Susie Hariet Wiki, Age, Married, Husband, Family

If you don’t know her, there is no need to bang your head against the wall or have any penance. At least, Susie Hariet is not one of those that too many people know.

She is, however, a beautiful woman who is many things in one, and who is loved by those who know her. This is even as she has managed as much as possible to stay away from the public except with her husband.

Hariet is a South African jazz vocalist,  singing teacher and dancer, as well as an actress, even though she didn’t take that part of her as serious as you would expect with many others.

Susie Hariet Wiki and Bio

Susie Hariet
Oona Chaplin, Dan Stevens, and Susie Hariet

Getting to know her a little better, Susie Hariet was born on December 22, 1975, in South Africa, as part of the white community in the country. It was there that she was mainly raised even though there isn’t much about the beautiful woman that was given to the public.

Nevertheless, she grew up being inspired by her mother who was an actress to cut her path in the creative fields.

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She didn’t take to acting full time, but she has had her stories in that area too, after appearing in few movies including Forget Me Not (2010), The Dark Room (2010) and Worth (2007).

Even as the 41-year-old beautiful woman didn’t spend an eternity in the movie scene, she seemed to be more cut out for the theatre where she had a longer spell. What she does in the theatre is thought to be more with her music.

What actually forced her to the limelight was her marriage to her actor husband who is popular for his acting having appeared in movies including High Maintenance, The Guest, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Beauty and the Beast, and the FX series, Legion.

Susie Hariet Married, Husband, Family

Susie Hariet
Susie Hariet and husband

Hariet is married. Her husband is the renowned English actor, Dan Stevens. The two have been married since 2009, and their family is blessed with two children.

Hariet and her husband met in 2004 when she was in England working as in a theatre. Even though the woman is as much as 7 years the actor’s senior, they immediately fell for each other at first sight and things only got better. Age is just a number as it is said.

Revealing how they met, Stephens revealed thus: “I was getting my kit off every night at the Crucible doing The Romans in Britain, and she was appearing in a musical.”

They married six months after she took in with their first child. The child was born a girl, Willow, in the same year. In 2012, the couple welcomed their next child, this time around it was a boy, Aubrey. It was in 2016 that the couple had their third child, Eden.

All their kids are well kept away from the public and the media just as Susie prefers her own life to be.

Susie Hariet and her husband have lived in London after their marriage until 2012 when they moved to New York where they still live. They have also spent some time in South Africa.

“I’ve been so lucky in that my wife has been incredibly understanding and supportive. Had that not been the case, things might not have been quite so easy,” Stevens revealed to The DaiyMail when speaking on how lucky he was to have his wife.

In fact, there are reports that she has supported him a lot with his acting since the two got together. She has been credited to be the brain behind his character in the movies, High Maintenance.

Susie Hariet Net Worth and Other Information

Susie Hariet
Susie Hariet and Dan Stevens

Harriet has got her hands on different things that should at least leave her with a very decent if not good Net worth. We are not very certain about that as her Net worth is still being reviewed.

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Her husband, on the other hand, has returned with a net worth of $6 million which is a significant rise from what he had a couple of years ago.

At 5′ 6″, she is not the tallest on the cue, neither is she the shortest. More so, the beautiful red haired woman has a nice physique that accompanies her charisma.


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