The Detour Cast: Actors & Actresses Behind The Cancelled TBS Comedy Series

Many thanks go to The Detour cast members for making the show one of TBS’ well-known TV comedies, successfully winning the hearts of millions of viewers in the process. The story, which is about a family that embarks on a vacation road-trip which goes wrong, earned the praise of critics and TV viewers alike, appealing to age-appropriate members of the family and building a dedicated fan base for itself. However, all these weren’t enough to save it as on the 4th of September, 2019, TBS, the network that had aired the show since April 2016, announced it will no longer be running the program after its fourth season.

While saddened fans will be left with little choice but to accept the reality that their beloved series will not be returning for a new season, a lot of questions about the show remains unanswered. Most of the questions ask about the fate of the Parker family and why the decision to cancel was taken.

Why The TBS Show ‘Detour’ Was Cancelled

The Detour is an American comedy series about a family, the Parkers, who go on a vacation that becomes nightmarish. The show provides humor, awkwardness, and wackiness almost explicitly, with heavy themes spread within.

Upon its launch, the show had an approval rating of 73%, attracting 25 million-plus viewers in Season 3 alone. Season 4, however, saw a 30% drop in viewership, a possible reason behind the network’s decision to cancel.

According to Variety, it also appeared that TBS was focusing on new kinds of programming after AT &T acquired Time-Warner. The network had been considering a move away from solely comedy to more dramatic content. Perhaps its acquisition of the TV series Snowpiercer would explain the kind of content it will be favoring a lot more in the years to come.

The Detour Cast: Actors & Actresses Behind The Cancelled TBS Series

Jason Jones

Jason Jones
The Detour Cast

Creator and producer of the show, Jason Jones plays Nate Parker Jr head of the Parker family, who, after having problems at work and losing his job, decides to leave Syracuse with his family and move to Florida with the intention of getting a new job. However, he does not reveal this at the beginning and disguises the trip as a family vacation.

Jason is a Canadian-American actor best known as the husband of the American-Canadian comedian Samantha Bee. Jason has been active in the show business since 2003 with his roles in shows like How I Met Your Mother, Craft Corner Deathmatch and Queer as Folk being highly commendable.

Natalie Zea

the detour cast

Zea plays Robin Randall/BlueJay Randall, Nate’s wife. Her role becomes prominent in Season 2 where she has to deal with a past that resurfaces. She is family-oriented but also strong-willed.

Born in Texas on March 17, 1975, Natalie Zea joined show business in 1995 and has been active ever since, appearing in both films and TV shows. Some of her latest TV roles include “Amy Von Getz” in White Famous and “Mickey Holmes-Harris” in Members Only. In films, she has appeared in The Other Guys, and Too Late, to mention a few.

Ashley Gerasimovich

Ashley Gerasimovich
The Detour Cast

Ashley Gerasimovich, the breakthrough actress of Blue Blood and The Little Piggy, plays Delilah Parker, one half of preteen twins and the kids of Nate and Robin. She grows bored of the trip and family drama and decides to run away and become a Youtube star. The search for her takes her family from Paraguay to Japan. Season 4 centers majorly on her character.

Liam Carroll

Liam Carroll

Liam Carroll plays Jared Parker, the other half of the twins. Like his sister, he too grows tired of the trip and wants off. Unlike his sister though, he doesn’t go to lengths to express his dissatisfaction. His role is amplified in Season 3.

Daniella Pineda

The Detour Cast

Daniella plays Vanessa Randall. She is a well-known actress-comedian who has also starred in the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. As a member of The Detour cast, she is prominent in Seasons 1-3.

James Cromwell

The Detour Cast

The American actor plays Jack “J.R” Randall, Robin’s father and a wanted felon. He is a part of the past Robin has to deal with in Season 2. He also features in Season 4 as well.

James Cromwell has had a long and multi-decade career in Hollywood; he is, however, best known for his role in Babe.

Laura Benanti

The Detour Cast
The Detour Cast

The talented Laura Benati plays the overzealous USPIS Agent Edie Randall. Her character is a pregnant agent who must enforce the law even if that means going on the heels of a family on a problem-ladened trip that’s no fault of theirs.

Other Facts You Should Know About the TV Series

1. The show is based on the real-life vacation experiences of creators Jason Jones and Samantha Bee

2. Jason Jones and Samantha Bee are husband and wife in real life. They not only write the series but they also executive-produce and direct as well.

3. Jason stars in it as lead cast Nate Parker, as previously mentioned.


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