Tanya Roberts
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Tanya Roberts gained a trendy fan following due to her portrayal of seductive characters in erotic movies from the 70s up till the 90s. She also gained popularity as the femme fatale of Hollywood after her successful portrayal of a Bond girl in one of James Bond movies titled A View to Kill which was released in 1985. Her voluptuous figure, as well as her well-toned legs, were well noticed by the discerning eyes of the camera and consequently, her acting prowess was never her strong suit even in her high budget movies as Tanya’s looks stole the attention that was supposed to be for her talent.

The lisp, breathless-voiced artist did not relent one bit in her efforts to prove herself to the public and fans. As a result of hard work and dedication, coupled with substantial roles in movies such as Sheena: Queen of the Jungle and The Beastmaster, she was able to establish herself not only as a beautiful woman but one capable of shouldering an entire movie. Even at this stage in her career, her acting prowess got a lot of criticism while Hollywood continued to admire her looks much more than her talent and continued to feature her solely in erotic thrillers.

Tanya Roberts

When it was beginning to look like the movies were not going to give her the respect and recognition she deserved, Tanya Roberts made a detour to television. Her acting ability experienced a bit of redemption from her roles in a couple of television shows including That 70s Show and Charlie’s Angels. Tanya has since appeared in productions like; Pleasure Cove, Waikiki and Zuma Beach.

Tanya Robert – Bio, Childhood

Tanya Robert’s birth name is Victoria Leigh Blum, she was born on the 15th of October 1955 in the Bronx, New York City. Her ancestry is a mixture of Jewish and Irish, but her country of birth is an indication of her American nationality. She commenced building up a photo portfolio in preparation for a career when she relocated to Toronto with her mom.


The only information available on the actress’ family life is that she is from a humble home with her dad earning a living as a seller of fountain pens and her mum is Jewish. She is the second child of her parents with an older sister called Barbara.

Tanya’s childhood was sort of tumultuous, she had some juvenile issues while growing up and was even involved in an impulsive marriage at the age of 15 which was later annulled by the mother of her Bohemian spouse who objected to the union from the onset.

Tanya had a wild and crazy teenage experience and spent most of her childhood hitchhiking all over the US before she settled down to study acting at the Actor’s Studio under the name Tanya Roberts.

Net Worth

Tanya’s salary is not known but her net worth is estimated at a healthy $10 million which will definitely show some positive growth at the next review. It is on record that she charged $12,000 per episode on the set of Charlie’s Angel.

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Celebrity Facts

  • Relationship History

Tanya started relating with the opposite sex at an early stage of her life, she even got caught up in a juvenile marriage at the age of 15 with a Bohemian guy but her mother-in-law annulled the marriage. She met her second spouse Barry Roberts while waiting to see a movie. At that time, Roberts was studying Psychology. Tanya herself popped the big question to Roberts in a subway station and they got married in 1974. Their union lasted till Robert’s death which occurred on the 15th of June 2006.

  • Body Stats

Tanya is a typical peroxide blonde which means that the colour of her hair came from a bottle. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 58 kg in body mass. Her general body stats are listed as 37 inches for bust, 24 inches for waist and 35 inches for hips. She wears a bra size of 34C, a dress size of 2 US and a shoe size of 8 US.

  • Interest in Golf

Apart from her acting talent, Tanya Roberts is an avid golfer, she has played in several tournaments for organizations like the Arthritis Foundation, the Nissan Celebrity PRO-AM, and the Los Angeles Police Department.

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