The Untold Truth of Rosangel Cabrera, Miguel Cabrera’s Wife

Rosangel Cabrera is the wife of Miguel Cabrera, the popular baseball player. They got married in 2002 and their union has been blessed with three lovely kids – two daughters and a son. 

Rosangel’s marriage to the celebrity baseball player is the main reason she has the level of fame she now enjoys as fans of the game want to know who the wife of the baseball star is. Rosangel Cabrera is easygoing and does not really share an affinity for the spotlight. Here’s what we know about the celebrity wife.

Summary of Rosangel Cabrera’s Bio

  • Full Name: Rosangel Cabrera
  • Gender: Female
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Rosangel Cabrera’s Husband: Jose Miguel Cabrera Torres
  • Rosangel Cabrera’s Children: Alexander Cabrera, Isabella Cabrera, Rosangel Cabrera
  • Famous for: Being the wife of the Venezuelan baseball star, Miguel Cabrera
  • Twitter: Rosangel Cabrera

Rosangel Cabrera’s Hometown is Not Known

The celebrity wife of famous Major League Baseball (MLB) star, Rosangel Cabrera has proven to be a very discreet person. Despite the popularity her family enjoys as a result of her husband’s career success, not so much is known about her personal life. She has kept most details of her early life and background to herself, leaving the media to speculate about things they are unsure of.

Nothing is known about her age, parents, possible siblings, and educational background, and as such, we do not know anything about her childhood and life before fame. She prefers to avoid media attention as much as possible.

What Does She Do For A Living?

Rosangel Cabrera has not been public about her career path and therefore is not known what exactly she does for a living. She has gained popularity from being the wife of the sensational and successful MLB star, Miguel Cabrera. In 2020, Rosangel partnered with her husband to donate $250,000 to the children of Detroit during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way of giving back to the community.

Due to the clandestine nature of details relating to her personal life, including what she does for a living, it is not known at the moment what Rosangel’s net worth is. We hope that in time she will make the information available to the public. Be that as it may, she shares in her husband’s net worth by marriage – Miguel Cabrera is worth a whopping $125 million.

Rosangel Became Miguel Cabrera’s Wife In 2002

Information about how Miguel and Rosangel met is not public knowledge, however, unconfirmed reports have it that the pair were high school sweethearts. Their relationship would roll on for the next couple of years before the couple got married in Miguel’s hometown in Venezuela in June 2002. This happened before the baseball star joined the major league.

Rosangel and Miguel Cabrera are happily married and their union has been blessed with three lovely kids – two daughters and a son. They keep their children away from the public as much as possible.

The Couple’s Marriage Has Survived Its Share of Scandals

Marriage is meant to be a relationship between two persons who love and care for each other and with that in mind, it is always expected that the union should go on as smoothly as possible. Be that as it may, the opposite is often the case as several marital unions go through scandals – and that of Rosangel is no exception.

It was reported in 2009 that Rosangel called 911 on Miguel over allegations of domestic violence. It was said that she made the call in the early hours of the said day – at about 6 am – while crying. Her husband had allegedly had too much alcohol to drink and as a result, resorted to physically assaulting his wife.

Miguel was arrested for assault and detained in police custody until he was picked up an hour and thirty minutes later by Dave Dombrowski, who was the team manager of his MLB side at the time – the Detriot Tigers.

He was made to stay away from alcohol for a period of time as he underwent therapy and rehabilitation in 2010.

Rosangel Cabrera Once Filed For Divorce But Changed Her Mind

In 2017, Rosangel Cabrera was reported to have filed for a divorce citing the fact that her marriage to the baseball star was “irretrievably broken”. She filed the papers in March and Miguel responded, okaying the divorce in April 2017. In the petition from Rosangel, she filed for a divorce, child support, alimony, and equitable distribution of assets including a “well-scheduled time-sharing of children custody”.

For context, the reason for the divorce suit from Rosangel was infidelity on the part of her husband. News broke that Miguel Cabrera not only had a mistress but also a family besides his family with Rosangel.

This was a very difficult time for Rosangel and Miguel as besides going through a divorce and becoming a regular face in family courts, Miguel suffered a back injury at the time which also affected his performance on the pitch.

It was one of the hardest times in their marriage, however, they somehow decided to stay together despite the scandals, hurdles, and hard times. Rosangel withdrew the divorce suit and they have remained together in the marriage for over two decades.

Who Are Rosangel Cabrera’s Kids?

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As mentioned already, Rosangel Cabrera and her husband, Miguel, have three kids together. The first child of the family is Rosangel Brisel Cabrera who was born in 2006 and was followed by their only son together, Christopher Alexander Cabrera (born 2011). He is already following in his father’s footsteps and is the likeliest to succeed his father as he already plays baseball even at a tender age.

The last offspring of the Rosangel and Miguel union is Isabella Cabrera who was born in 2012. At the time of this writing, she is the youngest child of the couple.

She Is Stepmom to Two Children From Her Husband

The revelation of Miguel Cabrera’s infidelity broke with the sad fact that he had a family besides his obvious family. The MLB star had sired two children with a Florida woman, Belkis Mariela Rodriguez.

The long-term extra-marital relationship came to light in 2017 after his mistress called him out for not paying enough child support for the children they both had. Details of the children’s identities were not revealed but both kids were said to be born in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

The aftermath of the call-out was a drawn-out legal battle that saw Ms. Belkis demand $100,000 in child support. However, the two-time baseball MVP was made to pay about $20,000 monthly to Mariela Rodriguez – an amount which has since been further reduced to $14,000.

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