Sydney Brooke Simpson’s – Details of O.J’s Daughter and What She Is Doing Now

Age/Date of Birth:
35 years old (17 October 1985)
6 feet (1.83 m)
Husband or Boyfriend:N/A
Parents:Father: O. J. Simpson,
Mother: Nicole Brown Simpson
Net Worth:$500, 000

There is no running away from the spotlight if your parents happen to be the focal point of a controversial and highly publicized criminal trial that divided America along racial lines. Such is the case for Sydney Brooke Simpson, the daughter of former American football star O.J. Simpson and his murdered ex-wife, model Nicole Brown.

Sydney prefers to live her life in quietude as a businesswoman with a finger in real estate. She is also a restaurateur, serving as the co-owner and manager of a restaurant with her younger brother Justin. Here is a look at other personal details of the daughter of the former football star, including what their relationship is like in recent times.

Who is Sydney Brooks Simpson?

Sydney Brooks Simpson was born on the 17th of October 1985 in the United States. Her father O.J. played professional football before retiring to become an actor and advertising consultant. Her mum Nicole Brown, on the other hand, worked as a waitress and then later as a model. Sydney has one brother, Justin Ryan, who is younger than her by three years. From her dad’s first marriage to Marguerite L. Whitley, she has two half-siblings; Arnelle and Jason Simpson.

Sydney’s parents’ union endured for seven years, from 1985 to 1992 when they divorced. An ugly incident, however, happened a couple of years later in 1994 when her mum and a friend named Ron Goldman were found outside her LA apartment stabbed to death. O.J. was believed to be responsible and so he was arrested and charged with murder.

What ensued afterward was a 9-month long nationally televised trial dubbed “The Trial of the Century”. At the end on the 3rd of October 1995, Sydney Brooks Simpson’s father was found not guilty and acquitted. The public and the families of the victims were dissatisfied with the judgment and so they filed a civil lawsuit against O.J. Here, the former NFL star was found guilty for the two murders and was ordered to pay $19.5 million in damages as compensation to the families.

Following the highly publicized trial, Sydney carried on with her normal life. She attended and graduated from Gulliver Academy before later proceeding to the College of Arts and Science at Boston University to study Sociology. After graduating in 2010, O.J. Simpson’s daughter spent some years in Atlanta working as an event coordinator. She also tried her hands at several other jobs before moving to St. Petersburg, Florida.

The Father-Daughter Relationship Was Strained

Sydney Brooke Simpson
Sydney and OJ Simpson – Image Source

After her mum’s gruesome murder, Sydney Brooke Simpson and her brother were taken in by their maternal relatives. O.J.’s family, however, began to share custody of the children in the latter years. Following their father’s conviction, reports surfaced saying that both Sydney and her younger brother Justin were refusing to have anything to do with their dad but O.J. and his attorney refuted this claim stating that he was not estranged from his children.

But even with all of O.J.’s claims, he was never seen with his children in public afterward until 2018 when the trio were spotted spending Thanksgiving on a beach in Florida. They enjoyed a meal at a Tierra Verde Seafood Bar and Grill looking really happy with themselves.

Did She Inherit Any Money From Her Father?

Since she launched her real estate business, a lot of people have shown interest in knowing the source of Sydney Brooke Simpson’s capital. Her small business empire has acquired over 13 apartments and homes in low-income locations worth about $500,000. According to reports, all the properties except two were purchased with cash.

It is not clear if the capital she used in starting her business was from her dad, however, if it is proven to be so, Sydney may find herself in a lawsuit between O.J. and the family of Goldman. According to David Cook, attorney for Goldman’s dad, he is currently perusing bank deposits and records in a bid to follow Sydney’s trail of cash. If any of her properties were revealed to have been acquired with O.J.’s money, it would make both Sydney and her brother eligible for a recoup.

Cook went further to say that any funds from O.J. to his children would be considered a “fraudulent conveyance,” which in layman’s language, means a transfer of cash in a bid to avoid debt. The lawyer deemed it fit to make this investigation as O.J. is still neck-deep in debt of the money he was ordered to pay in a civil judgment.

So, until Cook comes up with some proof, it is safe to surmise that neither Sydney Brooke Simpson nor her younger brother has inherited any money from their dad. However, sources have pegged her current net worth at $500,000, which she earned from her career in real estate.

What Is She Doing Now?

Upon her move to Florida, Sydney got a job as a caterer. She later delved into real estate under the business name Simspy LLC. Her business is doing so well that she acquired four properties within one year from 2015 to 2016. She later added others to her collection as time went by. Sydney is also the owner of her home in St. Petersburg and co-owns a restaurant with her younger brother. For now, she is living a single life with her dogs and hardly makes any public appearances.

Profile Summary 
First Name:Sydney
Last Name:Simpson
Also Known As:
Famous For:She's O. J. Simpson's daughter
Colleges/Universities Attended:
Boston University (2010)
Educational Qualifications:
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth:
35 years old (17 October 1985)
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Birth Place:
United States of America (USA)
Country of Residence:
United States of America (USA)
Physical Attributes
6 ft (1.83 m)
Eye Colour:
Hair Color:
Other Body Measurements:
Marital Status:
Family and Relatives
O. J. Simpson
Mother:Nicole Brown Simpson
Siblings:Justin Ryan Simpson, Arnelle Simpson, Jason Simpson, Aaren Simpson
Other Relatives:
Grandparents: Juditha Anne Brown,
Jimmy Lee Simpson,
Louis Hezekiel Brown,
Eunice Simpson
Net Worth
Estimated Net Worth:
$500, 000
Source of Wealth:
Real Estate

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