The Truth About Drew Brees Scar on His Face

Drew Brees’s scar on his face is a birthmark, but people have different opinions on how he got the mark.

The NFL quarterback has an intimidating height of 6 feet and weighs 209 pounds, but despite his persona, the scar on his face might catch your attention faster. The pretty big scar sits over his right cheek, and you cannot help but notice when you get close to the American football player. We explore some lesser-known truths about the mark on Drew Brees’s face.

How Did Drew Brees Get the Scar on His Face?

The scar on Drew Brees’s face is a birthmark he was born with. Unlike Angus Cloud, who has never deemed it fit to explain his scar, Brees has not hidden the origin of the mark on his face, which he says came from birth.

Interestingly, being born with that mark came with its challenges, as the football player was a victim of bullying as a child. In his interview with CNN, Brees said;

“Because of my birthmark, which I was born with, I got all kinds of comments when I was a kid, about ‘Wipe that whatever off your face.’… All kinds of names. People would call me Spot. I think they were trying to be malicious. They were trying to be hurtful. For me, I just tried to get to the point where I just brushed it off.”

The Saints quarterback found a way to deal with the nasty comments about his birthmark, and when fame came his way, he still wasn’t ashamed of his scar. This explains why he still has it, even though he can afford plastic surgery to get rid of it.

What is the Scar on Drew Brees’s Face?

Sittin on the upper side of his right cheek is a scar that has brought up many speculations about the origin. Before he spilled the beans, many people came up with speculations about the origin of the scar. The most popular rumor about Drew Brees’s scar is that it came from an old injury.

Oprah Winfrey’s version of the origin of Brees’ scar is hilarious as the TV personality thought it was a lipstick smudge. The first time Oprah came in contact with the NFL quarterback, she tried to wipe the scar off his face, thinking it was just some lipstick smudge. You can’t blame her as the scar looks like that sometimes.

While it has been established that the scar is a birthmark, some people can’t wrap their heads around the fact that a celebrity of his ilk has such serious “imperfection.” The point is he could have gotten surgery that he could afford. The quarterback can pay to remove the mark, but he chose not to do that. He has his reasons and has dropped a few hints in this regard.

Speaking to CNN about his scar and how it helped him in ways many may not understand, Drew Brees said his mother helped him through the trying times.

“I just remember my mom telling me when I was a kid, ‘Hey, that’s where an angel kissed you. So, nobody can say anything.’ Which, I guess that’s the way I handled it. “That’s how I kind of compartmentalized it when somebody would say something to me. Maybe I used it as motivation.”

Having grown into a talented young man with a huge platform that can touch lives, Brees is using the opportunity to preach against making fun of people because they are different.

Will Drew Brees Ever Remove The Scar On His Face?

Still, based on the idea that a celebrity can’t have such ‘fault’ right on his face, many people have wondered if the football player will ever get plastic surgery to remove his scar.

On that, Brees has made it known that removing the scar is the least of his problems. For him, if it doesn’t pose any health issues, then the scar stays. So far, the scar has not been a health challenge for him.

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