The Truth About Monet Mazur’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Monet Mazur’s plastic surgery rumors are true. She had a rhinoplasty procedure, which means reshaping the nose or having a nose job.

Monet Mazur is an actress who is mostly known for portraying the role of Laura Fine-Baker in the famous TV series, All American. The actress has appeared in numerous TV series and movies, which have garnered her fame. Having attained fame, her looks are something that has been registered in the minds of her fans.

She appeared in the latest series of All American looking different from what the public used to know, which resulted in the plastic surgery rumors making the rounds.

What To Know About Monet Mazur’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Monet Mazur’s plastic surgery rumors are true. The rumors about her plastic surgery began to make headlines after she appeared in the latest episode of her regular TV series, All American. Her new looks were not hidden as her nose looked different from what it used to be. She underwent a rhinoplasty procedure, a cosmetic procedure that changes the shape of the nose.

Monet Mazur once had a nose that was longer and a bit slouched, but everything seems to be new and more attractive. The new nose is seen to be more pointed, which leads to the conclusion that the surgery was a success and made her prettier.

What Was The Reason Behind Monet Mazur’s Rhinoplasty Procedure?

Monet Mazur’s Plastic Surgery

Having made headlines with her new look, the speculation about it became so much that the actress had to give the reasons for undergoing plastic surgery. Likewise, it is impossible to ignore Monet Mazur’s enormous fanbase, so she took to her Instagram to clear the air about if she got plastic surgery and to state the reasons for undergoing the surgery.

She confirmed that she did get plastic surgery and went on to state that she had an accident that resulted in giving her a broken nose, though she didn’t state the cause of the accident. Despite the rumors that have circulated so far about her plastic surgery, the public still admires her for her new stunning look.

Did Monet Mazur Get Lip Fillers?

Monet Mazur’s plastic surgery rumors took the internet by storm, and this also brought up more speculation about whether she also got lip fillers. Going on-screen in the TV series, her face looked different from what people knew, and the public couldn’t help but ask questions while some assumed.

Her lips looked fuller and comparing her old pictures to her current pictures, the difference is clearly written. Some assumed that it might be a result of a contour or a face makeover.

Some people believe that she underwent facial plastic surgery, and got lip fillers and Botox as well. This fact is based on the trend among most celebrities that undergo plastic surgery, which also comes with getting lip fillers and Botox.

Lip fillers are usually used to make the lips more defined and plumper. Celebrities frequently use Botox to smooth out their pronounced wrinkle lines as they age. Although the wrinkle lines can be concealed with makeup, they need something more permanent. However, it is not known if the actress got lip fillers, but she did undergo surgery.

The Actress May Be One Of Those Whose Rumors Of Facial Enhancements Are Not True

Rumors about lip fillers and Botox injections have remained one of the main speculations that trail most celebrities. But news of Monet Mazur getting Botox injections might not be true as some celebrities resort to heavy makeovers to cover up their facial flaws.

However, apart from her nose job, the actress has remained silent about speculations that she got lip fillers and Botox injections. Thus, one wouldn’t know if she underwent surgery unless she talks about it publicly.


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