The Untold Truth of Isla Atkinson, Rowan Atkinson’s Daughter

Isla Atkinson (born on December 2017) is the 6 year-old daughter of Rowan Atkinson, a famous British actor, comedian, and writer. He had her with his girlfriend, Louise Ford.

Isla Atkinson’s father, Rowan Atkinson, is widely known for his role as Mr. Bean. He has so far carved out a career in the entertainment industry, thereby bringing his daughter into the spotlight. Read on as we unfold all to be known about Isla Atkinson, Rowan Atkinson’s daughter with Louise Ford.

Summary of Isla Atkinson’s Biography

  • Full name: Isla Atkinson
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: December 2017
  • Isla Atkinson’s Age: 6 year-old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: British
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Isla Atkinson’s Parents: Rowan Atkinson and Louise Ford
  • Half Siblings: Benjamin Atkinson and Lily Grace Sastry
  • Famous for: being the daughter of Rowan Atkinson, a famous British actor, comedian, and writer

How Old is Isla Atkinson?

Isla Atkinson is 6 years old. She was born on December 2017 in the United Kingdom to Rowan Atkinson and Louise Ford. There is no available information relating to the exact place she was born in the United Kingdom. Isla Atkinson holds a white ethnicity and a British nationality, as her parents are both British.

Reports have it that Isla Atkinson’s parents live in a £4 million cottage in London owned by her father. Despite the fact that the comedians wish to keep a low profile of his daughter’s personal details, we believe that Isla Atkinson is being raised under the care of her parents in London.

It has not been disclosed if she has started school, but we believe that she should be in her early academic journey. Likewise, considering her age, she has not started pursuing a career yet.

Meet Isla Atkinson’s Parents 

As we have stated previously, Isla Atkinson was born to popular and influential parents, and this is what brought her to the limelight. Her father, Rowan Atkinson, is a popular British actor, comedian, and writer who was born on January 6, 1955. He got his fame from his roles in Mr. Bean and Blackadder.

Rowan Atkinson also gained wide recognition after featuring in the BBC comedy show Not the Nine O’clock News. His other movie credits include Johnny English, Scooby-Doo, and many others. He has also appeared in some stage performances like The Sneeze, Oliver, and others.

Aside from his movie credits, the major aspect that made him globally recognized is his acting style. He has a unique comic style that has a perfect way of holding his audience. His acting prowess has earned him various honors. The actor is also involved in politics and works of charity.

Just like Isla Atkinson’s father, her mother, Louise Ford, is also a British comedian and actor.  Although her mother has not gained much fame like her father, she is quite successful in her career. Also, she has achieved some level of recognition for being in a relationship with Rowan Atkinson.

Louise Ford has appeared in different comedy television series and movies. She appeared in the Children’s sketch series Horrible Histories, which starred from 2015 to 2018. Isla Atkinson’s mother was also the main character in the 2016 series Crashing. The actress has further taken up a role as the fictionalized version of the Duchess of Cambridge in the television series Windsors from 2016-2020.

Her Parents Started Their Relationship in 2014

Isla Atkinson’s parents, Rowan Atkinson and Louise Ford, have been in a relationship since 2014. The duo reportedly met after collaborating on a West End production of Quartermaine’s Terms in 2013. As of then, Louise Ford had just ended her two-year relationship with James Acaster, an actor and comedian.

Rowan, on his path, separated from his wife in 2014 and finalized his divorce from her in 2015. Shortly after the actor split from his ex-wife, Sunetra Sastry, he began dating Louise. Despite all the backlash that the actress got from the public for going into a relationship with a man who is over 30 years older, she still held on to her love for him.

Their love has been growing over the years, and they have been spotted several times on red carpets. Based on available reports, Isla Atkinson’s parents are not yet married but are still together and enjoying their relationship.

Rowan Atkinson was Previously Married

Rowan Atkinson met his ex-wife, Sunetra Sastry, when she was working with the BBC as a makeup artist. They got married in February 1990 and welcomed two children, Lily and Benjamin, together.

Their marriage of over 24 years came to an end in February 2014 in a Central Family Court in London. Based on reports by ITV, the divorce was pegged on unreasonable behavior from Rowan Atkinson. However, other sources claim that Sunetra Sastry decided to apply for a divorce because of Rowan’s recently observed extramarital affairs.

Isla Atkinson Has Two Half Siblings

The 6 year old Isla Atkinson has two half-siblings who are from her father’s marriage with his ex-wife, Sunetra Sastry. Meet Isla Atkinson’s older half-siblings.

Benjamin Atkinson

  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: September 9, 1993
  • Benjamin Atkinson’s Age: 30 years old

Isla Atkinson

Benjamin is the oldest half-sibling of Isa Atkinson. He is the first child and the only son of Rowan Atkinson and his ex-wife, Sunetra Sastry. Benjamin is of a mixed ethnicity because his father is British, and his mother is partly British and partly Indian.

Isla’s oldest half-sibling also leveraged their father’s fame to rise to the spotlight. Though his father is a well-known actor, he decided to opt for a career that is different from his father’s. He got enrolled in the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, in 2016 and passed through 44 weeks of military training. Benjamin got the attention of the media when he went to Nepal for a 10-week course in 2019.

Lily Grace Sastry

  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: July 11, 1995
  • Age: 28 years old

Lily Sastry is the only female half-sibling of Isla Atkinson and the first daughter of Rowan Atkinson with his ex-wife. Born on July 11, 1995, she remains the only grown child of the British comedian who decided to take the same career path as her father and ventured into the entertainment industry.

Lily is currently an actress, musician, and burlesque dancer. She studied at Cabaret and had her first cabaret show at The Pheasantry, a well-known dinner club in London.

Her music career has been growing rapidly recently, and she has released a single titled Enough. Lily is also making waves in her acting career, as she has appeared in some films, including Tooth, Mr. Bean’s Holiday, Johnny English Reborn, The Fifty Cent Smile, and others.


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