Sue Bownds Biography – Husband, Net Worth and Other Interesting Facts

Sue Bownds is the mother of Rebel Wilson, an actress, comedian, producer, and writer. Her current net worth is pegged at $200k. Sue Bownds is a dog handler, dog breeder, and dog judge. She started her breeding business alongside her late husband, Jack Bownds.

Though Sue only tested fame after her daughter gained popularity in the entertainment industry, she has a well-established career. Her children are all grown up and charting their own courses in life, and Sue, who is now a grandmother, is still in the dog breeding business.

Summary of Sue Bownds’s Biography

  • Full Name: Sue Bownds
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Sue Bownds’ late Husband: Jack Bownds
  • Sue Bownds’ Children: Annachi, Liberty, Rebel, and Ryot
  • Sue Bownds’ Net Worth: $200k
  • Famous For: Being Rebel Wilson’s mother

How Old is Sue Bownds?

Sue Bownds has not revealed anything about her date of birth, thus, it is difficult to know her current age. However, it is common knowledge that she was born in Australia, making her an Australian by nationality, though she is said to have an English heritage.

The Australian native’s parents are not known, but according to kept records, Sue’s great-grandparents worked and earned a living as professional dog judges who originally hailed from England. However, at a point in their career life, the patriarch and matriarch of her family left their home country England and migrated to New Zealand, and that is how they came to settle in Australia.

Growing up in Australia, Sue Bownds developed a love for animals, especially dogs, and that is not surprising given the fact that she comes from the lineage of dog lovers. Sue’s great love for canines led her parents to nickname her, Nangunyah.

Nothing has been said about Sue’s siblings, and there are no tidbits about her academic journey.

What Does Bownds Do For a Living?

Sue Bownds obviously followed her family tradition and earns a living as a licensed dog handler. Alongside her husband, Jack Bownds, who is now late, she co-owned and ran a successful dog-handling business in Australia.

The duo is also listed as reputable Beagle breeders. In addition to the Beagle dog breed, Sue and her spouse also handle other breeds like Doberman Pinschers and English Springer Spaniels.

Bownds became a judge for dog shows in 1980 and was a big hit till the 2000s. The countries where she judged dog shows include Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Finland, and the Czech Republic. In addition to the aforementioned countries, Sue also judged dog shows in the Philippines, Germany, Thailand, China, The United Kingdom, and the United States.

She was last seen judging dog shows during the 2018 Split Shows. Approximately, Sue has been in the business of dog breeding, handling, and shows for 40 years. They recently appointed the dog breeder as an International All Breeds FCI judge, which shows that her dog breeding career is still thriving.

We must not forget to acknowledge the time that Sue Bownds worked as a classroom teacher, but nonetheless, all the fame she enjoys today is made possible by her daughter, Rebel Wilson, who is renowned as a comedian, actor, producer, and writer of Australian origin.

Sue Bownds Was Married to Jack Bownds Until His Demise

Sue Bownds’ relationship status currently reads widowed. She got married to her husband, Jack Bownds, in 1976. The details of their wedding are not known, but old reports revealed that the duo met in 1969 and started dating almost immediately. Jack and Sue dated for almost seven years before deciding to tie the knot in 1976

The Australian dog breeders stayed together for over 34 years before Sue lost Jack in mid-2010. The father of four met his death when his daughter Rebel was filming her movie, Super Fun Night which she also wrote and produced.

Following her husband’s death, Sue did not remarry but stuck with her four children.

Sue Bownds
Sue and her lookalike daughter Rebel image source

They Had Four Children Together, Including Rebel Wilson

Jack and Sue Bownds were four years into their marriage when they welcomed their daughter, Rebel Wilson. Rebel announced her entrance on the 2nd of March 1980.

The actress cum comedian is best known for the characters she depicted in productions like Bridesmaids, The Hustle, Pitch Perfect, and other projects.

Following the launch of her acting career in 2002, Rebel hit her big break on the set of the comedic series Pizza where she breathed life into the character of Toula.

After playing starring roles in A Few Best Men and Bridesmaids, Sue Bownds’ daughter relocated to the United States in 2011 in pursuit of better career opportunities. She is also popular in theater production, participating in the Australian Theatre for Young People program.

Rebel’s hard work and commitment to her career have not gone unnoticed, as she has bagged numerous awards and accolades. Some of her notable awards include Critics’ Choice, Tropfest, and MTV Movie Awards.

Sue Bownds has Other Children

Sue Bownds
Sue and her four children image source

Apart from Rebel, Sue Bownds shared three other children with her late husband Jack. She has two girls, Liberty and Annachi, and a son who goes by the name, Ryot.

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However, none of Sue’s other children gained fame like Rebel. They are all engaged in normal nine-to-five jobs, according to reports, and lead private lives.

How Much is Sue Bownds’ Net Worth?

Sue Bownds has not revealed anything about her current net worth, but that has not stopped sources from speculating. According to several media outlets, the dog handler, breeder, and judge has an estimated fortune of $200k.

The sources also claim that the Australian breeder earns around 28k on an annual basis, but this amount is yet to be verified. Sue is believed to have earned a larger part of her bank balance from judging dog shows and breeding Beagles and other breeds of canines.

Though Sue’s bottom line is not so fantastic, the mother of four has no financial worries as she is comfortably buoyed by her celebrity actress daughter, who has a net worth in excess of $22 million as of 2023.

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