Tiffany Rivers
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Tiffany Rivers is the wife of the outstanding San Diago quarterback Philip Rivers. Perhaps the beautiful thing about their relationship is the fact that Tiffany got involved with her prince charming long before the fame a wealth he presently enjoys and it all started with a casual encounter. The pair who even got separated by distance when Rivers traveled to Athens still kept the flame burning and the result is the beautiful family they now have.

It is also worth knowing that Tiffany is a humanitarian and an entrepreneur who has struck a balance between family life and business life. Learn about other interesting facts about her as you read on.

Tiffany Rivers’ Bio

Tiffany Rivers is an American by nationality as she was born in the city of Decatur, Alabama, and her ethnicity is White. However, with respect to her actual day and month of birth, no detail has been revealed but it is known that her birth year is 1982.

The wife of the popular sportsman spent her childhood days in Alabama and it was also in her home town that she met Philip Rivers who was her classmate back then. However, unlike Tiffany that spent most of her life in Alabama, Rivers, on the other hand, moved with his family to Athens where he continued his education at Athens High School where he also kicked off his football career.

Although there is no information of Tiffany’s college education, it is interesting to note that she still kept in touch with Philip Rivers when he was away in Athens and upon graduation from high school, he moved down to the United States and he was admitted into the North Carolina State University where he continued with his football career, playing for the university team, Wolfpack for the four years he spent in college. Subsequently, he was drafted in the first round of the NFL 2004 draft as the fourth overall selection by the New York Giants and within a year which was in August 2005, he was traded to the San Diego Chargers and still plays for the team till date.

Facts You Need To Know About Tiffany Rivers – Philip Rivers’ Wife

1. Tiffany and Philip have been together for over 25 years

Tiffany has been with Philip since 1994 which was way back during their high school days and even when Philip and his family moved to Athens, their romantic relationship continued. Separated but not apart, the lovers dated for five years and finally made it an official union in 2001 while Philip was in college – at the time of their marriage Tiffany was 18 while Philip was 19.

2. She married Philip before he became a super-star

At the time of their marriage, Philip had just finished his first year in college and he practically had nothing but Tiffany Rivers stayed by his side and they were able for pull through the trying times to get to where they are now.

3. She is a mother of 9 children

Tiffany Rivers has a home filled with children which consist of seven girls and two boys making it a total of nine kids in her eighteen years of marriage. Tiffany who got married in 2001, had her first baby, a daughter Halle, on the 6th of June the following year. Their other children include Caroline (b. 2005), Grace (b. 2006), Gunner (b. 2008), Sarah, (b.2010), Peter (b. 2011), Rebecca (b. 2013) and Clare (b. 2015),  and Anna (b. 2019).

Tiffany Rivers
Tiffany Rivers with Philip Rivers and their children – image source

3. Tiffany is an avid humanitarian

Another fascinating fact about Tiffany Rivers is that she has a heart for humanity and she is ever ready to help the less privileged. Alongside her husband, she launched a charity organization, Rivers of Hope in 2010 with the sole purpose of providing homes for orphans and the homeless between the age bracket 12 years and above. Unfortunately, Rivers of Hope was closed down in 2013 as they decided to find other means to assist children as the foundation’s needs where piling.

Nevertheless, Tiffany Rivers is still a philanthropist who offers financial supporting to charitable organizations that focus on adoption of kids.

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4. Tiffany Rivers is an entrepreneur

Aside from catering for her large family, the hardworking Tiffany Rivers is also business inclined and currently, she has a swimwear label called Hermosa which she created with the help of her friend Marisa De Lecce. According to Tiffany, the main aim for her creation was to make available a brand of swimsuits which are comfortable and decent.

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