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An American actress who has become famous for her various works including Malignant Spirits: Sense of Fiction, Taylor Olsen has risen to fame thanks to her few stints and most importantly, on the wings of the popularity of her family. While she may not have acted in as many movies as other stars in the movie world, she still manages to be somewhat popular among her small circle of fans. That stated, she has been away for a long time and many people are wondering where she has been since her last appearance. Here are things that you can know about her.

Taylor Olsen Biography

Taylor was born in 1996 and was raised as the half-sister to American actresses Elizabeth Chase Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Ashley Olsen. Her father David Olson got a divorce from his first previous wife before marrying her mother, McKenzie Olsen.

Her father was born on 15 October 1953 and through him, she has a Norwegian ancestry. Even as most of his children would go into entertainment and fashion, he is into real estate.

Even as there is not too much that is known about her, she got famous on the wings of the popularity of her family as well as for her appearances in a number of works such as the horror thriller movie, Malignant Spirits: Sense of Fiction which was released in 2014 and also YOLO: The Movie in 2015 where she played the role of Ralph. Although the role was not a major one, it was significant in improving her acting career.

Apart from the movies that she has been a part of, Taylor Olsen has also appeared in the reality TV series, BNow! Since from then, Taylor has not been seen in any productions whether movie or reality shows.

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As regards her education, there is nothing that is given about that just as it is with many other things about the young star. That is not to suggest that she has not received the proper education.

Facts You Need To Know

Taylor Olsen
Taylor Olsen and Family (Image Source)
  • She is from a family that is known in the showbiz as a whole. This is as all her half-siblings are involved in different things in Hollywood.
  • Although the parents have not had a career in the entertainment industry, the children in the family are into entertainment with James Trent Olsen as an actor and comic book writer. More so, Elizabeth Chase Olsen is an active actress who has many awards to her name for movies such as I Saw the Light, Silent House, and Martha Marcy May Marlene.
  • Taylor’s mother, as pointed out already is McKenzie Olsen. She was born on July 10, 1959, as Martha E. Taylor, which makes sense that she decides to give the name Taylor to her daughter. Even though she is not very much into full time acting, she has appeared in a few productions including $chmooze or Lo$e (2014).
  • The most popular members of her family are her half-sisters, the Olsen twins. Born on June 13, 1986, the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen came to the limelight as child actresses. However, today, they are very famous faces as far as fashion is concerned. Having acted last in 2004 when they both made an appearance in the New York Minute, and some voice acting before then in works such as The Simpsons, and Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!, the actresses have made a career for themselves in the fashion world.
  • Her younger brother is Jake Olsen.
  • Because her sisters are into fashion, there were expectations that she would be a model, however, she doesn’t seem to be pursuing it even after appearing in fashion shows organized by her sisters.
  • Taylor Olsen has only been in a few number of movies in the past such as the Malignant Spirits: Sense of Fiction (2014) where she played the role of the cousin, YOLO: The Movie (2015) where she acted as Ralph, as well as on BNow! (2015) which is a Livestream about stars.
  • The blonde and beautiful actress who prefers to stay as private as possible lives in Los Angeles.
  • Even though he is not a full-time model, Jake has also done a little modelling. It is not sure whether he is planning to go into it as a career. More so, there is no record of him getting involved in acting.
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