When Is The Accountant 2 Coming To The Cinema And Who Will Make The Cast?

The Accountant 2
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Following the commercial and cinematic success of The Accountant movie which was released by Warner Bros Studios in 2016, many fans of the movie have been asking for a sequel to be made. The movie grossed over $155 million at the box office, having been made on a budget of $44 million. In addition to being a commercial success, the action thriller film was also a critical success; both qualities that make a sequel of a movie almost inevitable. Though it seems certain that The Accountant 2 would be made, a lot of facts are not yet clear about the impending release. Here is a rundown of what we know about the sequel of the blockbuster movie.

When Is The Accountant 2 Coming To The Cinemas

The studio behind the proposed sequel – Warner Bros, have not given a definitive date for the release of the movie – in fact, there’s no guarantee that the sequel has even been written or production date set; but that has not stopped fans of the prequel or movie enthusiasts and speculators from doing what they know to do best – speculate and project what the plot of the movie and it’s release date would be.

Some believe that since Warner Bros had contacted the original director – Gavin O’ Connor, writer – Bill Dubuque and producers – Mark Williams and Lynette Taylor, since 2017 about making a sequel, it will be released either late in 2019 or sometime in 2020. A few others share a different opinion and believe that the sequel will not make it to the cinemas until sometime in 2021, going by the fact that the studios itself is very busy with other movie projects for now, and would take its time before going into production and post-production of the very much anticipated sequel.

With regards to the possible plot of the proposed The Accountant 2, Warner Bros has contacted and contracted the original director of the first movie about making a sequel to the movie and he seems to have great ideas on what the sequel might look like.

So, if one is to take the words and thoughts of the director very serious, a sequel is brewing somewhere. Guess we’ll all have to wait and see if this will truly be the plot of the anticipated The Accountant 2, or if there will be a different direction to it.

The Accountant 2
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Who Will Make The Cast of The Accountant 2?

Apart from the producers, director and screenwriter of The Accountant that have been confirmed to create the sequel – The Accountant 2 by Warner Bros Studios, only 2 main cast members have been “officially” confirmed by the production company to feature in the proposed sequel – they are Ben Affleck and Jon Bernthal.

Ben Affleck starred as the main character of the movie – Christian Wolff – a child with chronic autism, who taught in a special school for children with varying medical conditions and also trained to have basic survival skills by his father, who was in the army. He grew up to become a chartered professional accountant – who worked for organizations that required his expertise.

When his life and associates were threatened by hired mercenaries of an organization that he worked for to check the source of embezzlement in their records, he resorts to his military skills to stay safe and keep his friends from harm. Ben Affleck, in a series of interviews, has confirmed that he will be featuring in the sequel.

Jon Bernthal, who played the role of Braxton – the older brother of Christian Wolff has also been confirmed to feature in the sequel. Braxton was the mercenary hired by the organization Christian consulted for, to take him out; instead, the encounter reconnected him with his long lost brother.

There are, however, a lot of speculations and projections about who else will feature in The Accountant 2 – since there is no further information available from Warner Bros on this. A lot of people are speculating that Alison Wright – who starred as Justine, a mute autistic child that grew up to become Christian Wolff’s contact to the outside world, and who utilizes a text-to-speech software to communicate, will most likely be part of the sequel.

Other cast members of The Accountant who are being speculated to feature in the sequel may include Smith Lee – who featured as the young autistic Christian Wolffe (just in case references needs to be made to his childhood); as well as Jake Presley and Izzy Fenech – who starred as younger versions of Braxton and Justine respectively.