The Untold Truth of Mike Tyson’s Daughter Exodus Tyson and How She Died

Exodus Tyson was the daughter of Mike Tyson who he had with his then-girlfriend Sol Xochitl. She was born in 2005 but unfortunately, died in 2009 after she got tangled in a cord on an exercise treadmill in their home gym.

Mike Tyson has had countless experiences in his life and career as a boxer. But of them all, the death of his then-4-year-old daughter Exodus Tyson, who happened to be so dear to him, was the most hurtful. Here is the truth about her and the circumstances surrounding her death.

Facts About Exodus Tyson

Exodus Tyson was one of the seven biological children of Mike Tyson, a former undisputed world heavyweight champion considered to be one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. She was born to Mike Tyson and Sol Xochitl, who had a total of two children for the boxer. Exodus had an older brother named Miguel. She was born three years after him in March 2005. She grew up with her brother and mother and was just four years and two months old at the time of her death.

Prior to Exodus Tyson’s death, she was known to be loved by everyone around her, from her parents to her siblings and neighbors. This was reflected in the emotional reaction of everyone when her death was announced, as neighbors could not control the tears rolling down their cheeks in mourning. Exodus was described by one of the neighbors as a peaceful, loving, sweet, sociable, affectionate, and cheerful daughter, who relates happily and communicates with everyone.

Around the time of the incident that led to Exodus Tyson’s death, her parents were not living together. Sol Xochitl made her home in Phoenix, Arizona where she lived with her children while Mike lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was, however, known to come around and visit his children.

The Circumstances Surrounding Her Death

The unfortunate incident that led to Exodus Tyson’s sudden death was termed as a tragic domestic accident, according to the official report by the State Police after their investigation. This can not be far from the truth, going by the narratives that ensued prior to the incident.

On that fateful day, May 25, 2009, Sol Xochitl was busy cleaning up one of the rooms in the house with her son Miguel. As a result, it took a while before she noticed that her daughter had not been at sight’s range. She then instructed Miguel to go check on his sister. On looking around, her brother found her tangled in a cord, dangling from an exercise treadmill in the gym right in the house.

As reported by the police, Exodus Tyson was probably playing on the treadmill, which has a cord hanging under its console. The cord was described as a loop, and she probably slipped in the process while her head was in the loop, acting as a noose. In the process of getting herself off the hook, the noose-like cord tightened her up the more, thereby leaving her distressed and unconscious.

On noticing what had happened, Miguel rushed to alert his mother, who rushed to the scene, untied Exodus from the cord, and immediately called for help while trying to revive her. In no time, emergency services arrived at the home and the young girl was rushed to hospital where she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and placed on a life support machine, as her condition had become highly critical.

On hearing the news of his daughter’s accident, Mike Tyson, who was in Las Vegas when the incident occurred, immediately flew down to Phoenix. The following day, May 26, 2009, at around 11:45 am, doctors confirmed Exodus dead.

Who Takes The Blame For Exodus Tyson’s Death?

The Untold Truth of Mike Tyson's Daughter Exodus Tyson and Details of How She Died
Mike Tyson and Exodus Tyson

News of Exodus Tyson’s demise was a big shock to her two parents, relatives, neighbors, and the public. With the circumstances surrounding her death, many thought in their opinion that such a painful death could have been preventable had it been that her mother had been careful and more sensitive. However, the official report of the State Police did not apportion any blame to anybody, saying it is a case of domestic accident.

Even at that, the question still hanging in people’s minds is why will the little girl be left all alone to go play. Also, how come nobody heard her cry while she was struggling to free herself from the tangle until she became weak, exhausted, and passed out.

The Connection Mike Tyson Had With His Daughter

One can easily tell from Mike Tyson’s emotions that he is deeply connected to his loving, sociable, and affectionate daughter, as he still struggles to hold himself together whenever he is being asked questions about her death in interviews.

Being his last daughter, Mike’s cordial connection with Exodus has been described as incredible. He said in his interview that his family is his greatest asset ever; no wonder he responded so fast when he heard about the incident and flew immediately from his home in Las Vegas to attend to the situation.

Did Exodus’ Death Affect Mike Tyson?

Losing loved ones has always been an ugly experience and a painful wound that takes a long while to heal. This explains why the death of Exodus has dealt a big blow on the boxing great who seemed to be an emotional wreck as he found it hard to recover from the ugly incident.

Mike Tyson has gone through many awful experiences in his life, from his mother’s death when he was a boy to being sent to jail among other things, but the death of Exodus his daughter has been the greatest catastrophe of his life. His daughter’s death turned him on the path of depression. He said it was the most depressing point in his life. In his words, “I really was down and beating up myself over her death, staying indoors all day, mourning; it was entirely a grey moment in my life.”

In a separate interview with Oprah Winfrey, Mike Tyson said he wouldn’t want to dig into the incident that led to his daughter’s death, as this might cause him to hold someone responsible and that would really mean big trouble for that person.

But in all, having gone through that period of sober reflection in his life, Mike Tyson has been able to fight through the hard times and move on, allowing the wound to heal naturally. But the sweet memory of Exodus, his beloved daughter, and the pains caused by her death remain for life.

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