Important Facts About Taylor Nicole Dean’s Heroine Addiction, YouTube Success And Boyfriend

One of the many people to have contributed to the wide library of videos you can find on the video-sharing platform, YouTube, is vlogger Taylor Nicole Dean who is best known for uploading videos of her snakes and other exotic pets that include alligators, geckos, and hedgehogs. The YouTuber teaches people how to care for such animals and has achieved fame while doing it.

Surprisingly to those that follow her work, Taylor has been suffering from heroin addiction. She revealed this in one of her videos, prompting fans to always try to check up on her and how her journey to sobriety is coming along. Here is what we have been able to find out about this and how she came close to losing everything. Also, learn about her love life and how she achieved success and fame below.

Unlike many others who began their YouTube channels a long time ago, Taylor Nicole Dean only started hers in 2017 and it quickly became a success thanks to the viral video titled All my Pets in One Video. The video, which she uploaded to the website in May that year, shows viewers all her pets as the title suggests and has since accumulated over 15 million views.

An animal enthusiast, Taylor creates content about her many pets and teaches how to take care of the different animals. Her unique and uncommon content contributed to her quick rise to fame as her channel now has over 1.8 million subscribers.

How Did Taylor Get Addicted To Heroin?

In 2019, Taylor Nicole Dean was the subject of several controversial accusations concerning her treatment of her animals, alleged drug use, and inconsistencies in her personality in the previous months.

After taking a 3-month-break, the YouTuber took to her channel to reveal ‘The Truth About Everything’ in a 75-minute-long video. In the video, she detailed her journey from before she started her channel to her first encounter with drugs and how she became sober.

Taylor first tried cocaine when she was 18 years old, and a few times after that but was able to stop. She then met her boyfriend – now ex – whose name she initially withheld but later revealed in another video as singer-songwriter Jonathan Craig. She admitted that Craig told her he’d been a heroin addict for 10 years when they met but her ‘addictive personality’ made her stay despite the red flag. They started living together and although he convinced her to take cocaine a few times so he could take opiates, she was convinced he would never go near a needle again because he promised her so.

One day, during a conversation about Craig checking into rehab after he relapsed and used one of the needles she brought home to treat her pets, Craig persuaded her to use heroin with him as a couple. He convinced her it would be the first and last time, then they would get clean. In a bid to do whatever it took to get him off the drug, Taylor Nicole Dean caved in but unfortunately got hooked.

Taylor experimented until she found the right ‘high’ and in no time, became fully addicted. Though it made her sick, she still couldn’t put it down. She managed to keep up appearances in her videos and on social media as nothing seemed to be able to stop her, not even a skin breakout.

Taylor Nicole Dean later got clean for a bit by using Suboxone, a prescribed narcotic that helped with the pain of withdrawal. She, however, relapsed three days into her recovery. She also came close to dying a few times either by near overdose or mistakenly shooting an artery instead of a vein.

Here is How She Finally Got Sober

Taylor Nicole Dean finally got the help she needed after a friend got her estranged mother involved. The first thing the duo was able to do to help Taylor was to get rid of all the needles in the house. Her mother further got Craig (who had the contact of their drug supplier) out of the house for a week and started checking on her daughter regularly.

In the days and weeks that followed, Taylor ran out of her heroin supply and went through a painful withdrawal. When her mother came visiting on one of her worst days, she drove her to a rehab facility where the young girl checked herself in. Taylor was able to receive the much-needed help she required, as she went on to end things with Craig. She subsequently moved back in with her parents and started attending therapy. Thankfully, she’s healthy now and is getting on well with her recovery.

Is She Still In A Relationship With Craig?

Taylor Nicole Dean
Taylor Nicole Dean and Jonny Craig (Image Source)

Apart from an unnamed guy Taylor Nicole Dean implied to have been in an on-again, off-again relationship with in her addiction-admission video, she has only been known to have dated one other guy who is her ex, Jonathan Craig.

Born in 1986, Craig is 11 years older than the YouTube star and is said to have had a child from a previous relationship. Beyond the drug issues, Taylor also alleged in her videos that Craig, who has a history of domestic violence, physically abused her on several occasions during their relationship.

Taylor appears to now be single as she is still recovering from her allegedly abusive relationship with Craig that also led her to start using drugs. She has seemingly chosen to use this time to focus on her well being and rekindle her relationship with her family.

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