Who Are The Sons Of Anarchy Cast And Where Are They Now?

The crime drama television series Sons of Anarchy is an American series which was created by Kurt Sutter and filmed in Northern California’s central valley. It is all an outlaw bikers club that has many charters in the U.S as well as overseas but it centers more on the mother charter group which resides and operates in a small town called Charming.

These outlaw bikers try to keep drug dealers away from the town. They act as a vigilante in the town while engaging in other businesses some of which are legal and others which are illegal like the selling of arms which puts them under the watchful eyes of the law. The series tries to show vigilantism, government corruption, and racism. Read the article below to have an idea about the roles each cast member played and also know what they have been up to since the end of the series in 2014.

Ron Perlman

Character: Clarence ‘Clay’ Morrow

Ron Perlman - Sons of Anarchy

Born Ronald Francis Perlman on April 13, 1950, in Washington Heights, New York, Ron Perlman played the role of Clarence ‘Clay’ Morrow who was the best friend of the founder of the club, John Teller. Clay is the stepfather to Jackson (Jax) and also the president of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. He likes the illegal arms deal and wanted to expand it because of the huge profit which they made from it. This brought about the rivalry between him and his stepson, Jax. His character later died in the series and Ron Perlman has moved on to other exciting things, he is voicing a character in Robodog and starring on the show The Bleeder.

Katey Sagal

Character: Gemma Teller Morrow

Sons of Anarchy

Her birth name is Catherine Louise Sagal and she was born on January 19, 1954, in Los Angeles, California. She played the role of Gemma Teller Morrow who was the mother to Jackson and wife to Clay Morrow. She married Clay after the death of her husband. Gemma is very protective of her son and is ready to do anything to keep her family safe. Since the end of the Sons of Anarchy series, Katey Sagal has been busy with television shows and has taken up roles in movies like in Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) where she played the role of Hailee Steinfield’s mother and was also part of the main cast in the movie Superior Donuts. She has also been busy making music and has recorded three solo albums.

Charlie Hunnam

Character: Jackson Teller (Jax)

Sons of Anarchy

Charlie is a British actor born Charles Matthew Hunnam on April 10, 1980 in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England. He played the role of Jackson Teller (Jax) who was the vice president of the club. He began to question the activities of the club when he found his late father’s journal and read about what the club really stands for. Jax tried to effect changes in the club and had several misunderstandings with his stepfather because of the illegal deals his stepfather was involved in. Jackson (Jax) later became the president of the club and his character also died in the series. The Sons of Anarchy made Charlie Hunnam become really popular and known in Hollywood. The British actor has also been busy since the end of the series with screenwriting and featuring in movies. He starred in movies like Pacific Rim (2013), Crimson Peak (2015), and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) where he played the lead role as King Arthur.

Theo Rossi

Character: Juice

Sons of Anarchy

Staten Island-born Theo Rossi played the role of Juice in the series. Juice was remarkably skilled in technical matters but lacks wisdom or experience when it comes to real-life situations. He was born John Theodore Rossi on June 4, 1975. Since the end of Sons of Anarchy, Theo has played the role of Hernan “Shades” Alvarez on Luke Cage (2016).

Tommy Flanagan

Character: Filip ‘Chibs

Sons of Anarchy

The Scottish actor, Tommy Flanagan, born July 3, 1965, in Glasgow, Scotland, played the role of “Filip ‘Chibs’ Telford” who has no problem engaging himself in violent acts especially if it was for the welfare and safety of the club. Flanagan has been into so many other things since the end of the Sons of Anarchy series. He has starred in the series Redliners (2017) where he played a major role and has also featured in the movie Sand Castle (2017).

Ryan Douglas Hurst

Character: Opie Winston

Sons of Anarchy

Ryan Hurst played the of character Opie Winston who is gentle, easy going and loveable but can also be violent. Born on June  19, 1976, in Santa Monica, California, Hurst’s character was always very loyal and ready to sacrifice for the club. There was a time when he was detained and questioned alongside his wife, Opie remained loyal and did not snitch on his club. His wife was later killed by Clay and Tig. Since the end of the series in 2014, Ryan Hurst has been busy with his production company which he runs together with his real-life wife. He has also starred in other movies like Bates Motel (2013) and Outsiders (2016).

Kim Coates

Character: Alex ‘Tig’ Trager

Sons of Anarchy

Kim Coates was born on February 21, 1958, in Saskatoon, Canada and played the role of Alex ‘Tig’ Trager, the right-hand man of Clay who was in support of all the illegal deals Clay was involving the club in. Tig was a womanizer and was ready to do anything for Clay. Since the end of Sons of Anarchy, Kim Coaters has not been idle. He has been involved in other movies and stage acts. He starred in movies like Kelvin Can Wait (2017) and also Ghost Wars (2017). He is also playing the lead in the comic book adaptation, Officer Downe.

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David Labrava

Character: Happy Lowan

Sons of Anarchy

Born on October 19, 1962, in Miami, Florida, David Labrava played the character Happy Lowan who loves to kill and takes delight in inflicting pain on his fellow human beings. Since the series ended, David has been directing movies, like the action movie titled Street Level (2015).

Dayton Callie

Character: Wayne Unser

Sons of Anarchy

Dayton Callie was born in Newark, New Jersey. He played the character Wayne Unser the former police chief who was close to Gemma, the mother of Ja. They grew up together in the same neighborhood. He was a supporter of the club and saw their operations from a different perspective in the sense that they help maintain law and order in places law enforcement could not reach. Since the end of the series, Dayton has moved on in his acting career and has featured in other movies like Fear the Walking Dead (2015) where he played the role of Jeremiah Otto.

Maggie Siff

Character: Tara

Sons of Anarchy

Maggie Siff played the character of Tara who was a doctor and the girlfriend of Jax. She was born on June 21, 1974, in The Bronx, New York. Maggie’s character Tara supported Jax and also helped out the club when they needed medical attention. Tara died in the series. The death of her character ended her role in the series and gave her the opportunity to work on other roles. These include her television show Billions (2016) and a movie titled The Sweet Life (2016).

Drea de Matteo

Character: Wendy

Sons of Anarchy

Drea Matteo was born Andrea Donna de Matteo on January 19, 1972, in Queens, New York. She played the part of Wendy, a junkie and the ex-girlfriend of Jax who was also the mother of his son. Since the end of the series, Drea has made tremendous success in Hollywood. The actress starred in the series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013) and is also part of the cast in Jennifer Lopez’s drama Shades of Blue (2016) where she played the role of Shirley Nazario.

Mark Boone Junior

Character: Bobby

Sons of Anarchy

Boone Junior was born Mark Heidrich on March 17, 1955, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He played the role of Bobby in the series who was one of the founding members of the club. He was murdered in the movie and that ended his role in the series. He featured in every episode of Sons of Anarchy. Since the end of the series, Bonne Junior has been involved in acting and has featured in other movies. He starred in the drama, The Birth of a Nation (2016) and also featured in Let Me Make You a Martyr (2016).

Johnny Lewis

Character: Half-Sack

Sons of Anarchy

Johnny Lewis was born October 29, 1983, in Los Angeles, California. He played the character Half-Sack in Season 1 and 2. He was killed when he went to protect Tara (Jax girlfriend) and her son. Johnny Lewis left the series after his character died in season 2. According to sources, he had some psychiatric problems after he left the series which later led to his death (in real life) on September 26, 2012.


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