The Truth About Angus Cloud Scar In Real Life

The scar on Angus Cloud’s head is real, even though fans of the TV series Euphoria have come to think it is part of the storyline.

Actor Angus Cloud, who portrays drug dealer Fezco on Euphoria, became the center of attention in the second season as a result of the scar on his head. A line-shaped scar on the left side of his head became part of the story of his Euphoria character, leaving many wondering if the scar is real or not.

Is Angus Cloud Scar Real?

The line-shaped scar on the actor’s head is there in real life. Angus mostly keeps his hair short, making the scar more obvious for anyone to see. However, many people thought the scar was not real and was just the work of a makeup artist to shoot his scenes on Euphoria.

This is far from the truth as the actor has, without making any effort, proved that the scar is real. Angus Cloud is notable for keeping mute regarding his scar, but his pictures are there to show that the scar is not going away anytime soon. Angus Cloud’s scar has actually become his signature look, especially since his big break on the set of Euphoria.

Why Does Angus Cloud Have a Scar On His Head?

That question is left for the actor to answer but unfortunately, he is not interested in answering anything about his scar. The actor doesn’t show any interest in talking about his scar; thus, there is a lack of information on why the line-shaped mark is on his head.

The reason the scar is on his head is probably that he got it after a healed head injury, but nobody can say for sure if this happened. It could also be a birthmark. Another question that has lingered is how the actor got his scar.

How Did Angus Cloud Get His Scar?

Angus Cloud has never deemed it fit to explain anything about the scar on his head; thus, it has been difficult to ascertain its true origin. As a result, many speculations have sprung up about how Angus Cloud got the scar on his head.

One of the reports suggests he had brain surgery, which has lingered for a while. A comment on Reddit mentioned that the actor’s scar came from a possible skateboard accident that happened in December 2013. The reason is drawn from the fact that a picture of him with a bandaid on his head was seen at the time.

In an interview, Angus said that he used to be big on skateboarding but stopped for unspecified reasons. This led many to link the scar to an accident he sustained through skateboarding, and this discouraged him from the sport.

The Angus Cloud Scar Story

While Angus Cloud has not given the true version of the story behind his scar, producers of Euphoria have come up with one for his character on the show. Playing the role of Fez in Euphoria is mostly responsible for making the actor’s scar popular, and the storyline in Euphoria season 2 was used to emphasize it.

American filmmaker Sam Levinson incorporated the story of how the scar came about into a flashback in the series. Fez, a child from an unstable family, was under the care of his grandmother, who often took him to her drug deals.

Fez was subsequently hit by his grandmother’s crowbar by mistake while she was beating up someone she accused of stealing her mother. The accident caused a head injury, and fans applauded the scene as a brilliant way to explain the mark on his head.

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