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Tommy Wiseau came to public attention when he wrote, directed, produced, as well as starred in The Room – a 2003 cult movie which won an Audience Award at the New York International Film Festival the following year. He also owes his popularity to Homeless in America (2004) – a documentary which he created and directed in addition to the sitcom titled The Neighbors. Homeless in America is a recipient of the 2004 Social Award. Tommy is controversial in nature and has earned both criticism and admiration for several of his projects. However, he does not allow the criticisms to weigh him down as he remains steadfast in making unconventional movies, as well as television shows. Tommy was on the set of The House That Drips Blood on Alex – a 2010 comedy horror film directed by Brock LaBorde and Jared Richard.

Wiseau’s trademark is his long and curly black hair, his ever-present serious mood and his personality which has been described as eccentric by many critics. He has a habit of always putting on a pair of sunshades come rain or shine and he is highly secretive and guards information on his personal life jealously. In a 2017 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tommy Wiseau said that he believes in the privacy of a person’s private life and has every right to keep his private affairs away from prying eyes.

Age, Real Name – Who Is Tommy Wiseau?

He is Polish as well as American, a writer, actor, director and filmmaker. Tommy was given the name Piotr Wieczorkiewicz after his birth in Poznan Poland on the 3rd of October 1955. Though one cannot be sure about facts concerning the famed actor because of his highly secretive nature, he says one thing about himself in an interview, only for it to be countered by people who are close to him. According to Tommy, he resided in France in the past and spent his formative years in New Orleans, Louisiana and his entire family were residents of Chalmette, Louisiana. In another interview, he gave an age which indicated that he was either born in 1968 or 69 but his close friend Greg Sestero disclosed in his memoir of 2013 titled The Disaster Artist that copies of Tommy’s U.S immigration papers were accessed by the girlfriend of his brother, and the documents revealed the artist’s real date of birth to be in the middle or late 1950s and his place of birth as Eastern Bloc country.

According to Room Full of Spoons – a 2016 documentary by Rick Harper, Tommy is of Polish origin and comes from Poznań. For the first time in his life, in November 2017, Tommy Wiseau himself made a public confirmation that he comes from Europe. Again, in an interview session with Howard Stern in December 2017, he claimed to be a Catholic and speaks French fluently. Another version of the story by Sestero in The Disaster Artist is where Tommy told Sestero via “fantastical, sad, self-contradictory stories” – that he adopted the name Pierre as a young boy when he relocated to Strasbourg and got employment as a dishwasher. Tommy also narrated to Sestero how he was arrested by mistake after a drug raid in a hotel and how his experience at the hands of the French police traumatized him for a long while. The story still goes on to narrate how Tommy left for the United States to ostensibly live in Chalmette with his uncle and aunt.

When he got to San Francisco Bay Area, according to Sestero, Tommy Wiseau engaged in odd jobs at restaurants and hospitals and later opened a business known as Street Fashions USA where he embarked on the sales of irregular blue jeans at cheaper rates. On the long run, he moved to purchase and rentals of huge retail spaces in LA, San Francisco and environs which heralded the big change in his financial status as an independently wealthy guy. Tommy became wealthy so fast that people believed that he was part of an organized crime group, but he vehemently denies such. On the academic front, Tommy claims that he passed through Laney Community College located in Oakland where he achieved a Psychology degree, graduating on the honour roll.

Tommy Wiseau
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Net Worth

A most reliable source pegged his net worth at $500,000; he spent the sum of $6 million on his movie The Room which yielded only $1.8 million after which it was shut down within a fortnight. According to Tommy, he makes quite a tidy sum from the importation and sales of leather jackets from South Korea.

Is Tommy Wiseau Gay?

Tommy Wiseau can best be described as one of the most secretive celebrities worldwide, so, it is highly impossible for anyone to know his sexual orientation. He might be one out of the three – straight, gay or bisexual but no one can be sure, besides, his name has not been linked with any woman and he told James Franco in an interview that Sestero is his best friend.

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The details of his body statistics are not known but the available records have it that he stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches which is approximately 1.73 cm. His hair is curly, black and long but his eye colour is not known since he constantly covers them with dark glasses.

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