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Steve Shives is an atheist YouTuber and vlogger popularly known for his videos – the Atheist Reads series and the Five Stupid Things (now Five Things) videos. In the Atheist Reads series, Steve employs his expertise as an English major to “examine critically” Christian apologists.

His videos cover a wide range of other topics, which include conspiracy theories, movie reviews, current events, atheism, wrestling, and comic books,

He excelled as an atheist vlogger until he decided to dive into feminism, arguing that feminism should be embraced and widely accepted by the atheist community. This ideology and stand of his did not only receive sharp criticism from anti-feminists in the atheist YouTube community but has also reduced his fans by some percentage. Interestingly, the YouTuber cares less if he loses all of his fans as he is also very quick to block as many people as possible with the aim of reducing the absurd amount of harassment he receives in his feeds daily.

His Biography

Although Steve is expressive and vocal when discussing various issues, he is actually very discrete when it comes to his personal life, so you would find almost nothing about his life online.

Apart from knowing that his full name is Steve Warren Shives, nothing more is known about his date of birth, place of birth, parents, educational background, siblings and all other personal details.

Online Popularity 

Shives first gained popularity online through the videos he uploads on his Youtube channel. He joined the YouTube community in December 2010 with the name Steve Shives and began uploading videos where he discusses issues that have to do with conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, and atheism. In his videos, he also discusses current events, wrestling, and does review on movies and comic books.

In March 2010, he ran a series called “Riffing on Mail Call”. On the series, he typically responds to comments written by readers in the “Mail Call” section of the Herald-Mail newspaper from Hagerstown, MD.

In September 2012, Steve began a series he called “And Now the Good News”. In this series, he discusses current events that are good and interesting to the ears, covering politics, science, and issues such as gay marriage.

He soon began the “An Athiest Reads” series where he employs his expertise as an English major to “examine critically” Christian apologists. He does so by reading religious books (mostly by Christian apologists) and while he is reading, he explains, expands and gives his opinion from an atheist perspective on what he just read.

The videos on this series are 20 to 30 minutes long and are uploaded chapter by chapter. With this series, Steve Shives’ gained popularity online, especially among the atheist YouTube community.

Another popular series Steve ran via his channel is what he called “Five Stupid Things”(Now Five Things). In this series, he discusses issues that bothered on religion, conspiracy theories, and comic books by picking five things he finds really stupid on any of the subjects he is talking about.

On the “Five Stupid Things” series, he also talks about current events. The episodes usually titled “Five Stupid Things for (date)”, Steve talks on five things he feels are stupid in the current news. He uploads these episodes fortnightly.

Steve had a lot of fans who loved what he did and many followed him, even Huffington Post has picked him up severally for his unique insights and opinions on issues but he soon came under attack when he got into feminist vlogging.

He is of the opinion that feminism should be more widely accepted in the atheist community, this position of his has not gone down well with many especially the anti-feminists in the atheist community which he ia a member.

Steve Shives’ Wife

steve shives wife
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He is married to a woman called Ashley Hutson. Just like her husband, not so much is known about Ashley’s her personal life, except that she is married to Steve Shives and that she is a staunch feminist.

In fact, many believe Steve became a feminist to please her as she has a huge control over him. Some opine that Shives is always very careful not to say something to offend her so as not to be locked in the basement as punishment.

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Their bonding sessions as a couple mainly involve Steve getting on his knees to massage her bunions or when he talks about how gender is portrayed in films and on TV. She hates superhero movies, action movies, and every other fun thing that doesn’t meet Anita Sarkeesian redefined Bechdel Test standard.

Other Facts You Need To Know About Steve Shives 

Shives used to have a Tuesday slot on the collective-run Breakfast Club channel until it was stopped in October 2015.

Recently, Steve became popular for blocking people online, he uses block bot with the aim a reducing the absurd amount of harassment he receives in his feeds daily. Thus, most people who try to tweet him get blocked without them knowing.

He admires  and loves the works of Anita Sarkeesian

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