The Truth About Mia Bieniemy Who is Also Eric Bieniemy’s Wife

Mia Bieniemy is the wife of Eric M. Bieniemy Jr., the former American football player, and current coach but her personal career endeavors have been kept away from the spotlight.

Though she has no direct claim to fame, her husband’s job as an American football coach has put her in the spotlight. Mia Bieniemy’s husband is currently serving as the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. However, despite her exposure to fame through her husband, Mia has chosen to live her life away from public attention. She hardly shows up at public events as a celebrity wife, making it hard to keep tabs on her. But, we have many interesting facts you probably didn’t know about her.

Summary of Mia Bieniemy’s Bio

  • Full Name: Mia Tonae Maxie
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: October 28, 1968
  • Mia Bieniemy’s Age: 55 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Mia Bieniemy’s Husband: Eric Bieniemy
  • Mia Bieniemy’s Children: Elijah Bieniemy and Eric Bieniemy III

How Old is Mia Bieniemy?

Mia Bieniemy is currently 55 years old as she was born on October 28, 1968. The exact place where Eric Bieniemy’s wife was born is not public knowledge, however, she has American nationality. On the other hand, her football coach beau was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on August 15, 1969. This means that Mia is a year older than her husband.

Most details about Mia Bieniemy’s personal life, especially her early life and family background have been kept away from public attention. Thus, aside from the date she was born, her early life facts are not known. We cannot say if she spent her childhood with her parents and siblings.

Just like her background, details about the school Mia Bieniemy attended are not known to the public. Her husband on the other hand is an open book as his details are known. He attended Bishop Amat High School in La Puente, California where he lettered in American football as well as track and field. Nicknamed Scooter in his college days, Eric Bieniemy recorded impressive points at the University of Colorado Boulder.

It is Not Clear When Mia Bieniemy Became Eric Bieniemy’s Wife

Even with all the spotlight, the two are yet to disclose intimate details about their relationship and wedding. When they met and how the relationship progressed before they got married are not known. Details like when and where they tied the knots are also not shared by the couple.

One clear fact is that they met a long time ago and have been together since then. They are also both American nationals with Eric coming from the African-American community while the ethnicity of his wife is not known. The family has remained together to date, though they have faced a few run-ins with the law and racism targeted at Eric. The first time he was arrested was in 1998 after engaging in a bar fight.

Eric was in his formative years at the time and the color of his skin made things hard sometimes as some racists would pick on him by throwing offensive comments his way. He battled racism a lot in his college days and was also arrested for other offenses like driving while his license was suspended, interfering with a firefighter, and driving a defective car.

These challenges did not stop Eric from pursuing his dreams and achieving them in the long run. He also doesn’t love his family less but dedicates his time to his wife and children. Unfortunately, both Mia and her husband are not on social media which makes it hard to know what is happening in their various lives.

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How Many Children Does Mia Bieniemy Have?

With her husband Eric Bieniemy, Mia has two children – sons named Elijah Bieniemy and Eric Bieniemy III. As expected from parents who love to keep their private life away from public and media attention, the actual dates their children were born are not public knowledge and the major claim to fame for both children is their relationship with Eric Bieniemy.

However, Elijah seems to be following his father’s footprints in the sports arena. His high school days at Olathe Northwest High School were spent recording impressive stats on the track and field events.

Eric Bieniemy III who is obviously named after his father and grandfather is only known as Eric Bieniemy’s son on the internet space. His birth details and what he has been up to have remained a hidden fact to date. He only made headlines during the Covid-19 pandemic when his father had to sacrifice his time with his family to save the younger Eric from getting infected.

Eric has a health condition that makes him a high-risk person for the deadly disease. As a result, his father isolated himself by staying in a hotel from July 23rd, 2020 to February 2021 following the Super Bowl. He stayed six nights in the hotel and returned home once a week but would stay in the basement and put on double face masks.

The health challenges Eric III suffers from might be a hindrance for him even if he picks interest in sports or wants to join his father on the American football field. Nevertheless, the young lad has the support of both parents as they have proved to be dotting parents.

Is Eric Bieniemy’s Wife a Sportsperson?

Mia Bieniemy is mostly known as the wife of Eric Bieniemy but there is a possibility that she played sports as a student. Unfortunately, such details have not been made public by her or her husband. For now, she is just a sports celebrity spouse but has been a big support system in the course of her husband’s career.

Her own career details are not known but it seems likely she gave up her professional life to take care of the homefront. Though the exact time they met is not known, there are speculations that the two have known each other for many years, thus, she has been with Eric through the ups and downs of his career life. However, she hardly makes any public appearance with her popular husband but prefers to support him from the sidelines.

So far, Eric is the only known sports personality in the family but there is a possibility that their two children will make a major appearance in the sports arena. Mia’s son Elijah is already showing great talents as a high school student-athlete with his exploits in track and field events. Also, Eric’s nephew Jamal was drafted to ‘The Oklahoma Sooners’ men’s basketball team.

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