Tidelands Season 2 Netflix Release Date: When Will There Be Another Series

In Netflix’s quest to solidify its position as the number one streaming service in the world with competition rising from other ambitious services like Hulu and HBO, the streaming giant is even more poised to become the one-stop spot for everyone’s entertainment desires. It continues to invest in different kinds of shows, from the high-quality ones to the middle of the park productions as Netflix is leaving no prisoners on the streaming battlefield. One of its latest productions is Tidelands, a series which was released on December 14, 2018, to mixed reception among critics.

When Netflix releases a new show, it quickly dominates film and TV conversations depending on its quality and acceptance by the wider audience. The show, which is Netflix’s effort at creating a series primarily for its Australian market was produced by Netflix and Hoodlum Entertainment. The mission in producing the show as directed by Netflix was the creation of a show that would stand out in Australian TV and the writers were able to achieve this through elements like nudity, crime, and the supernatural.

Tidelands – The Plot

Tidelands was created and written by Stephen M. Irwin and Leigh McGrath with Nathan Mayfield and Tracey Robertson are also listed as co-creators and for those who might be wondering what Netflix’s latest original series is about, the show is the story of a small village, a coastal town in Orphelin Bay. One of its daughters, Calliope McTeer returns from prison after spending years in prison since the age of 10 for manslaughter and arson. Upon her return and the discovery of a local fisherman’s body, she realizes that the town is the habitat of the supernatural, of dangerous creatures who are half-sirens and half-humans who are known as Tidelanders.


Tidelands takes its place as part of the slew of supernatural shows currently on TV, which are mostly stables of the CW network, but it takes it further with gritty nature of its evilness and crime and of course, nudity. Although Tidelands fails in the execution of some of its interesting plot points, such as the inversion of standardized gender dynamics that sees male Tidelanders attach themselves to women because they possess far more superior supernatural abilities and the behavioral implications of economic shifts on human life, the show delivers an enjoyable story that entertains the viewer.

Season and Episodes

Currently, there is only one season of Tidelands with no word on a possible second season yet. As it is a Netflix production, the chances of a second season happening are dependent on the metrics of the first season i.e. the viewing figures and ratings of the show. The show currently enjoys mixed ratings among critics, with notable review sites like IMDb giving it a 7.1/10 while popular review aggregator website, Rotten Tomatoes scores it at 80%. Critics at The Guardian rates it two stars out of five while The Review Geek thinks it deserves a 4/10. At the moment, however, it enjoys an 85% rating by the audience on Rotten Tomatoes.

Tidelands have eight episodes in its first season with an average run time of 47 minutes. Every single episode is directed by Toa Fraser and written by Stephen M. Irwin.

Episodes titles are – Home, Orphans of L’Attente, Not One of You, Don’t Trust Humans, The Calling, Loyalty, The Prophecy, and The Queen’s Knife.

The show is available on Netflix for all users after its worldwide release on December 14, 2018.

Cast and Characters

Tidelands comprise of a relatively small cast of Australian actors and actresses split into main and recurring cast members. Just as the opinion on the show’s plot and execution is split between critics, so as the opinion on the performances of the cast members. Here is a look at some of the cast members of the show.

Charlotte Best – Calliope ‘Cal’ McTeer


Charlotte Best plays the lead character who is mostly referred to on the show as Cal. Her return to the village triggers the events of the show. After she finds the body of a dead fisherman, she begins an investigation that uncovers the sinister secrets of the village.

Having starred as Annie Campbell in Home and Away from 2007 to 2010, Tidelands signals a return to major global production for the Australian actress whose other roles include Cheryl Hayes on Puberty Blues, Kelly in Soul Mates and as Kara Warrington in An American in Texas. Her work has mostly been limited to the Australian industry and she has earned a nomination so far for Most Popular New Female Talent. She is likely to return for the second season of the show if it exists.

Elsa Pataky – Adrielle Cuthbert


Elsa Pataky is one of the more globally recognized faces on the show. Elsa, who played Elena Neves in the Fast and Furious franchise stars on Tidelands as Adrielle Cuthbert, the Queen of the Tidelanders. As the story unfolds, she is shown to be the subject of a coup by a rival among the Tidelanders. Elsa Pataky, through her experience on projects like Snakes on a Plane, 12 Strong, Give ‘Em Hell, Malone, etc brings a more mature performance to the role and improves the quality of acting on the show.

She is also recognized as the wife of Marvel Superstar, Chris Hemsworth who plays the god of Thunder, Thor. As for whether she will return for the second season of the show, it is very unclear.

Aaron Jakubenko – Augie McTeer


Aaron Jakubenko plays Augie McTeer, the brother of the protagonist, Cal McTeer. He is shown to be a fisherman who runs a fishing business but is later revealed to be a drug dealer who works in tandem with the Tidelanders. Aaron Jakubenko is part of a low billed set of Australian cast members on the show meant to maintain its feel as an Australian production.

He started acting in 2010 and has so far starred on eight television shows and four films, which include The Shannara Chronicles, Spartacus: War of the Doomed, Neighbours, and The Ballad of Des & Mo. His return for the show’s second season is currently unclear, although there is strong expectation that he will return.

Marco Pigossi – Dylan Seager


Marco Pigossi is one of the non-Australian cast members on the show. He plays Dylan Seager, one of the Tidelander lieutenants of Adrielle. Dylan is caught in between the power faction that led to the fall of Adrielle as queen and the injuries he sustained in the battle makes him a doubt to appear in a potential second season of the show.

The show is one of Marco Pigossi’s English roles. The Brazilian actor, who has been an actor since the age of 13 has starred in mostly Spanish productions. He has his background in theatre, film, and television, making him one of the better-experienced actors on the show.

Richard Davies – Colton Raxter

Richard Davies is an Australian actor who is mostly known for his roles as Jimmy Proudman and Max Regnary in Offspring and The Saddle Club. He began acting in 2008 and has since had credits to his name in some of Australia’s most recognizable projects like Oddball and 2:22. His career, which began after he graduated from the National Theatre Drama School has led him to a global project Tidelands. In Tidelands, he plays Colton Raxter. Like the majority of the cast, he is not confirmed to return for the second season of the show but there are strong indications he will feature in the second season if there is one.

Jacek Koman – Gregori Stolin


Jacek Koman is a Polish Australian actor who plays Gregori Stolin on Tidelands. A student of film, having graduated from the National Film School in Lodz, Jacek has been acting since 1978 starring in films like Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, The Great Gatsby, Jungle, Children of Men, Defiance and many others. He also has credits to his name in Theatre for plays like Blue Murder, Hamlet, Angels in America, Macbeth, and As You Like It. Jacek is also a singer who has a band called VulgerGrad. He is the lead singer.

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Other notable cast members include Alex Dimitriades as Sgt. Paul Murdoch, Peter O’Brien as Bill Sentelle, Caroline Brazier as Rosa, Hunter Page-Lochard as Jared, Jet Tranter as Leandra, Finn Little as Gilles, among others.

Tidelands Season 2 Release Date: Will There Be Another Series?

So far, there hasn’t been an official word from Netflix regarding the release of a new season as mentioned earlier. The show was released on December 14, 2018, and thus it might be a little early to determine the worthiness of a second season. Due to the popularity in Australia however, where Netflix is looking to consolidate its market influence, the reception has been good and it might very be the deciding factor in granting the show a second season.

If a second season does get approved by Netflix, the show is expected to carry on from the end of the first season which saw Cal become the new Queen of the Tidelanders after defeating Adrielle.


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