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Taylor Gabriel has come from being undrafted in 2014 to playing in Super Bowl, recording a league-best 139.9 passer rating, as well as scoring a career-high seven touchdowns. He is a wide receiver for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL).

He is an undeterred player with an explosive speed which he would no doubt add to the passing attack of the Bears squad. Taylor Gabriel is not just about speed and agility though, he is as strong as can be and his blocking skill is top-notch.

An electrifying do-it-all receiver, Gabriel played at Abilene Christian and was signed by the Cleveland Browns in 2014 as well as had a spell with the Atlanta Falcons.

Taylor Gabriel’s Bio

The Bears wide receiver was born on 17 February 1991 in Abilene, Texas as Taylor James Gabriel. He was a star athlete and didn’t take long to show forth his shine. Gabriel attended John Horn High School where he was a three-fold athlete in football, track and basketball but football seemed to be the one he was cut out for. He is nicknamed Turbo for his explosive electric-like speed.

At the end of his junior year, Gabriel had 47 catches for 588 yards and four touchdowns while his senior year saw him finishing with 90 catches for 1,354 yards with 13 touchdowns, earning Class 5A TSWA All-State in turn.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled at Abilene Christian University where he continued as a phenom on the gridiron field. His collegiate career was that of an elite player as he held the record for most career touchdowns (27) throughout his stay on the team from 2010 to 2013. His career at Abilene Christian ended with 215 receptions for 3,027 yards and 27 touchdowns which is second in the history of the school and also graduated with a degree in business.

Though he had a massive career in college, Gabriel was more like a diamond in the rough at the end of that phase. He went undrafted in the 2014 NFL Draft but eventually pitched his tent with the Cleveland Browns where he started on his way to national prominence. In the two seasons he spent with the Browns, he finished with 64 receptions for 862 yards and a touchdown.

After his spell with the Browns, Gabriel was set on the move once more and landed with the Atlanta Falcons which claimed him off waivers on September 4, 2016, after he was released by the Cleveland side the previous day. He would also spend two but highly productive seasons with the Falcons.

In his first season therein, he produced one of the most efficient seasons a Falcon has ever pulled off with a considerable number of eye-popping statistics. He totalled 35 receptions for 579 yards and six touchdowns. However, in the following season, he recorded four starts in 16 games, 33 catches for 378 yards and only one touchdown which was due to Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan leaving to become head coach at the San Francisco 49ers. 2017 could be termed a so-so season for Gabriel being that he was a key player in the Falcons appearance in Super Bowl LI. Though they lost to the New England Patriots in overtime by a score of 34–28, he had three receptions for 76 yards.

Taylor Gabriel may not be at the ceiling yet but that’s what makes it more interesting as he is yet to deliver his best which could possibly emerge with the Chicago Bears where he is currently attached on a four-year contract. He is in his fifth season in the NFL and would contrast effectively with veteran receiver Allen Robinson with Trey Burton, Kyle Fuller, and Roquan Smith on the offense. With this build-up, the Bears could be considered a juggernaut in the NFL.

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Taylor was born as a middle child in a family of five to Calvin (father), an IBM software engineer and Kimberly Gabriel (mother), who worked as a claims adjuster. He has two siblings, a younger sister Chloe and an older brother by six years, Nicholas. He credits his late mother and father for the drive to excel, not only in the field but in life as well.

On October 6, 2006, his mother died of a brain aneurysm two hours after she dropped Gabriel and his sister off to school. He was only 15 at the time. After the horrible incident, he abandoned the game for a month with no intention of returning and only made a comeback to the field, figuring that was what his mother would have wanted. The comeback was also part of processing her loss. He convinced himself that football could be the only way to reunite with his mom and now plays as a way to feel her presence, carrying her in his memory always. His conviction to rise to the top of the NFL rank as one of the best wide receivers in history could only come from knowing his mother believed in him against all odds.

Taylor Gabriel’s Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Taylor Gabriel
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Height somehow has a way of defining athleticism and it wasn’t any different for this Bears wide receiver. Taylor Gabriel belongs to the class of diminutive build athletes but has not allowed his 5’8″ (1.73 m) frame and 165 lb (75 kg) size deter him in any way. He has, as a result of his size, been often overlooked which often gives him the feeling that he has a chip on his shoulder for being the little guy, one he considers necessary to play at the top of his game.

Despite his pint-size, he easily convinces teams and fans of his ability and form once he gets on the field; he has been productive in the NFL and has been to a Super Bowl. Against what many people may be led to believe – going by his physique, he plays very physical and has fine blocking skills. For Taylor Gabriel, his size is no restriction in any way. He describes his style of play as physical, highlighting his speed and agility as being at the foremost in his athleticism.

For him, size didn’t matter and it still doesn’t as he builds a stellar career. He can get up on a cat fast, something height-favoured players can only dream of. Additionally, his long stride is downright bizarre for a man of his stature. As he scales the ranks to the top of the NFL list, he is no longer shunned for his size but is rather recognized as a viable weapon with incredible explosiveness.


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