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Among the many stars the K-pop industry has churned out is the iconic girl group “Sistar”. Formed by Starship Entertainment in 2010, the four-member girl band has gone on to leave an impressionable mark in the industry gaining global recognition, winning several awards and nominations, and garnering a sea of adoring fans. Since releasing their debut single “Push, Push” in 2010, the Sistar group have become a household name in South Korea.

In June 2017 however, fans were saddened to learn that the group had disbanded after seven years together. And although the groupmates are still together and are making a success of their solo strides to the delight of fans, here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about them and why they disbanded.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sistar Group

1. Life Prior to Their Music Debut

A few months before releasing their first ever single “Push, Push”, the Sistar group was already becoming visible to the public through advertisements and magazine photoshoots they were routinely engaged in.

2. Who are the Sistar Group Members?

It isn’t news that the Sistar group is made up of four members namely Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom. What may be news to many, however, is their individual profiles and facts about them. Here is a brief look at them:

Hyolyn – Born Kim Hyo Jung on December 11, 1990, was Sistar’s leader, main dancer, vocalist, rapper and face of the group before its disbandment. She was a former trainee under JYP, formerly in the Sistar subgroup Sister19 with Bora, and a former member of Dazzling Red. Hyolyn loves singing but also acts. Her best pets are cats.

Bora Sistar’s dancer and rapper. She was in “Sistar19” with Hyolyn and was a member of Mystic White. Bora has appeared on “A Style For You” TV show and in the dramas Doctor Stranger and High End Crush. Bora loves the colour purple which is coincidentally the meaning of her name. She was born Yoon Bo Ra on December 30, 1989.

Soyou – Kang Ji Hyun was born on February 12, 1992, and she has an older brother and sister. She was a trainee under Cube Entertainment before debuting in Sistar where she positioned as lead vocalist. Soyou pegged Baro of B1A4 as her ideal type. She loves the colour black.

Dasom – Dasom was Sistar’s vocalist before it disbanded. She’s been on the 2012 comedy show Shut Up Family and was MC for The Golden Disc Awards 2013. Dasom has an older brother and was born Kim Da Som on May 6, 1993, in Seoul. She loves pets and the color yellow.

3. Sistar Group Awards and Accolades

In the seven years of being active, the Sistar group won a total of 45 awards from 74 nominations. Their awards include the Golden Disc Awards, Seoul Music Awards, and MBC Entertainment Awards.

4. Subgroups

On April 27, 2011, Sistar debuted a subgroup called Sistar19, featuring Hyolyn and Bora. Its first single, “Ma Boy”, was released in May that year. In January 2013, a second single, “Gone Not Around Any Longer” was released.

5. Sistar Group Controversies

Sistar groupmates are famous for having an excitable and lovable personality. Not only are they one of the few kpop groups that are drama-free, but they also support other fellow groups.

6. Individually, They Are Talented

The Sistar groupmates are known to be well-stocked with talents. The groupmates are as gifted individually as they are collective. Besides dancing, every groupmate sings perfectly. Their exceptional dances have also inspired millions of covers

7. Life After Sistar

It will be interesting to know that after disbanding in June 2017, “Sistar” groupmates remained close despite pursuing other careers. Hyolyn became a solo artist, also modeling for Cosmopolitan magazine and starting her own company “Brid3.”

Soyou is also singing solo but renewed her contract with Starship Entertainment. Dasom also renewed her Starship contract while going into acting. Bora acts and is signed with Hook Entertainment.

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Reason Behind Sistar’s Disbandment

Sistar group’s disbandment in 2017 wasn’t caused by contractual disagreements but by something entirely different. There stood a rule in the group that if one member decides to leave for any reason, the group would disband. When Hyolyn decided she wanted to leave to pursue her solo singing career, all her groupmates respected the decision and went their separate ways too. Thus “Sistar” became officially disbanded.