The Great Christmas Light Fight: 7 Facts About ABCs Christmas Family Displays

The Great Christmas Light Fight
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The ABC reality TV show, The Great Christmas Light Fight was first aired in 2013. 6 seasons later and still counting, the show has been earnestly followed by fans even though it cannot be described as the most successful in terms of critical reviews.

For those following the reality television competition show for the first time or even those who have ardently viewed every single season, here are some quick interesting facts about the ABCs Christmas family displays.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Facts

1. What the show is about

The Great Christmas Light Fight is, as pointed out a competitive reality TV series that airs on the ABC network. Various families that are taking part in the show get to bring their decorating skills in competition against each other to win various prizes.

The show is judged by television personality and model Carter Oosterhouse as well as famous interior designer Taniya Nayak. They consider the homes that bring something new and unique to yuletide adornment and the family that takes its decoration to another level compared to others as the winner. Families that are involved are normal people who are not into interior designing.

2. Those behind the show

The ABC show comes from the TV company Fremantle which is known to also be behind some great reality TV shows including American Idol and America’s Got Talent. As part of the production team, there are also people like Brady Connell, Max Swedlow, Felicia Aaron White and Jennifer Mullin who are its executive producers.

Apart from Taniya Nayak and Carter Oosterhouse, others who have also been judges in the show are Michael Moloney and Sabrina Soto.

3. How homes are judged

With contestants selected from all over the United States based on some criteria set by the organizers, there are three things from which a winner will emerge (categories). The first category has to do with the use of light and the second has to do with the overall design that one brings in. Finally and also importantly, the display has to carry the spirit of Christmas as those are the three categories that are critiqued.

Apart from the main family competing, nothing stops their neighbors from coming around to help with the decorations and cheer them through.

The Great Christmas Light Fight
One of the past winners Alice Tristan and her trophy (Image Source)

4. The Great Christmas Light Fight season 7 and 8

While the 6th season of the show was not the most successful based on views and reviews, ABC Network is looking beyond the seventh to the eighth season. The seventh season of the Christmas themed show will premiere on Monday, December 8, and it will continue for three consecutive weeks with two more installments that will also be aired in the same time slots.

With the seventh season already set to start airing, the eighth season will return in December 2020 but with still some more time before we get to the time, there is still yet to be too much information. If you are looking farther than your nose,

5. The Great Halloween Fright Fight

Apart from The Great Christmas Light Fight edition of the show, there is also the Halloween edition which is known as The Great Halloween Fright Fight. As you must have guessed, this version of the show is centered on coming with a Halloween themed design that will capture the creativity of different families in showing the spirit of Halloween.

It features six different families that will compete against each other for prize money of $50,000. It also began in 2014 just as the Christmas edition and it is quite popular as The Great Christmas Light Fight. When it first came, it replaced the short-lived sitcom Manhattan Love Story and was won by Haunted Overlord.

6. The Second Season is the most viewed

Based on viewership, the second season of the show gained close to 7 million followers in the first two episodes and then 5.30 million in the next two, followed by 5.88 million in the last two seasons.

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While the remaining seasons of The Great Christmas Light Fight have maintained a viewership of between 4 and 5 million, the worst season is the sixth which has over 3 million viewers in the last three episodes.

7. The prizes to be won

With four families competing as pointed out, the prizes include $50,000 as well as a Light Fight trophy. In addition to that, there will also be a giveaway that will total $300,000 by the end of the show.