meghan Elizabeth Gialdini and Jade Jennifer Gialdini.

Tony Shalhoub has collaborated with his only younger sibling on a few events, most notably in 2011 when they appeared side-by-side at a rally organized to support workers’ rights.

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