Is Pit Bulls Parolees Tia Torres Still Married To Husband Aren Marcus Jackson?

When the reality television series Pit Bulls & Parolee made its debut on October 30, 2009, it did not just become America’s largest pit bull animal shelter but also availed stars like Tia Torress the opportunity to shine. Ever since she was a child, Torres loved collecting all kinds of friendly animals. She would keep them to herself and take care of them. This special fondness for animals stuck with her as she grew older. Today, she has turned her passion into a reputable career. Even more interesting on Pit Bulls & Parolees is the relationship between Tia Torres and Aren Marcus Jackson, especially because the road has been rocky for the two.

How Did Tia Torres and Aren Marcus Jackson Meet?

Best known for hosting the Pit Bulls and Parolee show, Torres is also popular as the founder of the Villalobos Rescue Center. The Southern California-born tough, sweet and witty animal lover was raised in a middle-class family with an unending family crisis. However, her love life with Jackson began in the 1980s when in her 20s, she was busy trying to use the inmate locator to find the owner of a dog she rescued

During her search, she was informed that the dog’s owner was in a California penitentiary. Eventually, she met the owner and it turned out to be Aren. Soon, they began dating and writing letters to each other, little did they know that they would get married and become husband and wife.

Before Torres got married to Aren Marcus Jackson, she had previously been in three different marriages but her marriage to Jackson drew public attention the most. It was while she was married to one of her three ex-husbands that she gave birth to her two biological kids. Details of her previous husbands are still missing.

While Torres and Jackson were still dating, Jackson was arrested for eleven felonies after which he was charged for burgling a vehicle and more. He was, however, released in 2006 and shortly after, he tied the knot with his now beloved wife Tia.

Tia Torres and her daughters

While not much is known about Aren Marcus Jackson until his marriage to the dog rescuer, Tia Torres’ background was quite rough but she has turned her hard times around to attain the success she currently enjoys. On many occasions, Torres slept outside her father’s house, in a van and she would always go along with her pets. Although she was not known to have joined any street gang, she often mixed up with street gang members and claimed to have witnessed a gunfight which she narrowly escaped. Torres finally left home at 17.

As a reality TV star, Torres hosts her own reality TV show Pit Bulls & Parolees which aims at correcting various wrong ideas about pit bulls. The show first aired on October 30, 2009, and has run for 13 seasons. Pit Bulls & Parolees gives its fans an insight into America’s largest pit bull animal shelter, the Villalobos Rescue Center, a place Torres describes as a safe haven for dogs. The show went on a break following the conclusion of its 13th season but fans didn’t have to wait for too long to see the next season of Pit Bulls & Parolees as the 14th season began airing on October 5, 2019.

Are Tia Torres and Aren Marcus Jackson Still Married?

Tia Torres and Alen Marcus Jackson’s love life stood the test of time. Despite his already damaged reputation, Aren has been a very supportive husband to his wife and the animal shelter she founded in New Orleans.

On several occasions, he has gone to jail for property theft but he remained faithful and committed to his wife. Aside from being imprisoned for vehicle theft, Jackson is also said to be a drug addict. According to sources, he is currently serving his 15 years term in California. But, despite being physically separated from each other, Tia Torres and Alen Marcus Jackson are still together.

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Other Facts To Know About Torres and Aren

Her Kids

Torres is a mother of four, two of whom are her biological daughters while the other two are her adopted sons. Her first child Tania Torres was born on May 6, 1985, while the second Mariah Torres, was born on September 6, 1991. Kanani and Keli’iChock, the kids she adopted are twins born on April 20, 1987.

Jackson is currently in jail

Barely a year after getting out of jail on parole and getting married to the love of his life, Jackson got in trouble once again. He was sentenced to fifteen years and 8 months in prison, having been found guilty of eleven count charges brought against him. Jackson is scheduled to complete his sentence in 2022.

The couple loves pet

One of the many things that really got Torres’ attention on Jackson was his love for pets. This apparently contributed to her love for him.


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