Sofia Wylie – Biography, Personal Details, Age, Parents And Family Facts

Certainly, anyone who watched Disney Channel’s comedy-drama television series ‘Andi Mack’ would love to know more about the gorgeous teenage actress who plays the role of Buffy Driscoll so naturally. This amazing wonder on the screen is portrayed by no other than Sofia Wylie who is not only an actress but have also ventured into dancing, modeling, production, and music. Below is everything there is to know about her; biography, age, parents and personal details.

Sofia Wylie’s Biography (Age)

Sofia was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the United States of America. Her birth occurred on the 7th of January, 2004, to the family of Chris and Amy Wylie. The young actress is also a dancer, an actress, a musician and is now trying out her talent on production.

At the age of five, Sofia already expressed interest in dancing which prompted her parents to enroll her in Diverse Elements Dance Studio for dancing classes. She became a good dancer and she appeared in various television commercials. Sofia eventually got an opportunity to perform on stage with the worldwide popular young music star Justin Bieber during his Purpose World Tour. She soon began to perform as a dancer in popular entertaining American TV shows such as, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ (2011 & 2016), ‘Dance Moms’ and ‘America’s got talent’ (2015). In 2017, she started an online dance series with Utah dancers and 2019 saw her start up an IGTV educational dance series ‘Dancing with Sofia Wylie’.

Along with her career in dancing, Sofia is also an actress who has starred in many movies. She trained in acting at Second City Training Center in Hollywood, California. She attended a few auditions before she got a recurring role on Nickelodeon’s comedy series, ‘Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn’, she was also part of the cast of another comedy series ‘School of Rock’. In 2016, it was announced that Sofia would take on a major acting role as Buffy Driscoll, one of Andi’s best friends and an important character on the Disney Channel Television series ‘Andi Mack’, this role brought her out to the public and gave her fame in the entertainment industry.

Sofia also got the main role of Cory Bailey in ‘Back of the Net’, an Australian movie in 2019. The movie was aired in Australia and America. Wylie has also played a voice role as Riri Williams in an animated TV film, ‘Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron’ which aired on Disney XD. She is expected to play the role of Gina in ‘High School Musical: The Musical’, a Disney+ series, as announced in February 2019.

Sofia has also excelled as a model and has been featured in popular magazines such as Deadline, InStyle, Teen Vogue, and Elle Magazine. She is also into music. In January 2019, she released her first single, ‘Side by Side’, for ‘Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts’. She is also a producer as she had launched AIFOS, a production company in March 2019, the company is set to carry out its first project, ‘The Fall of Innocence’, based on Jenny Torres Sanchez’s novel.

Personal Details – Parents And Family Facts

Her dad, Chris, earns a living as a life coach and he probably must have had a big influence on Sofia’s decisions for her career. Her Mom, Amy, also may have been a major influence on Sofia’s choice of cuisines and dishes which could be the secret of her lustrous looks.

The couple is blessed with two daughters, Sofia being the younger daughter. The older girl, Sofia’s elder sister is Isabella Wylie. Isabella is also a celebrity, having won the Chopped Junior Show which aired on the Food Network Channel. She is quite a cook who after lots of auditioning, emerged as one of the best chefs.

The stunning sisters have been likened to the Kardashian siblings and their mutual respect for each other cannot be ignored.

Sofia Wylie
Sofia and sister Isabella image source

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Other Facts About Sofia Wylie

As usual, we always want to know more about our favorite celebrities; their likes, dislikes and lots more, here are some facts about Sofia Wylie.

1. Wylie is a fan of Zendaya, another popular Hollywood actress who started up just like her.

2. She has a pet dog whose name is Baby Violet.

3. Her favorite dishes are Tamales and Spring rolls.

4. Sofia is an internet whiz, she has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and a few subscribers on YouTube and other platforms. She also owns a website which deals on selling teenage wears.


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