The Story Behind How Daniel Lissing Made Nadia Lissing His Wife

Daniel and Nadia Lissing are a popular couple because of the former’s career in entertainment. He is an Australian actor who began his career with appearances in two episodes of Pizza, an Australian television series. Daniel became a part of the American movie industry in 2012 when he played James King in Last Resort, followed by his most famous role yet, Jack Thornton in When Calls the Heart. His character was the love interest of Erin Krakow’s character in the series and the chemistry they shared had a lot of people hoping their on-screen romance would manifest in real life. While there are reports that suggest this happened, the only fact we can confirm about the actor’s love life is his marriage to Nadia Lissing.

Daniel and Nadia Lissing Met In 2018 At a Bar In Reykjavik, Iceland

Many things are yet to be learned about the wife of the Aussie actor but we can tell she loves pasta, horror movies, and met Daniel Lissing in 2018 at a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. Nadia is college-educated, and it was just after she obtained a Master’s Degree in business that she met the actor who has become her husband. While the couple has largely kept their relationship away from the wandering eyes of the media, they have been pretty open about how they met.

According to Nadia, she decided to travel after she obtained the degree and was in a bar in Reykjavik when an excited and slightly drunk Daniel approached her. Nadia said her first impression about the actor was that he’s good-looking and with a crazy personality. Nonetheless, she immediately became fond of the actor as they had a deep connection she said was unexplainable.

The fact that he’s an actor widely admired for his role in When Calls the Heart had nothing to do with how Nadia felt about Daniel the first time they met. She said they had gone on dates several times before she learned he was famous. Adding that it was a strange experience for her, Nadia declared that she is now the biggest fan of the actor.

The Actor Proposed To His Wife On Her Birthday A Year Into Their Relationship

While people were still striving to figure out if the Daniel and Nadia Lissing relationship is a serious one, it emerged that the two were engaged. This was October 2019, after the actor took to Instagram to share the happy news, asserting that he will be getting married to the love of his life. Confirming their engagement, Nadia also took to Instagram to share a picture of the ring Daniel used to propose, affirming that she can’t imagine spending the rest of her life with anyone else.

The Aussie actor proposed with a Tiffany & Co. diamond ring set on a platinum band which he described as a symbol of their love. Adding that Nadia was happy with his choice, Daniel spoke glowingly of his fiancée. Based on what he shared, he realized that Nadia is the one for him because it is easy for them to get along. Suggesting he’s a difficult person to date, Daniel divulged that Nadia puts up with him, makes him laugh, and is always ready for any adventure that comes up. Based on all of those, he upheld that he had never met anyone like Nadia.

Their engagement was a simple one, it happened on Nadia’s birthday in their home. But Nadia said it was a pleasant surprise for her. She wasn’t expecting Daniel to propose so she was overwhelmed with feelings that made her cry. When they got engaged, the couple shared that they were planning to have a summer wedding in Bali. Nadia revealed that Daniel’s sister, Tamara, is a wedding planner and would assist them to pull off the perfect wedding. People were excited about the couple and looked forward to their wedding when it started circulating that they were already married, this was after Nadia changed her surname to Daniel’s on Instagram.

Daniel and Nadia Lissing Postponed Their Summer Wedding But Secretly Got Married In 2020

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Because of the coronavirus pandemic which made countries embrace social distancing, Daniel and Nadia Lissing were left with no option but to postpone the summer wedding they planned to have that year. Speaking about this the Last Resort actor told ET that it was not a difficult decision but the right thing to do as they wouldn’t want to risk the health and safety of their guests. He added that they would take the time to intensify their plans for an elaborate, outdoor family wedding in Bali which would take place anytime in May or June 2021.

But then, fans of the actor noticed earlier in 2020 that Nadia changed her last name to Lissing on Instagram. With that, it was reported in various quarters that the two were married. Addressing this, the actor dismissed the reports, claiming that Nadia was only preemptive of their marriage. Nonetheless, it was later confirmed that two truly had a private wedding in California. The actor confirmed this, adding that they will still have an elaborate event to celebrate the nuptials with friends and family.

If you are wondering why Daniel and Nadia Lissing denied they were married in the first place after the latter’s Instagram name change gave them away, the actor has a good explanation for it. When it circulated that the two were married, they had not informed some friends and family members they believe should get the news of their marriage from them and not from the public space. So Daniel had to deny the reports to personally inform family and friends before announcing to the public.

Did Daniel Lissing Date Erin Krakow?

As stated earlier, Daniel and Erin had a great chemistry on-screen in When Calls the Heart. Their characters on the show even got married before Daniel left the drama series. Because of that, many wished for the two to be a couple in real life and it was even rumored in some quarters that they dated.

This is, however, not true, at least to the best of our knowledge. The two were only co-stars and friends who think highly of each other. When Daniel left the drama series after its fifth season in 2018, Erin described him as one of her greatest scene partners.

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