The ‘Three’s Company’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

Human relationships, especially between men and women, have not always been what they are today. A man sharing an apartment with women was an anomaly back in the 70s. The show, Three’s Company aired between 1977 and 1984 and it is a spinoff of the early 70s show, Man About the House. At the center of the show, are the three characters, Janet Wood, Jack Tripper and Chrissy Snow who share an apartment and all live together in California. To learn about what the ‘Three’s Company’ Cast members are up to in their lives now, keep reading.

Three’s Company Cast: Where Are They Now

Joyce DeWitt

Three's Company cast
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On the show, she plays one of the two female housemates, Janet Wood, a florist who manages a flower shop. Of the three housemates, she is the more mature and serious one.

Of the ten main actors on the show, Joyce DeWitt is one of the two people who remained on the show for the entirety of its eight seasons. She took a break from acting after the show ended; her hiatus was for seven years before she returned in 1991. The actress does little acting these days and has decided to focus on charitable efforts.

John Ritter

Three's Company Cast
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John Ritter played Jack Tripper on Three’s Company, and he is the second member of the cast who was on the show for the eight years the show aired. Tripper was found by his housemates in their tub where he had passed out during a party and he was only allowed to live in the apartment with them because the landlord was told he was gay. Jack Tripper was the more humourous housemate and the best cook of the three.

In September of 2003, John Ritter passed away from an aortic dissection which is a heart condition. His death was described as a big loss to not just his family but the entertainment industry as well. He passed away at the age of fifty-four, six days from his birthday and in the hospital he was born.

Suzanne Somers

Three's company cast
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Suzanne Somers played Chrissy Snow, who is a secretary. Snow was brought up in Fresno in a very religious family as her father was a preacher. Somers left the show in its fifth season because of salary disputes. As a result of the role she played, the actress came to be known as a sex-symbol. Somers has led a successful career in acting and as an author. She is known for her controversial takes on health practices and has received criticism for some of her ideas.

Jenilee Harrison

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After Somers left the show; the next roommate to replace her was Cindy Snow, Chrissy’s cousin. Cindy, who is a very beautiful girl, stated that she had to exist in her cousin’s shadow and while she was not as ditzy as her cousin, her flaw is clumsiness. Cindy does not only take Chrissy’s place in the apartment but also takes her job. Jenilee Harrison, who plays Cindy, currently lives a very quiet life and has not acted since 2002.

Priscilla Barnes

Priscilla Barnes
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Barnes was on the show for two and a half seasons and she was the last person of the Three’s Company cast to play the third housemate. Her character was Terri Alden and like the two housemates before, she was blond but a more grounded person as she worked as a nurse. Barnes still works in film and TV; her most recent role was in the television show, Jane The Virgin.

Richard Kline

Richard Kline
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Kline’s character is the lying and pretentious Larry Dallas, who is best friends with Jack. He lives in the apartment upstairs. Kline is now on a National Tour for WAITRESS which is a musical.

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Norman Fell

Three's Company Cast
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Fell played Stanley Roper, the landlord of the apartment, who although is not averse to gay people tends to keep a distance when Tripper is around. The actor is known for breaking the fourth wall and because of how much fans loved his character he began his own show, The Ropers. Norman Fell passed away in December of 1998 from multiple myeloma.

Audra Lindley

Three's Company Cast
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This actress is one of the Three’s Company cast members that is late. She died in 1997 and is mostly known for playing Helen Roper on Three’s Company and The Ropers. Helen is the kinder and smarter one of the Roper duo and wishes she had a more stimulating relationship with her husband. She is also better friends with her husband’s tenants.

Don Knotts

Three's Company Cast
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After the Ropers leave the show completely, Ralph Furley becomes the landlord of the apartment which his brother got from the Ropers. He thinks highly of himself yet is fearful of his brother, Bart. He joined the show in its fourth season. Don Knotts who played Furley died at the age of 81 in 2006.

Ann Wedgeworth

Three's Company Cast
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This actress played Lana Shields and was on this show for one season and during this period, she flirted tirelessly with Jack while Furley tried to have a relationship with her. Shields was a three-time divorcee and although she did not like Furley, she used her wiles to get things she wanted from him frequently. The character was written off the show as she was no longer needed. Ann Wedgeworth just like all the older members of the cast is late. She died in 2017, after a long sickness.


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