Who is Tom Morello’s Wife Denise Luiso?

Denise Luiso is the wife of Tom Morello, a popular singer, songwriter, actor, and political activist. Unlike her husband, who is a popular name and face in the media, Luiso is very reserved and shares little information about herself publicly. Nonetheless, as the wife of a Hollywood icon, she receives some level of unsolicited attention. Here is all there is to know about the celebrity spouse who is said to be a music supervisor.

Denise Luiso’s Biography Summary

  • Full Name: Denise Luiso
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Place of Birth: United States of America
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Denise Luiso’s Husband, Thomas Baptist Morello
  •  Denise Luiso’s Children: Rhoads Morello (son), Roman Morello (son)
  •  Occupation: Music Supervisor
  •  Denise Luiso’s Height in Inches: 65 inches
  • Denise Luiso’s Height in Centimeters: 165 cm
  •  Denise Luiso’s Weight: 50 kg
  • Famous for: Being the wife of Tom Morello

Much About Denise Luiso’s Origin is Unknown

Due to her very private lifestyle, Luiso Denise has not shared information about her life and family with the public. Although it is known that she was born in the United States of America, there is no information about her specific date of birth.

Similarly, she has never spoken about her parents and siblings (if any) and what they do for a living. The schools she attended and her educational qualification is also a mystery to the public.

Being a private person, Denise Luiso cannot be found on any social media platform. Although there are a number of Instagram accounts with similar names as hers, none of them can be traced to her. They are owned by other people who probably bear similar names.

She Became Tom Morello’s Wife in 2009


The adorable couple have been together for about 15 years now. Although they do not share details about their marital life with the public, they appear to be happy and are building a beautiful family together.

Denise Luiso and Tom have not revealed where or how they met and how long they dated before marriage. Their wedding, which took place in 2009, was equally a private ceremony graced by family members and close friends. They have continued to live together peacefully and away from public eyes.

The Couple Are Blessed With Two Kids

Rhoads Morello and Roman Morello are the names of Denise Luiso and Tom’s sons. Some sources claim the kids were born in 2007 and 2011 respectively. There is also no detail about their kids’ personal life, but Roman seems to be walking in his father’s footsteps as a guitarist. Regarding the naming of their children, Tom revealed that he named them after his heroes – late guitarist Randy Rhoads and L.A. Rams quarterback Roman Gabriel.

Aside from their two sons together, rumor has it that Tom has a daughter with an unidentified woman. The said woman is reported to be his ex-wife. However, this news has not been confirmed. The couple is doing all they can to give their kids the best they can as parents.

Who is Tom Morello's Wife Denise Luiso?
Denise, Tom, Rhoads and Roman Morello

Denise and Tom are Raising Their Kids by 3 Important Values

According to the guitarist, his father disowned him when he was only sixteen months old and his mother had to raise him alone in a small town in Illinois. Having experienced what it is like to grow up without a father in the picture, he has decided never to allow his children to go through such, and he hopes to do his best to live up to his decision.

As part of their effort to raise good and responsible kids, Denise Luiso’s husband revealed the three important values they try to teach their children. According to Tom, they hope to raise children who will be kind, fierce in protecting the less privileged and have a spirit of independence.

Nothing is known about how much of her career Denise Luiso has to sacrifice to be a good mum to her kids. Her husband Tom on the other hand revealed that he has to reduce tours so that he does not go too far from his kids. Generally, they appear to be doing great when it comes to parenting.

Denise Luiso Works as a Music Supervisor While Her Husband Is a Musician and Actor

Revision of - Who is Tom Morello's Wife Denise Luiso?
(L-R) Denise Luiso, Roger Waters, and Tom Morello

It is difficult to tell how successful Denise Luiso is, let alone compare her career success to that of her husband. Like every other detail about her life, Denise has kept her career and career success to herself. However, Denise was once described as a ‘behind-the-scenes’ person, having worked as a music supervisor in films like Jack Reacher (2012), Perfect Stranger (2007), Across the Universe (2007), Rent (2005), and a few others.

Tom Morello on the other hand is a prominent personality in the entertainment industry, a career he started at age 13. In the beginning, the teenage boy was a guitarist in the ‘Nebula’ band. He later worked with a number of groups before finally getting signed to Epic Records under ‘Rage Against the Machine’, his band at that time. Tom has since been involved in a number of music projects. In acting, he is known for appearing in Iron Man (2008).

Aside from his career as an entertainer, Denise Luiso’s husband is known for his strong views on politics and his wavering advocacy for human rights. He advocates for the abolition of the death penalty and for an increase in immigrant rights. Tom is also popular for educating people on different boycotts and labor campaigns. In 2006, he received the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award for his contributions to workers’ rights.

What Is Denise Luiso’s Net Worth?

Denise’s net worth has not been released at the time of writing this. However, her husband Tom has an estimated net worth of $30 million. He makes his money from his career as a musician and guitarist, songwriter, actor, and political activist. He also earns from his other investments.

Also, the couple once bought a house in a gated community in the high hills above Los Angeles for $950,000. The house is currently worth over $5 million.

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